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Pakistanis Have Had Enough of American and NATO Terrorists

Posted by yourpakistan on November 30, 2011












PKKH Editorial || By M. Zainulabedin Ameer

 Pakistan is not budging from its stance against American and NATO terrorists operating from Afghanistan. Since the Salala check post assault that was carried out by NATO terrorists early on Saturday morning (26th November), Pakistan has put an end to all military co-operations with the CIA. America refuses to apologize for killing 30 Pakistani soldiers in the incident, and to make things worse they have embarked on a disinformation campaign in order to justify their actions. However, the NATO terrorists were at it again on Tuesday; has reported that Pakistani troops investigating the Salala check post after Saturday’s incident came under fire, and once again, it was unprovoked. Up till the filing of this article, there were no more details.

The American and NATO terrorists sitting in Afghanistan have had little to say in defense of what transpired on Saturday morning, but they have largely insisted that they came under attack from the Mohmand area. It’s absolutely ludicrous for them to claim that they were retaliating to attacks from the Pakistani side, and that too by flying almost 3 kilometers into Pakistani territory to attack a check post that had a Pakistani flag clearly visible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Needs A Long-Term Break From The USA

Posted by yourpakistan on November 29, 2011

Pakistan has reached breaking point with the United States and its replacement with a genuinely independent foreign and domestic policy.


 Previously, the ruling political and military elite, for personal and institutional reasons, never truly attempted to seek separation from a bad, exploitative and increasingly humiliating marriage with Washington. But the attack on Pakistan’s military check posts on the border with Afghanistan created circumstances that forced the ruling elite’s hand and finally pushed them over the line that they had kept avoiding to cross for decades.

by Syed Talat Hussain


This event has proven beyond any doubt that the US agenda was to completely subjugate Pakistan and punch so many holes into its defense lines that these would become dysfunctional. But it is also true that while this event would have provoked Pakistan into some sort of a firm reaction, the response would not have been as wide-ranging as it has turned out to be if it was not for three other events. The first of these is the Rymond Davis case which for the first time publicly disclosed the nature of CIA’s secret war in Pakistan and proved the audacity with which US was operating on Pakistani soil in complete contempt of Islamabad’s status as an ally in the so called war against terror. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Holds All The Cards: Bruce Riedel

Posted by yourpakistan on November 29, 2011

The following article by Bruce Riedel, former CIA Officer, appeared originally in The Daily Beast. It contains may half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies. It is being reproduced below to expose the mentality of the Obama administration which Riedel is close to and has been a part of, and shows how Americans fear Pakistan turning into their worst nightmare which would make Afghanistan and Iraq look like a walk in the park. 













NATO and U.S. flags burn as protesters in Multan decry the NATO airstrikes on Pakistani military checkposts in Mohmand tribal agency, Nov. 27 , MK CHAUDHRY / Landov

Even before NATO allegedly killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, this alliance was a wreck. Bruce Riedel on the decades of deceit that have put Obama in diplomatic hell—and why Pakistan holds all the cards. 

America’s relationship with Pakistan is crashing. Decades of mistrust and duplicity on both sides are coming to the surface. The Pakistani Army has an agenda that is at odds with ours. At bottom, we are on opposite sides of the war in Afghanistan, and that poisons everything.

The death of two dozen Pakistani jawans, or soldiers, allegedly due to NATO airstrikes, is the latest crisis in a year of crises along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Of course, we need to let the two armies investigate what exactly happened and apportion blame. But the facts won’t change the downward slide in the relationship. In 2011 we have argued overdrones, a CIA contractor named Raymond Davis,Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Abbottabad, the assassination of Afghan peace negotiator and formerpresident Burhanuddin Rabbani, and the Taliban attack on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul in September, which the Pakistani Army orchestrated. In every case, the details were disputed, but the big takeaway is clear—we just don’t trust each other. Two of the six biggest countries in the world simply have no faith in each other’s word. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Has Had Enough

Posted by yourpakistan on November 28, 2011

The assumption that it has no choice but to obey America may turn out to be a dire strategic error.

Simon Tisdall – The Guardian

Readers of Dawn newspaper, commenting online, were in no doubt how the Pakistani government should respond to Saturday’s killing by US forces of 24 soldiers on Pakistan’s side of the Afghan border. “Pakistan should acquire anti-aircraft defence systems … so that in the future Pakistan can give Nato forces a proper reply,” said Ali. “This is outrageous,” wrote another reader, Zia Khan. “We should cut off all ties with the US. As long as we are getting US [anti-terror] aid … Pakistan will be attacked in such a manner. They can never be trusted.” Another, Obaid, turned his wrath on the Pakistani authorities: “Our self-centred establishment with their fickle loyalties can’t even demand that the killers be tried in a neutral court … What is the ability of our armed forces? If they can’t repel or intercept an attack of this intensity, then what’s their purpose? This is not a time to get mad. It’s time to get even.”

The fury of these respondents comes as no surprise, but Washington should treat it with deadly seriousness all the same, for this latest outrage is another fateful signpost on the road to a potential security and geostrategic disaster that may ultimately make Afghanistan look like a sideshow. Read the rest of this entry »

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We Don’t Accept NATO Apology: Pak Army

Posted by yourpakistan on November 28, 2011











Pakistan Army while expressing its disgust over Nato attacks has said that it does not accept Nato apology and that this action can lead to serious consequences, Geo News reported Monday. According to Army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas, Nato’s regret over the attack is not enough.  He said that such incidents have happened in past that killed 72 soldiers and injured more than 250 troops in three years. (Source:

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NATO Reveals Troops Were On The Ground In Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on November 27, 2011










NATO Troops entered Pakistan border and came under fire from Pakistan Army. Called for air support. 

An ISAF spokesman made the startling revelation on Saturday that the Mohmand attack by NATO-ISAF helicopters was in response to a call by ISAF ground forces in the area who called for help when they were attacked.

It was an operation of the Afghan national security forces and coalition forces close to the border in eastern Kunar very early in the day in the darkness. In the situation that developed on the ground, close air support was called by the ground force and it is highly likely that this air support that was then brought forward caused the incident, spokesman Carlston Jacob told a private TV channel. Spokesman Jacob made the disclosure while refusing to give details of the incident.

If his statement is correct it means that US/NATO ground forces were already in the area and when they were trapped or confronted they called for air support which came and killed Pakistan Army troops and officers.

He repeatedly said that he was waiting for the result of investigations and once the full picture was available he would comment.

He also declined to give a time line for concluding the investigation and said it will take its time. We have to go through the process and have to talk with Pakistani side and find out what led to the incident, he said.

He said he regretted the loss of life but did not offer any apologies until the probe was completed.

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Pakistan Blocks Afghanistan NATO Supplies After Checkpost Attack

Posted by yourpakistan on November 26, 2011

By Umer Farooq – Express Tribune PK

Pakistani authorities on Saturday blocked the NATO supply route to Afghanistan after an attack on a border checkpost killed at least 24 Pakistani soldiers. The attack by NATO helicopters on a checkpost located in Mohmand Agnecy killed at least 24 soldiers and injured 12. Official sources confirmed the suspension of supplies, adding that all containers were stopped at the Takhta Baig checkpost in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency.

“We have suspended the supply and will not let even a single container move ahead,” the official added. “We have stopped NATO supplies after receiving orders from the federal government,” Mutahir Hussain, a senior administration official in Khyber tribal region, on the Afghan border, told AFP. ”Supply trucks are being sent back to Peshawar.”

Takhta Baig is the first checkpost followed by four more check-posts in the tribal areas and is the shortest possible route to Afghanistan.

Pakistan lodges protest with the US
Iffat Gardezi, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Pakistani Embassy in the US, has lodged a verbal protest over the attack.
A Pakistan Embassy spokesperson told The Express Tribune that Iffat Gardezi had contacted the State Department at midnight (Eastern Standard Time). The spokesperson said that Ms. Gardezi had in strong words raised the issue of the death of Pakistani soldiers by ISAF and termed the incident as “unprovoked”.

(with additional reporting by Huma Imtiaz)

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Whose Agenda Pakistani Politicians Are Serving ?

Posted by yourpakistan on November 25, 2011

It has become a fashion in this country to criticise and drag security agencies and national institutions into politics either for no aim or reason to serve someone else purposes. It is not clear, whether we are doing so to prove it to the world that how independent we are or we say all this nonsense in ignorance without thinking whose agenda we are following.

By Ashraf Javed – The Nation PK

Pakistan is passing through an intricate phase in which war on terrorism, political instability, economic crisis and natural calamities have made Pakistan more vulnerable to anti-State propaganda being launched by hostile elements for the completion of their own agenda.

A good number of politicians and many so-called liberal journalists and TV anchorpersons always leave no stone unturned to criticise the national and sensitive institutions just to improve their programme ranking or for political point-scoring.

Now-a-days, many politicians either while addressing public gatherings or when they appear on TV talk shows claim that they have ‘irrefutable evidences’ against the country’s premier intelligence agency – ISI, or Pakistan Army on various political issues.

Politicians are generally supposed to be more careful in their claims of possessing evidences. Instead of discussing such sensitive matters in TV programmes and public meetings, they should approach the courts or the concerned institutions to establish their point of view.

The political leaders who drag our national institutions like Pakistan Army, ISI etc, unnecessarily into politics just to create a win-win situation should also understand that such institutions are above all politics. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indian Military Might Is Overrated

Posted by yourpakistan on November 24, 2011

















Five times larger than Pakistan, India’s two wars against its smaller neighbor ended in a stalemate and another one in a controversial victory. In Kashmir, Pakistani irregular fighters and Kashmiri fighters forced Nehru to run to UN for a ceasefire.


Based on tangible factors of its armed forces coupled with its nuclear strength, India claims to be the strongest military power in South Asia. America has now started to authenticate its claims. India fought three wars with Pakistan out of which two ended in a stalemate and one in controversial victory. In the 1948 war in Kashmir, when the position of Indian forces became precarious owing to stiff resistance put up by ragtag Pakistani forces together with local mujahideen, Nehru beseeched the UN to intervene and affect a ceasefire. Pakistan agreed to ceasefire only when Nehru gave his pledge that he would hold a plebiscite and allow right of self determination to the Kashmiris. His pledge was a ploy to save Kashmir but Liaquat Ali Khan believed him and thus lost a chance to reclaim Kashmir. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gujral Says Nawaz Sharif Provided Details About Terrorists with Stingers

Posted by yourpakistan on November 23, 2011

Former Indian prime minister Inder Kumar Gujral has said that former premier Nawaz Sharif had provided him details about five terrorists who had been arrested with Stinger missiles in the Kashmir Valley. Gujral has revealed stunning details about how close former premier Nawaz Sharif and his family were to him and how the depth of their friendship reflected on India-Pakistan bilateral ties while the two were in power.

According to a report published by the Hindustan Times on Thursday, Gujral, while recalling his days in power, said that he had spoken to Nawaz on hotline about the five terrorists who had been arrested with Stinger missiles in the Kashmir Valley. He said that his counterpart had provided him details about the terrorist incident, on his request.

According to Gujral, “Nawaz said he had been extremely busy the entire day and was ringing up so that he could fulfill his promise of providing details about the terrorist incident within 24 hours. We were speaking in Punjabi. His sincerity, the fact he cared so much about his promise, was touching. For me, he was not just a head of government, but was and would always be a dear friend.

“My association with Sharif at a personal level dates back to 1994. I had then gone to Pakistan to attend the Track II conference of Saarc. Nawaz sent Mushahid Hussain, who later became his information minister, to meet me in Rawalpindi and invite me to tea at his house. At the time, Benazir Bhutto was the prime minister, and Nawaz an important leader of the opposition. Mushahid and I were old friends. “I had met him at Kuldip Nayar’s house in the early 1980s when he was in India on his honeymoon. I accepted Nawaz’s invitation. Mian Saheb, as I addressed him, had a very elaborate spread that day.

His colleagues, like Sartaj Aziz and others, were also there. I stayed for about two hours, and discussed a variety of issues, including the possibility of improving relations between the two countries. They were unhappy that Benazir wasn’t doing enough in this direction. This was a month before the Saarc moot in New Delhi — Benazir did not come to the meeting, and instead sent her foreign minister.

“Our relationship deepened in 1996 when I became the foreign minister. He sent Gohar Ayub with a message of cooperation. This inaugurated a new phase in the relationship of the two countries.

“Soon after that, I was elected prime minister and we met in Male during the Saarc conference. At our first encounter, he excitedly recounted how the people of my hometown Jhelum lit lamps the day I was sworn in. We had warm talks over elaborate breakfasts in his cottage. It was at Male that both of us drew the broad outlines of our bilateral cooperation. We met on numerous other occasions, at New York, Edinburgh and Dhaka. And the relationship extended even to our family members. My wife shares a very affectionate relationship with his wife. When his son came to India on a private visit, he made it a point to call on us. Nawaz Sharif, a generation younger to me, looks up to me as his elder.

“When we met in New York with our wives, he presented a beautiful carpet that we treasure to this day. The Sharifs came across to me as a very close knit family. Sharif is very devoted to his wife and family. We often discussed our problems of governance and even personal matters.

“In Edinburgh, we were sitting with our respective delegations when Sharif remarked, “Whey don’t you purchase power from us?” I said I was keen and suggested that our commerce ministers, who were also with us, should explore the possibility. His foreign secretary piped in: “Let us first solve the Kashmir problem before you talk of cooperation.” Sharif and I ignored the discordant note, but later, in private, I asked him how his officer could dare to speak like that in front of him. Nodding his head, he said, “Do you think I didn’t see it.” Sharif was interested in improving relations with India, but faced impediments from the hard-liners. Yet we managed to relax visa curbs and encourage one-to-one interaction.”

Gujral said Pakistan purchased 50,000 tonnes of sugar from India. “The power purchase talks, though, did not bear fruit. We have kept in touch through telephone and letters. When the nuclear tests were conducted, I called him and urged restraint. His response was warm. Again, at the start of Kargil conflict, I spoke to him. He promised to call back, but by the time he did, the issue had become so heated that his replies did not sound convincing. I am sorry at his downfall, I guess he had taken on too many people,” he added.

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