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About Brass Tacks

What is BrassTacks

Brass Tacks

BrassTacks is an independent and private Think Tank and Defense Analysis Consulting Group specializing in cutting edge and ground breaking research on International, Regional and National Security, Political and Economic issues. We are devoted to providing thought-leadership to the country, at a very critical juncture of our history.


BrassTacks Situation and Intelligence Reports, Political and Security assessments and analysis on complex global security issues are taken as benchmark by governments, media, think tanks, policy makers and corporate environments.

Based in Pakistan and armed with grass root intelligence, exposure and experience, BrassTacks’s professional team of analysts brings a fresh, unique and incisive insight, of the thinking, perspective and views of the conflicts and global threats and offer comprehensive analysis and solutions to the security issues faced by the Muslim Ummah.

Our corporate website is located at

What is our mission

Pakistan today is faced with serious geo-political and domestic challenges. BrassTacks, founded by Zaid Hamid, is a group of responsible and competent Pakistani Citizens, who have taken up the challenge of showing our nation what foreign and domestic threats we face, and what we must do in response. We are not a political party asking for your support or votes. We are not an NGO or social organization that seeks donations, infact, we do not accept any cash donations whatsoever. In the words of our founder, Zaid Hamid, our organization is Pakistan, our identity is Islam, and our constitution is the Quran. We represent nothing other than total commitment to the ideology of Pakistan and Islam. All that we ask is from the people is to educate themselves on the very important national issues that we are highlighting, and come together to work collectively and in their own individual capacities to implement solutions that we are proposing related to our economic and national security problems.

Our analysts and researchers have spent a number of years researching National Security Issues, International Geo-Political Developments and Global Economic Policy, and weighed them in the light of the principles of Quran and Sunnah, to come up with effective, concrete, and actionalable recommendations that the nation must undertake.

BrassTacks is a call to action – A call to stand up together to selflessly serve what is destined to be the most important instrument of Islamic renaissance: Pakistan.

3 Responses to “About Brass Tacks”

  1. Furqan Ahmed said

    Assalamoalaikum..God bless u all all are serving our nation ..and i m a very big fan of MR ZAID ZAMAN HAMID..i have never seen anyone like him on the screen before..he is the men at his best, superb, i dont have words i am totally speechless about him..i am watching brass tacks on regular basis ..and i have learn loads by watching all of the episodes ..especially economic terrorism,zionism,Allama Iqbal,and the religious based series in the holy month of i know everythng about the zionist ,33degree mession,our evil and sick and idiots and munafiq politicians..
    my prayers are always with Zaid Hamid and his team ..
    Be Safe..
    Take Care..
    Allah k aman mai dia..

  2. i truthfully enjoy your own posting type, very helpful,
    don’t quit and keep penning mainly because it just simply well worth to look through it,
    impatient to read alot more of your own article content, regards 🙂

  3. izhar ali said

    comission ke lye konsi class ka document zarore hain

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