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ISI: Pakistan’s Formidable Force Multiplier

Posted by yourpakistan on August 28, 2013

Editor’s Note: Mr Nawaz Sharif and other leadership learn from this article; how the Indian mind works against Pakistan. Through this article India is building a case against Pakistan to justify her terrorist acts in Pakistan.
Mian Nawaz Sharif should not be jumping like a kid to visit India; from there he will not get anything but would come back a loser.
 By Vinod Sharma – Opinion Maker
One has got to admire Pakistan. Is there any other example in history where a small nation has simultaneously taken on two much bigger countries, one a super power and the other deluding itself into believing that it’s going to become one along its present trajectory, for such a painful ride, for so long, with barely concealed disdain and deceit?
Pakistan’s audacity backed by sheer brilliance in execution is the stuff history is made of. That it has been able to pull off a seemingly impossible double is as much a tribute to its leaders, both military and civil, as to the one instrument without peer that they have created: the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). This covert arm of the military has been developed and honed, with some help from the CIA in 1980s, to become a huge force multiplier that has almost re-written the rules of war. It is this institution alone that has given Pakistan the luxury of playing the Jekyll and Hyde game on battlefields of its choosing in a manner that it wants, without exposing its troops to danger and its culpability to the enemy.
Pakistan sees ISI as its first line of defence. What is often overlooked is that for its leaders, Pakistan includes Afghanistan and Kashmir too. So for the Pakistani establishment—both military and civil— the ISI is not engaged in any hostile or offensive actions there, like the Americans and the Indians believe. It is only legitimately defending Pakistan against their aggression and is fulfilling its patriotic duty to defeat and throw them out. Add to its armoury the powerful tool of jihad and you have brilliant and motivated minds employing perfectly brainwashed foot soldiers itching to fight to death or blow themselves up for a cause they are made to see as religious and holy, and not merely political.
When the US invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, it probably thought it was going for a stroll in a park bombed flat by it. Actually it would have. But it failed to factor in Pakistan’s tenacity and duplicity, or may be it chose to look the other way because expanding the war was not an option. Either way, the Pakistanis assessed the situation far more accurately than the Americans thought they were capable of.Thanks primarily to the manner in which their battle-proven weapon, the ISI, sheltered, trained, equipped, deployed and controlled the Talibans, the Americans have been defeated on the ground. That is why they are now open to once unimaginable compromises, so they can get out of the quagmire with minimum loss of face. 
Let us be clear that the US is not losing its Afghan war to the Pathans who, as per the lore, have never lost to an aggressor. This is a myth being propagated and lapped up to obfuscate reality. The US is being defeated by a very clever and determined Pakistan. The divided Pashtuns were trounced by the ISI after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, without a bullet being fired. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan: A Lethal Nexus

Posted by yourpakistan on August 28, 2013

Pakistan: A lethal nexus

IT is time to note the voice of anguish and desperation of senior police commanders.

Opinion Maker

Tariq-Khosa-Pakistan Police Officer

“The more serious problem in Pakistan is that the terrorists and insurgents are getting aligned with all kinds of criminals. We are heading for a situation like Mexico where drug lords and street criminals are operating like a corporate firm,” a senior officer told a Senate Committee on the Interior.

Police officers of the four provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan said in one voice that criminal gangs were working in tandem with the terrorists and unless the state security apparatus is revamped, the situation would get worse.

A senator from Karachi alleged that militants’ groups like the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Baloch Liberation Army operated with the help of local criminals in Lyari and other parts of Karachi.

“If you catch a small fish involved in crime, his backing comes from the TTP whose field operations in Karachi are run by criminals belonging to Waziristan and other tribal areas,” the senator charged. An inspector general of police conceded before the Senate body that statistics of kidnapping for ransom cases did not reflect the true picture as victims and complainants do not generally come forward out of fear and lack of trust in the police.

The consensus that is emerging is that police arrests and investigations are confined to low-level killers or operators and that the planners, facilitators and masterminds remain out of reach because of official incompetence and the lack of will or capacity to handle complex cases of terrorism with professionalism and integrity.

Such a situation sometimes results in desperate remedies.

Stopping just short of recommending that the police should take decisions to “crush the known criminals” on their own, the Senate committee’s chairman suggested that law enforcement personnel should use strong-arm techniques to curb crime rather than wait for the outcome of court cases against the criminals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Appeasement or Intelligence?

Posted by yourpakistan on August 25, 2013

Appeasement or Intelligence? Nawaz Sharif Takes Indian Bashing and Pakistan’s Prosperity as Synonymous

Prime minister for a third time, Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif wants peace with India and even the Taliban – but don’t expect him to have changed.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif

From an armchair in Pakistan’s version of the Oval Office, Nawaz Sharif points towards the forested slopes of the Margalla Hills. “They are the foothills of the Himalayas,” says the man who reacquired the rights to this office — and to this view — when he returned for a third stint as prime minister in June. This comeback has given Mr Sharif arguably the toughest job in the world: governing a nuclear-armed nation of 180 million people, beset by terrorism, economic crisis and a perilous confrontation with India.

Only last week, the army was hunting for Islamist gunmen in the hills outside Mr Sharif’s window in the capital, Islamabad. Meanwhile, Pakistani and Indian forces are once again clashing along the “Line of Control”, running through the disputed territory of Kashmir, barely 50 miles to the east.

In his first interview since returning to office, Mr Sharif, calm, deliberate and assured, makes clear that he sees his election victory as a mandate for peace with India. He talks with genuine feeling about the need for reconciliation with Pakistan’s oldest enemy. “There will be progress and there has to be progress,” says Mr Sharif. “If we have to prosper, there has to be progress on this.”

He says: “We didn’t have any India-bashing slogans in the elections. We don’t believe in such slogans. There have been such slogans in the past — 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago — but not now. In fact, I very clearly spoke about good relations with India even before the elections were happening.” Read the rest of this entry »

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War on Terror or Terror of War?

Posted by yourpakistan on August 6, 2013

Terror War Lead by USA

By Rehan Rasheed – Opinion Maker

The year 2014 is cut-off date for withdrawal of the US-led forces. We have seen that the US wants to exploit its position to use the Asian trade routes to her own advantage to fulfill the global designs. The importance of this region, especially the Indian Ocean, was narrated well by Admiral Robert Long in 1981 when he talked of its significance for the US and the Western world at large and put accent on “the will and resolve of US to protect vital interests there”.

Viewed in this perspective, it is not the “End Game” in Afghanistan. It is rather the start of a “New Game” and the entire region has much on stake. Thus, rather than a War on Terror, it should be termed as a Terror of War. Terror of war and a response thereof are interconnected in all dimensions. Preparation for war leads to the better strategy that ultimately results in the victory. Formulation of strategy requires priorities. The best strategy, as Sun Tzu says, is to attack the enemy’s strategy. This is but a simple way to describe the warfare.

Pax Americana – a global hegemony exercised by Americans, the term used to indicate the military and economic position of the US in relation to other nations requires enough resources to corroborate its global leadership syndrome. The world is already pluralized. The awakening of China, integration of Europe and revival of Russia make things difficult to support her supremacy therefore formalization of global strategy for supremacy in view of the emerging realities is always a top priority for the US. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Sitting with Mr. Jinnah (Quaid e Azam) In My Dream

Posted by yourpakistan on August 2, 2013

My Beloved Quaid e Azam

By Raja G Mujtaba – Opinion Maker

This is a narration of a dream that I had this morning after Sehar (fast). What I am narrating here is pure what I saw and without giving my opinions. I leave it to the readers to interpret it to the best of their knowledge.

I was walking towards a big house that had a huge walled compound well set on a rocky piece of land well above the surroundings. As I approached the veranda still walking towards a door, Mr. Jinnah walked out from the other door seemingly going someplace. He was dressed in white bush coat and a trouser with no headgear on. Carried a smile on his face and was quite relaxed. On seeing me, he greeted me and offered to give me some time that now I had come.

He stepped back into the house from the same door that he walked out and I walked in through another door to the same room.
It was drawing room, not quite elaborate but an average looking one that any commoner can afford. We sat down, as a matter of respect, I sat a little away from him and we started to talk. While talking, I sought his permission to as him a couple of things. He was gracious and permitted me to ask him what I had come for.

I asked him, “Sir, when you established Pakistan, what was in your mind; to have it as a secular state or a state governed by Quran and Sunnah?” Mr. Jinnah without pausing in a very firm tone said, “it was Quran and Sunnah.” Thereafter, we talked a few more things that I don’t quite remember to mention here. After a while, we stepped out into the veranda and I wanted to take his leave.

While I was still in the veranda, I saw Mr. Jinnah running at a fast pace on the track built within the compound. I was quite surprised to see Mr. Jinnah running that fast which was quite amazing for his age. There were no grassy lawns but rocks of small size that covered the entire area. Read the rest of this entry »

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