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Posted by yourpakistan on October 31, 2012

By Brig Samson S Sharaf

Pakistan is unfortunate amongst a few select countries to have never had a cohesive, integrated and permanent National Policy. It is a sad but a true reflection of a state that has spent half its existence under military dictatorships or tailored democracies. Whatever time that can be credited to civilian establishments either had a stamp of bureaucratic intrigues or in fighting within the parliamentary system resulting in scant national policy making.

The first decade was lost to political conspiracies hatched by a group of bureaucrats and politicians who had the advantage but not the conscience of serving with Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. These rulers rather than adhere to the vision of their leader amply enunciated in his speeches, minutes, 11 August speech to the first Constituent Assembly and the complexion and diversity of his first announced cabinet, chose to embarked through a muddied perspective on an elusive and unending journey of inventive nationalism that set a precedence of disfigurement through repeated surgical procedures at the hands of butchers and opportunists. Pakistan therefore never belonged to Pakistanis.

Ayub’s rule from 1959 to 1969 was a relatively stable period for economic growth. Yet the questions relating to the federation since 1947 were ignored and complicated. Rather than forge a Welfare State, the paradigm was set for Pakistan to become a Security State patrolled by the military and intelligence agencies under the sharp eye of USA. Hence the National Policy revolved and evolved around a security paradigm with India as the enemy along with a strategy of military alliances with USA, that put Pakistan firmly aligned to the Anti Communist Camp. It was this paradigm and Doctrine that ultimately saw the secession of East Pakistan and a Military Surrender to India. The reaction gave rise to Bhutto’s populism. Read the rest of this entry »


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MI5 Felt ‘Sikhistan’ Imminent as Nehru Was too Weak

Posted by yourpakistan on October 30, 2012


The diaries of Guy Liddell, then-deputy director general of MI5, reveal that the British intelligence services felt Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was too weak to deal with the problems of independent India. The British intelligence also felt a “Sikhistan” was imminent in the communal violence and chaos that followed the Partition of India and formation of Pakistan. 

Gen. Reginald Savory, the last adjutant-general of British forces in India, in October 1947 briefed Liddell about his total belief that the Sikhs would soon form a “Sikhistan” in the newly-independent India. 

“The Sikhs are already concentrating their forces and have been marching out of certain areas in formation, with advanced guards, rear guards and flank guards. They have rifles, sten guns and bren guns, and I believe a few mortars. He thinks that they will move eastwards in the direction of Delhi, reform and then launch an attack to recover what they consider to be their area. (He did not state exactly what this area was, but I imagine it would be centered on Amritsar),” Liddell wrote in his diary. 

Even Savory expressed concern about the effectiveness of Nehru as the Prime Minister. “Nehru is considered to be too weak to deal with the Sikhs and Savory would not be surprised to see him supplanted by Sardar Patel,” Liddell added. Read the rest of this entry »

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US-Funded Individuals, Firms Back Insurgency

Posted by yourpakistan on October 29, 2012

A congressional oversight body has sent a letter to the US State Department, saying that some American-funded companies and individuals are actively supporting the insurgency in Afghanistan. 

In the letter, which was also copied to the US Agency for International Development, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction urged the US government to immediately stop disbursement of federal funds to these companies and individuals.

The US Congress created this oversight body, better known by its acronym SIGAR, to supervise more than $89.5 billion of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance it has so far given to Afghanistan.

SIGAR claims that government investigations have uncovered instances of US taxpayer money being funnelled to the insurgents, a serious problem largely caused by weak oversight.

Earlier this year, Congress amended the National Defense Authorization Act, now requiring the Commander of the US Central Command to ensure that those receiving more than $100,000 from US funds do not support insurgency or oppose US or coalition forces.

The SIGAR letter points out that in July Centcom Commander Gen James N. Mattis identified five individuals and entities as “actively supporting an insurgency” in Afghanistan: Arvin Kam Group LLC, Arvin Kam construction Company, Vakil Saadat, Haji Mohammad Almas Khan and Haji Khalil Fruzi.

Two months later, Gen Mattis identified 15 more, including the Nur Rahman Group of Companies, Nur Rahman, Mohammad Rahman, the Hiwad Brothers Company, the Zurmat Group of Companies, Yousef Zaland, Mohammad Ayub, the Zurmat Group of Businesses, Zurmat Foundation, Haji Amir Muhammad, Nurullah Jan, Abdul Wakil Wasim, Triangle Technologies, Haji Dost Mohammad Zurmat Construction Company and Zurmat General Trading Company.

The letter says that SIGAR alerted the State Department and USAID about this determination, urging them to initiate government-wide debarment of these companies and individuals.

Source: The Dawn

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Pakistan in Search of Future

Posted by yourpakistan on October 25, 2012

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD.

History cannot be replicated by superficial images and video sounds as a reality factor that happened in the past. Thinkers, philosophers, political visionaries, common folks, poets, artists, and so many others activists who were committed to their sublime aims and ambitions in life and enriched a specific time span. Faith, Unity and Discipline were the lifeline characteristics of the Pakistan freedom movement more than six decades earlier. All movements indoctrinate people to a sense of unity and equality for its aims and purposes that nothing else can or will establish a coherent relationship between the aims of the movement and its pursuit until accomplished. It was not haphazard but intellectually, morally and politically an organized scheme of things to define the Pakistan movement that “there is no god but Allah and Mohammad is the Messenger of Allah.” It embodied knowledge, proactive vision, wisdom and consistent principles of human intellectual pursuit to achieve the aims of the movement.

Today’s Pakistan and its physical body, leadership and political systems and culture point out a sharp disconnect with its past – the Pakistan movement and its ultimate goals for national freedom and the unity of purpose.

The challenges common Pakistanis face today are the result of the wrong people, wrong thinking and wrong actions. But the Pakistan freedom movement had two major challenges: (1) the illegal British Raj and military occupation of Muslim India and the implications of racial superiority of the British rule by destroying Muslim culture and civilization; and (2) overwhelming domination of Hindus in business, trade, politics and collaboration with the British to support the colonization to gain a Hindu dominated India. None of these historical factors are reviewed by Pakistanis for change and reformation of the contemporary affairs. Whereas, comparatively, India has pursued planned change and achieved progress to become a leading industrial and cultural hub center of Asia. It should be important to note that military Generals in India remained out of the political scope and dictatorial governance enabling the Indian politics and policy making to enrich its capacity for future-building. The same has unfolded a dark chapter for Pakistan by military interventions and martial laws to incapacitate the nation and its thinking- intellectual powers for change and development. No sensible person or businessmen invests in a society dominated or controlled by military dictators. Read the rest of this entry »

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Racism and Islamophobia – In Black & White

Posted by yourpakistan on October 24, 2012

PKKH Exclusive | By Sakina Kavi 

Every day we come across online articles, memes and various other posts shared on the social media, and of course the feel-good television program hosts who repeatedly chant about how important it is to be comfortable in one’s own skin and how the term ‘unique’ could be associated to be ‘beautiful.’ 

However, let’s be honest over here, is all that is preached, and all that we say about accepting our true selves and being in content with all we have, practiced too? I know most of the answers here might come in affirmative. However, recent researches depict a very contradicting aspect of these preached notions. These research analysis state that increasing racism around the world is one factor that creates social consciousness among the people, at the same time, trashing the idea of ‘being comfortable in one’s own skin’. 

Racism in America and other Western countries dates back to as early as the Colonial era (18th and the Slave era (19th century). Throughout the history, the major form of racism depicted has been between the blacks and the whites. Nevertheless, having a black president rule a white dominated country, does point towards the belief that in today’s time, the world is going towards becoming an egalitarian nation; with ethnic, racial and gender differences diminishing with passing time. 

Nevertheless, I may sound like a pessimist and a glass-half-empty person if I deny the concept of egalitarianism, but I believe, it would be nothing but stating the facts. 

The concept of egalitarianism talks about a perfect world with equality for all, and no social barriers of any kind. Egalitarianism is what most of the scholars and peace lovers have been dreaming of since centuries. It makes the epitome of the perfect world with love and acceptance for all. Nevertheless, I still find this concept hard to put in practicality because discrimination, hatred and inequality still exits in our societies, but it is very slyly camouflaged with the veil of democracy and the idea of ‘justice for all’. Ironically, these concepts of justice and democracy are themselves made by none other than the dominating ruling classes. As a result, even the vaguest concept of egalitarianism dies in the process.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Baluchistan and Pakistan Army

Posted by yourpakistan on October 23, 2012


By Brigadier Nadir Mir – Opinion Maker

The enemy in Baluchistan is neither the Baloch nor the Pakistan Army, but foreign hostile forces and their allies. The problem in Baluchistan is local sense of deprivation, alienation, grievances; cycle of violence, under development of a sparse demography spread over vast spaces and of course Geopolitics. Many Baloch claim to be fighting for their rights, a mini minority is either backed by foreign powers or seek their intervention.

The six points enunciated by Sardar Akhtar Mengal, need not be compared with Sheikh Mujeeb’s infamous six points. The environment in Baluchistan is pragmatically different from the tragedy of East Pakistan. Pakistan has come to stay much to the chagrin of its enemies. In fact, Pakistan will rise as a great nation. Those predicting Pakistan’s balkanization must be rebutted vigorously. By the same token, irate and aggrieved Baloch must be welcomed back into national mainstream. The COAS has aptly and timely supported the political process (within constitution) for achieving peace in Baluchistan. The Pakistan Army and ISI while bravely defending Pakistan are keen to stabilize Baluchistan. The Army has launched and supported numerous economic developmental and educational program for Baluchistan which are creating a positive environment. Still the Baluchistan solution will involve other political forces as well.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Nawab Talal Bugti and other Baloch leaders have toured the country to muster support for their cause. Nawab Talal Bugti has repeatedly stressed on the loyalty of Baloch to Pakistan. Major political parties PML (N), PTI, JI and others have wisely embraced the Baloch Brothers. These are happy tidings and can help creating an environment leading to a remedy for the malaise in beautiful Baluchistan. The Supreme Court has to an extent accepted the Baloch petitions as an aggrieved party. Baloch grievances should be heard and resolved in Pakistan rather than in foreign courts and hostile lands.

The time has come to end the blame game and usher in tranquility in turbulent Baluchistan. Nawab Talal Bugti, Sardar Ataullah Mengal, Sardar Akhtar Mengal and other veteran Baloch leaders must be supported in a national reconciliation effort. Read the rest of this entry »

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CIA Chiefs Face Arrest Over Horrific Evidence of Bloody ‘Video-Game’ Sorties by Drone Pilots

Posted by yourpakistan on October 22, 2012

The Mail on Sunday today reveals shocking new evidence of the full horrific impact of US drone attacks in Pakistan. A damning dossier assembled from exhaustive research into the strikes’ targets sets out in heartbreaking detail the deaths of teachers, students and Pakistani policemen. It also describes how bereaved relatives are forced to gather their loved ones’ dismembered body parts in the aftermath of strikes. 

The dossier has been assembled by human rights lawyer Shahzad Akbar, who works for Pakistan’s Foundation for Fundamental Rights and the British human rights charity Reprieve. 

Filed in two separate court cases, it is set to trigger a formal murder investigation by police into the roles of two US officials said to have ordered the strikes. They are Jonathan Banks, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Islamabad station, and John A. Rizzo, the CIA’s former chief lawyer. Mr Akbar and his staff have already gathered further testimony which has yet to be filed. 

‘We have statements from a further 82 victims’ families relating to more than 30 drone strikes,’ he said. ‘This is their only hope of justice.’  In the first case, which has already been heard by a court in Islamabad, judgment is expected imminently. If the judge grants Mr Akbar’s petition, an international arrest warrant will be issued via Interpol against the two Americans. 

The second case is being heard in the city of Peshawar. In it, Mr Akbar and the families of drone victims who are civilians are seeking a ruling that further strikes in Pakistani airspace should be viewed as ‘acts of war’. They argue that means the Pakistan Air Force should try to shoot down the drones and that the government should sever diplomatic relations with the US and launch murder inquiries against those responsible.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Sets Record for Most Records in One Day

Posted by yourpakistan on October 22, 2012

Setting eight records on Sunday, Pakistan also set a record for breaking the most number of records in one day, Express News reported Monday.

A weekend of bizarre record attempts in Lahore began on Saturday night when 42,813 people in the National Hockey Stadium sang the national anthem together, smashing the previous best of 15,243 held by India. The state-run news agency, however, claimed the number to be over 70,000.

On Sunday, Mohammad Mansha went flat out to set a new record for making chapatis (breads) – mixing, kneading, spinning and cooking three in three minutes and 14 seconds – while 12-year-old Mehek Gul took just 45 seconds to arrange the pieces on a chessboard using only one hand.

Neither of these feats had been attempted before. But Ahmed Amin Bodla beat a more established record when he landed 616 martial arts kicks on a punchbag in just three minutes, beating the previous best of 612 also set by a Pakistani.

Saddi Muhammad set a record by using his moustache to pull a 1.7-tonne pickup truck a distance of 60.3 metres, to wild applause from the crowd.

While some people might prefer care over haste when it comes to electrics, Mohammad Nauman lit up the crowd in Lahore as he wired a household plug in a dazzling 35 seconds.

Elsewhere, Daniel Gill and Mohammad Rizwan set a new record for heading a football between them, managing 335 consecutive headers in three minutes 45 seconds.

Source: Express Tribune PK

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The Price Paid By Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on October 21, 2012

I came across a speech given by President Obama in March this year, titled ‘A New Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan’. It was interesting and quite informative, if misguided and engagingly ingenuous, but the riveting sentence that leapt from the page to my astonished eyes was the declaration that “The United States of America did not choose to fight a war in Afghanistan.”

Submitted by Aurangzeb

It’s a bit like being told “Hitler didn’t cause World War Two”, or reading a newspaper headline like “Republican Politician Tells Truth” or “Netanyahu Says Arabs are Human” But the Obama assertion was even more bizarre.

Nobody grabbed America’s collective nose and ordered it to send special forces to go to Afghanistan’s Tora Bora region on 7 October 2001, along with a few dozen British colleagues and a now-rich bunch of raggy baggy Afghan warlords who took millions of CIA dollars in enormous shrink-wrapped bundles and then sat down on their money and did nothing – until they sent the cash to Dubai and Geneva, courtesy of the corrupt Kabul Bank. The prime mover in that farce (for such it was, alas, in spite of instances of exceptionally courageous conduct by US and British soldiers; I have had a first-hand description of the operation, but alas can’t recount it because of the UK’s Official Secrets Act), was the White House. The pathetic Blair of Britain followed in his usual fashion, desperate to have bonding photographs taken alongside the grinning Bush.

It was most certainly the United States of America that chose to invade Afghanistan. And it was the United States that manipulated the United Nations Security Council into a Resolution that seemed to give justification for its unwinnable war.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Says Attack Across LoC in Retaliation to ‘Unprovoked’ Attack

Posted by yourpakistan on October 18, 2012

Pakistani soldiers fired heavy weapons into Indian-administered in retaliation to an “unprovoked attack” on a Pakistan army post, a Pakistani military official told AFP, in the latest reported skirmish between the rival nations. 

Earlier on Tuesday, the Indian defence ministry had claimed that Pakistani soldiers fired heavy weapons into Indian-administered Kashmir and killed three civilians. They opened fire near the village of Churunda, near the Line of Control that acts as the de facto border in the Kashmir region, according to the Indian statement.

“Pakistani troops… started firing heavy-calibre weapons on the houses of civilians of Churunda village resulting in the death of three civilians,” the statement said.

Pakistan army officials blamed the clash on “unprovoked” Indian fire on a Pakistan army post.

“Indian troops initiated unprovoked fire on Pakistan army post to which Pakistani troops responded,” a Pakistani army official told AFP.

Local residents have reported sporadic small-arms exchanges between Indian and Pakistani troops in the same sector for the past fortnight.

Tensions between the countries last flared in the wake of the Mumbai attacks in 2008, which India blamed on Pakistan-based militants and “official agencies” of Pakistan, a charge Islamabad has denied.

Two of the three wars between India and Pakistan have been fought over divided Kashmir, which both countries claim in full.

Source: The Frontier Post

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