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Pakistan Should Accuse Pentagon And CIA Of Murdering Rabbani

Posted by yourpakistan on September 30, 2011


Pakistan Should Accuse Pentagon And CIA Of Murdering Rabbani
Ironically, the assassination removed a friend of Pakistan and served the interests of Pentagon, CIA and their Afghan allies. While avoiding confrontation, Pakistan needs to speak up and not let disinformation dominate the air waves. Here are key points that weaken American propaganda.

There is a reason why the United States has ignored the cold-blooded murder of ex-Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani and focused all its energies instead on the attacks on US embassy and NATO offices in Kabul. The assassination neatly fits in with the interests of three parties: US military, CIA and their Afghan warlord allies. It might well be the first planned murder of a senior Afghan government official opposed to US meddling in Afghan reconciliation. This is the work of the same American lobbies opposed to President Barrack Obama’s Afghan pullout plan and his defense budget cuts.

There is no credible confirmation yet on who exactly eliminated the man who served as President Karzai’s key manager of reconciliation with Afghan Taliban and someone who recently converted into a friend of Pakistan. After the assassination, the United States military and intelligence tried to create a wedge between Kabul and Islamabad by invoking an alleged Pakistani hand. But this was effectively countered by Pakistani officials, who have become accustomed to American games. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani’s quick dash to Kabul to offer condolences and support and later army chief’s cool and calm response to Leon Panetta and Mike Mullen’s anti-Pakistan outbursts helped counter the attempt to poison Karzai’s newfound understandings with Islamabad.

Rabbani wanted to see Afghan Taliban sharing power and entering government. He was suspected by of being a closet Taliban sympathizer who was hatching conspiracies with Karzai and Pakistan behind the back of the United States and its Afghan warlord allies. The assassination took care of this emerging threat. Blaming Pakistan for his murder – and for other major attacks – built pressure on Karzai to sever ties with Islamabad. Such a move would have destroyed Pakistan’s strategy of working closely with Karzai – and Rabbani – to reach a deal with Afghan Taliban and re-empower the Pashtuns despite American opposition.

In short, it is Pakistan that should be raising questions about the mystery of who killed Mr. Rabbani and not vice versa, especially when the list of suspects and motives points toward foreign forces and their local proxies. The only party that was well prepared to make the most out of Rabbani’s murder was Pentagon and CIA. Both of them moved quickly on two fronts: domestic politics and Pakistan. Domestically, the Panetta-Mullen duo organized a joint anti-Pakistan briefing on 22 September and later Mullen appeared before US Senate armed services committee.

The domestic objectives of Pentagon and CIA from this anti-Pakistan campaign are:

  • Save the skin of US military and intelligence officials responsible for security lapses in Afghanistan
  • Dodge accountability
  • Send a message that major cuts in defense budget won’t be acceptable, and
  • Underline that Afghanistan continues to require foreign military and intelligence presence

Afghanistan today is CIA’s largest base of operations anywhere in the world. The agency is loath to abandon an outpost that gives it direct access to the backyards of several strategic nations at once: Iran, Pakistan, China and Russia. No sane strategist would let go of such an opportunity. Mr. Rabbani’s peace mission may not have shown initial signs of success but it had already upset the policy direction favored by US military, intelligence and their Afghan warlord allies. India was also skeptical about the Rabbani-Karzai plans. Ending the isolation of the Pakhtun and incorporating them into Afghan power structure has never appealed to these parties. Another common denominator among these parties is their expressed anti-Pakistanism.

In fact, whoever assassinated Mr. Rabbani was also aiming at ensuring that Afghanistan remains an anti-Pakistan outpost. Islamabad has advocated ending the policy of isolating the Pashtun and worked hard to convince Mr. Karzai that friendship and respect for the legitimate interests of both Afghanistan and Pakistan is in both nations’ interests and would benefit stability in the region. Mr. Rabbani had made several overtures to Pakistan in recent months. In January he used the platform of Geo television to address Pakistanis. He spoke in Urdu as a special gesture.

Pakistan is pursuing the right policy with regards to American provocations. What is lacking in this policy is the media edge. For example, several Pakistani officials have sent strong direct and indirect messages to Washington recently. The list includes the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, Chief of Army Staff and ISI director. But Pakistan faces a sweeping campaign of demonizing the country. This American policy continues since 2004. Both political and military establishments have failed to counter the American narrative. The danger in the massive American campaign is that it paves the way for stronger future actions and limits global support for Pakistani positions. An example is the intense propagandist reporting on Iraq’s WMD in 2002 which helped Washington invade that country on fake evidence.

We need to become more overt in questioning US positions with regards to several key issues. This includes:

  • CIA support and safe havens for terrorists meddling in Balochistan
  • TTP’s easy access to US weapons
  • The freedom of movement granted to anti-Pakistan terrorists inside US-controlled Afghan territory
  • The intense demonization of Pakistan primarily and largely in mainstream US media as part of an undeclared American policy
  • Transforming US-controlled Afghanistan into a hub for anti-Pakistan forces in the region
  • Meddling in Pakistani politics
  • Buying out Pakistani media and attempts to plant mouthpieces in print and TV.

We should also review the argument that we can’t abandon America’s war on terror to ensure US aid flow and to fight domestic extremism. Washington will keep Pakistan afloat but will continue to drag its feet on key strategic issues such as energy generation and access for Pakistani textiles to US market. The US won’t sign any written agreements on CIA’s illegal activities inside Pakistani territory and airspace. As for domestic extremism, apart from TTP terror group that is linked to the Afghan mess, all other forms of domestic extremism are an internal Pakistani issue and should be delinked from America’s Afghan war.

All of this strengthens the argument that we need to declare an end to our direct participation in America’s Afghan war, known as the war on terror. Bilateral Pak-US cooperation to find an end solution in Afghanistan can continue. The move will give us a chance to redesign our relations with Washington and get rid of the verbal commitments made earlier.

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Haqqani Network Not Operating From Pakistan, ISI Chief Tells APC

Posted by yourpakistan on September 29, 2011

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha has told the participants of the All Parties Conference that Haqqani network has complete control over three provinces in Afghanistan while the group has influence in seven provinces. The spymaster told the APC that the Hqqani network, to which Pakistan is blamed for having links, operated independently in seven provinces of war torn Afghanistan. He vowed that Pakistan would not launch any military offensive on the behest of others rather it would go after the militants keeping in view its priorities. Pasha told the APC that the Haqqani network was not operating form Pakistani territory.

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Pakistan Warns US Not to Send Ground Troops

Posted by yourpakistan on September 28, 2011

Tensions are as high as ever between Pakistan and the US, as Washington blames its Afghanistan failures on Pakistan and its alleged proxies.

Pakistan’s foreign minister on Saturday warned the United States against putting boots on the ground in Pakistan to fight the Haqqani network, which allegedly launches attacks in Afghanistan from North Waziristan and is tied to the Pakistani government. The warning comes after days of US officials accusing elements of the Pakistani government, specifically the intelligence service ISI, of having ties to the Haqqani network in a proxy war against the US in Afghanistan. The accusations have been denied.

“If many of your goals are not achieved, you do not make someone a scapegoat,” Pakistani Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said, addressing the US. She also sternly reminded the US that there are rules of engagement, which should not be broken. But the US has been breaching Pakistani sovereignty for years, conducting kill/capture operations with special operations forces an undisclosed number of times and running a drone program has been expanded many-fold, resulting in untold numbers of civilians casualties and increasing instability along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.

Pakistan: All options open if attacked

Foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar on Saturday warned the United States against sending ground troops to her country to fight Haqqani network.Khar said in an interview Saturday that there are red lines and rules of engagement with America, which should not be broken. “It opens all kinds of doors and all kinds of options,” she said. The comment was in response to a question about the possibility of US troops coming to Pakistan.

Khar, however, insisted that Pakistan’s policy was to seek a more intensive engagement with the US and that she would like to discourage any blame game. “If many of your goals are not achieved, you do not make someone a scapegoat,” she said, addressing the US.

Khar warned the United States is risking losing an ally in the war on terror.

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USA, Don’t Play With Fire

Posted by yourpakistan on September 27, 2011

US must remember, Pakistan is a nuclear armed country with professional standing army of over 600000 men. it can strike back and make the US pay very heavily for her misadventure against Pakistan.

By Dr Raja Muhammad Khan [Opinion Maker]

Pakistani Army Chief General Kayani’s brief and succinct response to the long list of allegations by Admiral Mullen, Pentagon, CIA and US State Department is considered enough for the consumption of all those having misperceptions about Pakistan. This brief response has a message for the US and rest of the world. The message is loud and clear that, US officials are indeed misleading the US people and world at large. It is exactly like they misled the US masses, EU, Arab monarchs and global community before invading Iraq in 2003. CIA led Neoconservatives then projected Saddam Hussain led Iraq as a state having large quantity of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), which is very dangerous for the world peace. However, later events proved that accusation as wrong and misleading. The invaders could not discover any WMD. It was also proved that, US objectives were different and that indeed it was war for the Iraqi hydrocarbons, the black gold.

US invasion in Afghanistan in 2001 was part of a similar strategic agenda. However, after a decade of its brutalities in Afghanistan, US learnt that, Afghan masses have become more hostile and the super power has no acceptance in that country despite spending billions of dollars, the taxpayer’s money. In these long years, US military commanders have been misleading the White House, EU and American masses that they are winning this war. Upon completion of first decade, they found that even US Embassy and ISAF Headquarters at Kabul, a high security zone is not safe from the insurgents. After this they have no excuses to be presented before the American legislatures, US public and its NATO allies for the heavy expenditures and wrong tales they have been narrating to the people beside the wastage of thousands of lives.Unknown Object

In order to justify its own shortcomings and ill planning and to minimize the effects, U.S military commanders like Admiral Mike Mullen started looking here and there for a scapegoat. Together with envisioned military commanders, the US strategic thinkers could find Pakistan, as the best suited to be a scapegoat to apportion the blame for this most likely US failure in Afghanistan. After all Pakistan is the only country, which has scarified its 35,000, people including 5000 security forces personnel, during ten long years of combating the menace of terrorism. It rightly deserve US bully for siding with it, on a single phone call and acted as a frontline state to bear the brunt of terrorists entered into its porous frontiers along Afghanistan after US invasion in October 2001. Today at the global level, Pakistan is the only country that has suffered most during the campaign of combating the terrorism in all the fields viz; military, social, economical and above all on account of internal instability.

Thus, General Kayani’s rejection of Admiral Mullen accusations by saying that, these statements are “very unfortunate and not based on fact”, should serve as an eye opener for the Americans and Europeans alike and indeed for the forty-eight countries collation in Afghanistan. They should now recognize their military marshals, who rather bringing a victory have brought for them a total military failure, indeed, a shame at the hands of ill equipped Afghan insurgents. Declaring Haqqani network as a veritable arm of ISI by admiral Mullen is too low and a tactic of saving his own skin. He indeed is retiring in a few days and has lot of regrets that under his command US Military could have brought victory in Afghanistan. By accusing Pak Army and ISI, he indeed condenses his frustration. But, he is not all alone; it is a group of failed leaders. They include, Defense Secretary Leon Penatta, CIA head General Petraeus and of course Admiral Mullen, beside many others who initially planned the campaign and those who already retired from services. Now, they all are repenting and accusing Pakistan for their failure and presenting Pakistan as the responsible for their failure, as if Pakistan was controlling them and their strategies were made by GHQ Rawalpindi. Now, they cannot befool the world and their own people. It is high time that, this group of failed commanders should present the real picture of their failure before the US law makers and people of USA and other collation partners. These officials must also stop the blame game and work with Pakistan for a peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has always emphasized US to negotiate with the insurgent groups in Afghanistan and opt for a political solution to bring stability in Afghanistan. The military operations, night raids and drone attacks may not bring stability in this war-ravaged country. These operations would further fuel the anti-Americanism and number of militants would keep multiplying. Political solution indeed, is the only way forward in Afghanistan. Such an option would enable U.S and its NATO allies to have an honourable exit from Afghan war zone.

Politically negotiated solution will also enable Afghan groups to have a consensus Government at Kabul, having representation from all factions and ethnic groups. In this way, Afghanistan would not plunge into a civil war, a curse; it experienced during the decade 1990s. Unfortunately, so far U.S fails to buy this idea. The super only believes in power politics, and thought that, perhaps its superior war munitions and well-trained armed forces would bring a victory for it. This did not happen even after a decade of ruthless killing of innocent Afghans by US forces. The only thing US could earn after ten years, a probable defeat at the hands of Afghan insurgents and likely economic collapse back home.

This is yet another reality that, under the prevalent security environment in South West Asia, the interest driven Pak-US relationship is passing through a very crucial stage in their entire bilateral history. Criticality of this relationship can be well imagined from the fact that, for the first time U.S has threatened Pakistan with a military action against it in North Waziristan Agency, from where according to US, Haqqanis are operating in Afghanistan. Owing to its geopolitical location, Pakistan has served US objectives throughout in its history without a meaningful gain for itself. Rather the unequal alliance has embarrassed Pakistan in most of the time, causing worst internal destabilization of its history, economic collapse and violation of sovereignty by its senior partner. The distrust between these two unequal partners arose during the last one decade mainly owing to the diverging interests is further deepening with each passing day.

The countless accusations and non-recognition of Pakistani role and its contributions against terrorism by US has further betrayed Pakistan. For the U.S, there is a need to understand the Pakistani viewpoint, its domestic and external compulsions, respect its sovereignty, and take into consideration its national interests. Pakistan definitely would not host any foreign network to operate from its soil against any other country. However, for a better future relationship, stability in Afghanistan, it is mandatory that, both sides should reconcile and resort to engage in a constructive negotiation process, while avoiding making public statements and accusations.

US must remember, Pakistan is a nuclear armed country with professional standing army of over 600000 men. it can strike back and make the US pay very heavily for her misadventure against Pakistan.

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CIA enjoying relations with many Terrorist Groups: Pakistan Foreign Minister

Posted by yourpakistan on September 26, 2011

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said that Haqqani network was established by United States, adding that CIA also has relations with many terrorist groups. She said that the US should avoid testing temperament of Pakistan, adding that Pakistan has the right to use options if US would continue blaming Pakistan and the doors of dialogue would be closed due the controversial statements of US leaders. 

In an interviews with an Arab and US TV channels , she said that US cannot provide any proofs, adding that US itself established Haqqani network and leveling allegations on Pakistan for ties with Haqqani network.

She said that if we talk about the relations, then she is sure that CIA also maintains ties with a number of terrorist groups of the world, adding that the Haqqani network is also a beloved group of CIA.

She said that allies and friends cannot convey messages through media, adding that issuing statements regarding foreign affairs on media is not the policy of Pakistan and warned that nobody consider it as weakness.

She said that if the US would continuously level allegations on Pakistan then Pakistan has the right to use other options, adding that US cannot test our temperament beyond limit and if they continuously test US then Pakistan take it as US policy and Pakistan has the right to take steps.

She said that it is a complicated issue and there is no way for leveling allegations, adding that Pakistan already said that it want to continue cooperation and want to remain its doors for dialogue with the US.

She said that the world community supporting the principal view point of Pakistan, adding that after a hard struggle the government got support of people in war against terrorism but US is trying to end this support of Pakistani people by taking such steps.

She said that no country is able to control the terrorism alone, adding that we want good relations with US. She said that as an ally of US in war against terrorism, US should take care of the interests of Pakistan, adding that US want to take solo flight in the region which is not possible.

She said that Pakistan is facing terrorism on daily basis, adding that if the number of ISI found, then it is possible that the number of CIA would also be there.

She asked if there is any attack in Afghanistan, ISI is responsible for this?, adding that US always ignored the democracy in Pakistan, adding that Pakistan scarified more than any country other of the world in war against terrorism.

She said that US cannot destroy any country for achieving its interests, adding that the nation is asking the question that what Pakistan achieved in war against terrorism.  She asked if there was nobody in Afghanistan to stop the trucks full of explosives, adding that Pakistan is daily facing 9/11, whom we alleged for this?

She said that we also have right to point finger at US but we cannot do so, adding that America faced a single attack and Pakistan bear 311 attacks like 9/11.  She said that the US want to get rid of the Kabul attack by leveling allegations on Pakistan, adding that US established Haqqani network and now leveling allegations on Pakistan.

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Wake Up Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on September 25, 2011

Robert J. Herbold is a retired chief operating officer of Microsoft Corporation, presently the managing director of The Herbold Group, LLC and author of ‘What’s Holding You Back? Ten Bold Steps That Define Gutsy Leaders.’ His new found company does business with China. He is a frequent visitor to China, during his last trip he did an informal comparative analysis between China and the US. His observations are nothing but commonsense and easily understood by the readers that have been reproduced below. 

On his return from China, he wrote a paper, “China vs. America: Which Is the Developing Country?” published in WSJ. It is indeed a very educative and informative study. His paper took me down the memory lane, the golden period of Pakistan’s development. Based on his paper, I did a mental comparison of Ayub Khan’s era and today’s China that’s by far the leading economy and a military power based on it’s own agro-industrial productions.

The platform that the Chinese used is the famous “five year plan” of Ayub Khan. The Chinese development was structured and spread out over ‘five year’ plans that’s precisely the reason for their balanced and spread out economic and industrial base.

Given Ayub Khan’s faults, he was a visionary and a planer and above all a statesman. He had picked the best brains for his team who carried out his vision with dedication. Today the economic infrastructure that we see in Pakistan was planned and laid down by his team. Dams, power generation, national grid system, industrialization, regional cooperation, atomic energy, SUPARCO etc were all the fruits of his planning and vision.

Pakistan’s ‘five year’ plans were adopted by other developing countries like China, South Korea etc. They continued with the plans but post 1972 era we reversed everything and nationalized anything and everything of significance, the result was an economic chaos that ushered an era of communist style governance that scared away the business community. The capital flight and brain drain took place at a very massive scale. US dollar that was valued at Rs 4.50 shot up close to 10 rupees. Since then rupee kept on losing ground not only to dollar but is in a far miserable state in comparison to Indian and Bangladeshi currency.

Today Pakistan does not have money to manage its business, railways, PIA, steel mill, WAPDA (the government power generation authority) all are losing concerns. The lucrative projects like PTCL etc have been thrown away at no price. Pakistan Railway has come to a virtual halt whereas China is adding tracks at 3 KMs a day, building high speed trains, surmounting the inaccessible mountains like Tibet etc where the train could never be dreamt. Pakistan Railways has been lost to transport mafia but not without the connivance of the respective governments since 1972. Instead of laying new tracks, the existing ones have been dismantled and sold out as scrap.

On the education side, one good thing done by General Musharraf was the establishment of ‘Higher Education Commission’ that is being rolled back because it did not endorse the fake degrees of the honourable parliamentarians. China is not only establishing more and more Education Bodies but is actively stipulating to get its brains back from abroad to absorb them in the local setups. Pakistan governments ensure that no brain stays behind in the country to challenge their authority; they are forced to flee and migrate to look for conducive environments where they excel.

The present government that we have got is the worst in our history; the entire lot is busy in corruption and plunder. The sudden collapse of Pakistan Railways and price hike of utilities with continued shortages is all by design. Whom can we blame for getting all this trash installed over us? When we see it more focused, it’s the notorious NRO, so all those who brokered it must take the responsibility.

“Recently I flew from Los Angeles to China to attend a corporate board-of-directors meeting in Shanghai, as well as customer and government visits there and in Beijing. After the trip was over, in thinking about the United States and China, it was not clear to me which is the developed, and which is the developing, country.

Infrastructure: Let’s face it, Los Angeles is decaying. Its airport is cramped and dirty, too small for the volume it tries to handle and in a state of disrepair. In contrast, the airports in Beijing and Shanghai are brand new, clean and incredibly spacious, with friendly, courteous staff galore. They are extremely well-designed to handle the large volume of air traffic needed to carry out global business these days.

In traveling the highways around Los Angeles to get to the airport, you are struck by the state of disrepair there, too. Of course, everyone knows California is bankrupt and that is probably the reason why. In contrast, the infrastructure in the major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing is absolute state-of-the-art and relatively new.

The congestion in the two cities is similar. In China, consumers are buying 18 million cars per year compared to 11 million in the U.S. China is working hard building roads to keep up with the gigantic demand for the automobile.

The just-completed Beijing to Shanghai high-speed rail link, which takes less than five hours for the 800-mile trip, is the crown jewel of China’s current 5,000 miles of rail, set to grow to 10,000 miles in 2020. Compare that to decaying Amtrak.

Government Leadership: Here the differences are staggering. In every meeting we attended, with four different customers of our company as well as representatives from four different arms of the Chinese government, our hosts began their presentation with a brief discussion of China’s new five-year-plan. This is the 12th five-year plan and it was announced in March 2011. Each of these groups reminded us that the new five-year plan is primarily focused on three things: 1) improving innovation in the country; 2) making significant improvements in the environmental footprint of China; and 3) continuing to create jobs to employ large numbers of people moving from rural to urban areas. Can you imagine the U.S. Congress and president emerging with a unified five-year plan that they actually achieve (like China typically does)?

The specificity of China’s goals in each element of the five-year plan is impressive. For example, China plans to cut carbon emissions by 17% by 2016. In the same time frame, China’s high-tech industries are to grow to 15% of the economy from 3% today.

Government Finances: This topic is, frankly, embarrassing. China manages its economy with incredible care and is sitting on trillions of dollars of reserves. In contrast, the U.S. government has managed its financials very poorly over the years and is flirting with a Greece-like catastrophe.

Human Rights/Free Speech: In this area, our American view is that China has a ton of work to do. Their view is that we are nuts for not blocking pornography and anti government points-of-view from our youth and citizens.

Technology and Innovation: To give you a feel for China’s determination to become globally competitive in technology innovation, let me cite some statistics from two facilities we visited. Over the last 10 years, the Institute of Biophysics, an arm of the Chinese Academy of Science, has received very significant investment by the Chinese government. Today it consists of more than 3,000 talented scientists focused on doing world-class research in areas such as protein science, and brain and cognitive sciences.

We also visited the new Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, another arm of the Chinese Academy of Science. This gigantic science and technology park is under construction and today consists of four buildings, but it will grow to over 60 buildings on a large piece of land equivalent to about a third of a square mile. It is being staffed by Ph.D.-caliber researchers. Their goal statement is fairly straightforward: ‘To be a pioneer in the development of new technologies relevant to business.’

All of the various institutes being run by the Chinese Academy of Science are going to be significantly increased in size, and staffing will be aided by a new recruiting program called ‘Ten Thousand Talents.’ This is an effort by the Chinese government to reach out to Chinese individuals who have been trained, and currently reside, outside China. They are focusing on those who are world-class in their technical abilities, primarily at the Phd level, at work in various universities and science institutes abroad. In each year of this new five-year plan, the goal is to recruit 2,000 of these individuals to return to China.

Reasons and Cure: Given all of the above, I think you can see why I pose the fundamental question: Which is the developing country and which is the developed country? The next questions are: Why is this occurring and what should the U.S. do?

Let’s face it we are getting beaten because the U.S. government can’t seem to make big improvements. Issues quickly get polarized, and then further polarized by the media, which needs extreme viewpoints to draw attention and increase audience size. The autocratic Chinese leadership gets things done fast (currently the autocrats seem to be highly effective).

What is the cure? Washington politicians and American voters need to snap to and realize they are getting beaten and make big changes that put the U.S. back on track: Fix the budget and the burden of entitlements; implement an aggressive five-year debt-reduction plan, and start approving some winning plans. Wake up, America!”

 Today, Pakistan is placed in far worst situation because of the global designs and games being played in the region, Pakistan needs to extricate itself very carefully and manage to stand on her own feet concentrating on socio-economic development. However what Robert J. Herbold has concluded, is more applicable to Pakistan therefore I endorse the same for the people of Pakistan, ‘Wake up Pakistan!’

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China Stresses USA to Respect Pakistan’s Sovereignty

Posted by yourpakistan on September 24, 2011










With the US and Pakistan engaged in a war of words, China today sprung to the defence of its ‘all weather ally’, asking Washington to respect Islamabad’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while fighting its war on terror.

Asked about US military Chief Admiral Mike Mullen’s accusations that ISI was supporting the Haqqani network to wage a proxy war in Afghanistan, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry defended Pakistan, saying it has been “in the forefront of international efforts against terrorism.”

“Pakistan has made important sacrifices in global fight against terrorism. We hope relevant country will respect other countries sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said.

He however, said he was not aware of specific allegations of the US.

The top US military commander Mullen had lashed out at Pakistan yesterday, blaming ISI for providing support to the Haqqani terror network in carrying out the recent attack on the US embassy in Kabul.

In a severe indictment, Mullen said the Haqqani network “acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency,” remarks that created furore in Pakistan which hit back, asking the US to stop making such comments.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Americans could not effectively fight the ongoing war in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s assistance after his Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar warned Washington that it could lose an ally if it continued to publicly accuse Islamabad of exporting violence to Afghanistan.

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Panetta & Mullen Dodge Angry Demoralized US Soldiers In Afghanistan

Posted by yourpakistan on September 23, 2011

To Appease Demoralized Soldiers, Panetta And Mullen Attack Pakistan

A press briefing by two desperate men eager to spin their failures and dodge the anger of troops in Afghanistan.

SPECIAL REPORT | American Analysis Team

Frustration and anger among American soldiers in Afghanistan has reached its highest point in a decade, prompting US defense secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman Joints Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen to rush to shift the blame on to Pakistan. A Pakistani diplomat in Washington, who asked not to be named, described the appearance of Panetta and Mullen before US Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday as an act of ‘desperate men.’

“These are desperate men and they looked the part,” said the diplomat.

A series of high-impact attacks by Afghans against US and NATO targets has shaken the morale of American soldiers in the country, which remains under foreign occupation ten years after 9/11.

The daring attack on US Embassy and NATO offices in a sensitive part of Kabul last week embarrassed US military and CIA officers. The message was clear: US military and intelligence commanders have failed to secure the country and protect the lives of American soldiers and diplomats. Even the usually composed Ryan C. Crocker, the US ambassador, abandoned caution and issued undiplomatic statements pointing the finger at Pakistan knowing there was no evidence to back it. Military and intelligence media managers were quick to lay the blame at Pakistan’s door without explaining why the US military, CIA, NATO, the Afghan national army and police failed to secure the area between Kabul and Pakistan’s border, assuming that that is the route taken by the attackers as US officials allege.

Both Mullen and Panetta share a large part of responsibility for American debacles in Afghanistan. And that is why both appeared desperate to spin the recent setbacks in the best possible light.

Panetta did not even blink as he claimed the recent attacks were a sign of American success. “Overall, we judge this change in tactics to be a result of a shift in momentum in our favor,” Mr. Panetta said. Sounding even more desperate, Adm. Mullen asked US media and politicians not to talk about the setbacks, probably in order to control the nosedive in troop morale.

“We must not attribute more weight to these attacks than they deserve,” Admiral Mullen said. “They are serious and significant, but they do not represent a sea change in the odds of military success.”

Analysts believe the anti-Pakistan rhetoric of US military and intelligence officials is a diversionary tactic to save commanders from accountability. What strengthens this finding is that Us officials have furnished no evidence that can stand scrutiny and hold Pakistan accountable for its alleged link to Afghan resistance groups. The situation inside Afghanistan has deteriorated to such an extent that US commanders are forced to use Pakistan as a convenient scapegoat.

US military has sealed the lid on several reported cases of desertions among US soldiers in Afghanistan. To avoid discussing this in public, US military has resorted to claiming deserted soldiers were either missing or kidnapped. In one case, Pentagon has given promotions to a soldier whose family is confident he is a deserter and not kidnapped by Taliban as US military claims.

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US Govt. & CIA Encourage Organized Demonization Of Muslims In America To Sustain Support For Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

Posted by yourpakistan on September 22, 2011

A rally protesting against proposed ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, New York, on 22 August 2010.
Photograph: Rex Features

For the first time, the fear-mongering and hate-preaching of US Islamophobes – and their funding – have been exposed

Wajahat Ali

Exploiting fear, hysteria and ignorance has been a lucrative business for the Islamophobia network in America.

After a six-month-long investigative research project, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released a 138-page report, “Fear Inc: Exposing the Islamophobia Network in America”, which for the first time reveals that more than $42m from seven foundations over the past decade have helped empower a relatively small, but interconnected group of individuals and organisations to spread anti-Muslim fear and hate in America. I, along with co-authors Eli Clifton, Matt Duss, Lee Fang, Scott Keyes and Faiz Shakir, expose this network in depth, categorise it, trace the money trail to the donors, name the players in the network, connect the dots between them, and uncover the genesis of several fictitious threats such as the current “anti-sharia” fear sweeping the nation, as well as the protests of neighbourhood mosques as alleged “Trojan horses” and incubators of radicalisation.

We’ve defined Islamophobia as the following: an exaggerated fear, hatred and hostility towards Islam and Muslims that is perpetuated by negative stereotypes resulting in bias, discrimination and the marginalisation and exclusion of Muslims from America’s social, political and civic life.

Healthy debate, disagreement and differences of opinion are a critical part of any civil society, and it is, in fact, necessary when discussing religion, race and politics. This report, however, targets those individuals who have clearly ventured towards poisonous extremist ideology and rhetoric by exploiting fears concerning terrorism and national security, as well general ignorance of Muslims, as a profitable vehicle to advance a hateful agenda.

The Islamphobia network in America is comprised of five categories:

• The money trail: a list of seven funders who have given nearly $43m to anti-Muslim organisations and thinktanks.

• The Islamophobia scholars and policy experts: five individuals and their respective organisations that act as the central nervous system responsible for manufacturing the fictitious memes and fear-mongering talking points about Muslims and Islam. For example, Frank Gaffney’s neoconservative thinktank, the Centre for Security Policy, has used its millions to misdefine sharia, or Islamic religious law, as the pre-eminent totalitarian threat to America, which radical Muslims will allegedly use to supplant and replace the US constitution. No religious Muslim scholar, let alone a practicing layman, would recognise this definition of sharia, which, in reality, deals primarily with personal religious observances, including practices such as charitable giving, prayer and honouring one’s parents, with precepts virtually identical to those of Christianity and Judaism.

• Grassroots organisations and the religious right: new and existing activist networks and mainstream popular religious personalities disseminate these messages to their constituents and elected officials. The organisation Act! For America relies upon Frank Gaffney’s anti-sharia memes and promotes this fictitious threat through their 573 national chapters and 170,000 members worldwide. Currently, 23 states are in process of considering anti-sharia bills.

• The media enablers: the mainstreaming of this fringe, extremist rhetoric is aided by media allies in network TV (Fox News), radio (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck), online magazines (World Net Daily, Front Page Magazine) and the Islamophobia blogosphere (Jihad Watch), which give Islamophobe talking-heads an influential pulpit to broadcast their misinformation.

• The political players: finally, these talking points end up as soundbites and wedge issues for politicians and, specifically, several 2012 Republican presidential candidates, such as Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich, who all have jumped on the manufactured, fictitious “anti-sharia” bandwagon.

This fear-mongering rhetoric negatively affects our fellow Muslim American citizens and portrays them as perpetual hostile suspects, instead of our neighbours and allies. Currently, this has reached a crescendo resulting in certain communities attempting to curtail constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

For example, we’ve witnessed grassroots organisations protest the construction of mosques, constitutionally protected houses of worship, in Tennessee, California and Brooklyn. In February, Muslim American families with young children attending a fundraising dinner in Yorba Linda, California were jeered by protesters who called them “Terrorists!” and told them “Take your sharia and go home, you terrorist lovers.” This was not the result of a spontaneous groundswell of public bullying, but rather a well-organised and highly effective effort orchestrated by principal grassroots organisations of the Islamophobia network, such as Act! For America, Stop Islamisation of America and state Tea Party groups.

For example, blogger Pamela Geller, the co-founder of Stop Islamisation of America and face of the manufactured “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy – which was neither a mosque nor at ground zero – clearly reveals her bias against Muslims when she equates practising Muslims with Nazis: “Devout Muslims should be prohibited from military service. Would Patton have recruited Nazis into his army?”

Brigitte Gabriel, the “radical Islamophobe” founder of the effective, anti-Muslims grassroots network Act! For America, believes a practising Muslim “who prays five times a day – this practising Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Koran, cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.”

The Anti Defamation League has reviewed both of these groups’ rhetoric and actions and concluded they are simply promoting a conspiratorial agenda against Muslims under the guise of fighting radical Islam. This report exposes these alleged “patriots” for what they really are: the primary motivators of fear and bigotry in an economically uncertain and politically volatile climate that urgently needs less hate, division and fear-mongering. Instead, we desire a proactive, united effort towards moderation by embracing American values that protect our religious freedoms, ensure a vibrant, diverse democracy and sustain America as beacon of inclusiveness.

History has taught us that what’s happening to Muslim Americans right now is simply a remake. In the past, the characters were Jews, Irish Catholics, Japanese Americans and gays and lesbians. But America, despite sadly succumbing to hysteria in moments past, eventually – and sometimes grudgingly – tends to regain its moral compass and strive to become a nation resilient to fear and scapegoating.

Just like the McCarthyites before them, the individuals in the Islamophobia network revealed in the report should immediately cleanse themselves of their fear-mongering and ignorance, which may appear to offer short-term political gain but comes at the price of becoming the villains in our children’s history books.

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Pakistan – Sialkot Lynching: Hang em’ All

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Blog Tribune PK

“An eye for an eye makes the world blind…but with so much injustice around us, perhaps blindness is preferable.” [J Haque]

 After a total of 401 days, the Sialkot lynching case has come to an endwith an outcome that is perhaps as grisly as the event that took place – death sentences for seven of those involved, and I for one fully support the verdict.

 In fact, just to play judge, jury and executioner, (as is our classic Pakistan ka haal) I would also like to know why the other six involved, and particularly the policemen who stood by and watched the murder of those two brothers get off with lighter sentences.

Hang them too.

As I write this I am torn inside, facing the inevitable Pakistani condition. I am against capital punishment. I abhor it, on principle. Yet here in this Godforsaken land, where murderers roam around scot free, where innocent men and women are pulled off buses, lined up and shot, where our corrupt and partisan courts are so focused onother agendas they have no time to mete out justice…

 Kill em’ all I say.

I remember former president Musharraf saying “Pakistan is not ready for democracy” in 2007. No matter how warped that statement, I understand where that sentiment comes from now. We are not ready to abolish capital punishment – in fact, we as a nation seem to be stuck in some post-Neanderthal state where the only solution to murder is vengeance (or justice) so foul and harsh that the entire tribe shuts up and learns not to kill again.

We are all part of the Sialkot lynch mob in our own varying ways. We behave like manic school yard bullies, lynching others over petty differences or a lousy cricket match. How does one treat such a bully? Are we really at the place where we can address the underlying insecurities and/or deprivation (educational, economic etc) of the school yard bully, or are we at the stage where at best, we can expel the bully permanently and thus ensure no one will bully again?

I think the courts have answered that one for us. We are in the midst of a pathetic state of affairs and a pathetic, but necessary verdict has been passed in the case of Mughees and Muneeb. But what more can one expect from our sad nation that has gone completely off its rocker.

If our streets need to flow with blood, at least let it be the blood of the unjust…and (in true Pakistani style) please dear Fate, let me be on the winning side.

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