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Pakistan: Are They Our Leader Or Criminals?

Posted by yourpakistan on February 22, 2015

Criminals of Pakistan

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. (Opinion Maker)

Leaders with No accountability and No Shame

Pakistan is in ruins. The nation and its imagery, law and justice, commerce, thinking hubs, political governance all appear dysfunctional and self-contradictory. Eroding freedom of thoughts and action speaks of missing accountability of political elite. The nation is fast becoming victim of a US planned blue-print being used in Iraq. Vengeful sectarian killings and dismantling of economic, political and moral infrastructures to incapacitate the nation by its own sadistic rulers. All fighting against all to end the very existence by collective madness. The paid Pakistani political and security agents are instrumental in carrying out heinous crimes. Increasingly and without any logical redress, common citizens are the targeted aim of the political cruelty. No wonder, once conditions favorable to cruelty are established, it spreads like frightening wildfire. The governance demonstrates dead-ended political conscience of the interest of the people. After decade-old American entrapment in the bogus war on terrorism, the country has lost the energies and capacity to deal with any major problems of security and national unity. The foreign agenda is focused on breaking the moral and spiritual lifelines of the Pakistani nation by its own agents of influence. There are no brave and proactive politicians to stop the continuing political stagnation. The nation faces colossal disaster day in and day out but nobody is held accountable for the crimes. The Generals are convenient spectators and Nawaz Sharif is happy, the herd is politically manageable to complete his inherently fraudulent term of office as prime minister.

Pakistani Leaders Are MenaceDaily blood baths of civilians go unabated adding to statistical record for lack of adequate security. The latest cold blooded murder of 55 innocent people at Wagha border and 100 or so injured adds nothing new to grieving citizens belief that Pakistan is governed by most inept, incompetent and corrupt people ever witnessed by an informed nation. No politicians assume responsibility for the protection and safeguard of life and property of ordinary Pakistanis. There is obvious disconnect between the people and the political rulers constantly hated and feared by the masses. The conflicting time zones are widening in which ordinary people suffer versus the ruling elite breathe as daily civilian casualties continued to rise because of the Taliban attacks and targeted massacres of the ordinary citizens. Who is a failure and who should be held accountability? Is the Pakistani security apparatus so incompetent and ill equipped that it cannot ensure public safety? Given the lack of accountability and lack of shame, there is nothing to prevent these political criminals from repeating their crimes. So the killings of the innocent civilians go unabated. Strange as is, opposition activists raising voices against the Sharif regime are conveniently arrested and jailed but not the Sharif brethren who kill the citizens at random and implement planned massacres. Those facilitating crimes against the people occupy positions of political leadership and even law and justice cannot question them – abetted by the political class, committed the greatest heist in history.

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From Kabul to Wagha to Dehli: A Plot for #Terror Consortium

Posted by yourpakistan on November 15, 2014

After a lull of a few months, the country was once again rocked by a deadly explosion on November 2nd, at the border village of Wagah. The target of the attack was the border post closing ceremony, held routinely at the only land crossing between Pakistan and India. This was not the first targeted terror attack since the commencement of the military operation in North Waziristan but the most deadly, nonetheless, as regards the number of civilian casualties incurred.

Wagah Border Terrorist Attack

The attack in which 62 people lost their lives and around 200 got injured occurred on the 8th of Muharram – a time when the security arrangements across the country are beefed up generally, due to sensitivity of the Ashura days of the holy month of Muharram. The attacks that occur during Muharram are customarily sectarian in nature but in case of the Wagah attack, no sectarian link was established or claimed.

Three different militant outfits claimed responsibility for the attack, the first being Jundullah; soon afterwards, the TTP splinter group, Jamat-ul-Ahrar and later a lesser known outfit called the Mahar Mehsud group accepted responsibility. It is interesting to point out that it is not the first time that the responsibility for a terror attack was claimed by two or more different terrorist organizations. Most terrorist outfits are merely names to achieve different ends. The assertion over terrorist activities serves many different purposes for these militant organizations. It can be a recruitment gambit to attract or engage new members and/or to avoid backlash from sympathizers that are ever present within our society.

As far as the Jundullah is concerned, it has often represented the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in the past, especially the Mohmand faction of the TTP, that has now splintered to form the TTP Jamat-ul-Ahrar (TTPJuA), headed by Omer Khalid khorasani. These two groups are similar in the sense that they have same ideology, goals, involvement in targeted sectarian activities and have close ties with the Al-Qaeda. They have simultaneously accepted responsibility for terror attacks previously also, such as in the case of  the ISI-Sukkur headquarter attack, the Peshawar church blast and the Gilgit tourist killings, to name a few. Read the rest of this entry »

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War on Terror or Terror of War?

Posted by yourpakistan on August 6, 2013

Terror War Lead by USA

By Rehan Rasheed – Opinion Maker

The year 2014 is cut-off date for withdrawal of the US-led forces. We have seen that the US wants to exploit its position to use the Asian trade routes to her own advantage to fulfill the global designs. The importance of this region, especially the Indian Ocean, was narrated well by Admiral Robert Long in 1981 when he talked of its significance for the US and the Western world at large and put accent on “the will and resolve of US to protect vital interests there”.

Viewed in this perspective, it is not the “End Game” in Afghanistan. It is rather the start of a “New Game” and the entire region has much on stake. Thus, rather than a War on Terror, it should be termed as a Terror of War. Terror of war and a response thereof are interconnected in all dimensions. Preparation for war leads to the better strategy that ultimately results in the victory. Formulation of strategy requires priorities. The best strategy, as Sun Tzu says, is to attack the enemy’s strategy. This is but a simple way to describe the warfare.

Pax Americana – a global hegemony exercised by Americans, the term used to indicate the military and economic position of the US in relation to other nations requires enough resources to corroborate its global leadership syndrome. The world is already pluralized. The awakening of China, integration of Europe and revival of Russia make things difficult to support her supremacy therefore formalization of global strategy for supremacy in view of the emerging realities is always a top priority for the US. Read the rest of this entry »

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Al Qaeda; US’s Best Friend

Posted by yourpakistan on January 3, 2013

Al Qaeeda Fighters in training seesion

PKKH Editorial

Al Qaeda in Yemen offer gold bounty for killing U.S. ambassador

A saying goes in our language ‘a sensible enemy is better than a insensible friend’, the saying goes really good for the friendship the US holds with an insensible Pakistan, who usually cannot be trusted by the US due to its inability to maneuver covet acts that fulfill ‘US interest’ and at the same time make Pakistan look like the ‘axis of evil’ but AlQaeda can do exactly that. AlQaeda is simply ‘a friend in need’ and ‘a friend indeed’.

Most recently news has come out that Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen have offered a golden bounty for the killing of the U.S. ambassador, sending American troops — and even the diplomat’s mother — into high alert. The terrorists offered three kilos of gold, worth $160,000, for the head of Ambassador Gerald Feierstein. A smaller bounty — roughly $23,000 — is being offered to anyone who kills a US soldier in Yemen. The gold bounty in this news is actually for the American, for whom the so-called AlQaeda has set another easy target. 

In the War of Terror, whereby humanity is being savagely culled and exhausted, the US and the AlQaeda seem to work hand in gloves; wherever AlQaeda leads the US is sure to go. It’s hard to say if the AlQaeda baits the US or the US baits itself, but it’s easy to see that every time AlQaeda makes the call, it is the one that gets beaten down and the US is the one that stands victorious on its slain body; only it never really fully killed, it is allowed to sprout somewhere else again. If the AlQaeda are terrorists, the US seems no less in madness, when they, supposedly being the most organized nation of the world, coarsely follows loose trails of a crude enemy, destroying everything that comes in the path. They say in Chinese ‘why use an ox-knife to kill a chicken’, and that’s exactly the strategy the US seems to be following. Common sense tells us that to tackle with small targets that have infiltrated in civilian population the right tool is the police and intelligence agencies that have the ability to make man-to-man contact and catch the infiltrators on individual or group basis, not by the use of missiles and tanks. Read the rest of this entry »

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USA & NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan & Pakistan (Scenario)

Posted by yourpakistan on December 23, 2012

USA & NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan

PKKH Exclusive

As the exit of the US/NATO forces comes to nearing, the real-time situation regarding who have been the winners and the losers of this war is becoming clearer by the day. The terms and conditions upon which the withdrawal has to take place are no more in the hands of the brute and arrogant workmanship of the US and its allies any more, which is evident from the fact that the date of withdrawal has been set much before any agreements have been reached between the stakeholders.

It is a sorry event that like many previous imperialists the US/NATO has based its occupation of Afghanistan on the ‘divide and rule’ principle for all these 11 years and the strategy has failed. Any solution that can be considered a just and lasting solution is one which will ensure a stable Afghanistan. What Pakistan fears is that the US/NATO alliance, due to their negligence in the future of this region once they leave and their incapacity to work out a balanced, long-lasting peace, may abscond the region leaving a conflict-ridden Afghanistan prone to external interference and the lustful eyes of some other bounty hunter from around the world. Therefore it is in the interest of Pakistan that the interest of all stakeholders should be taken into account and that is precisely what the state machine has voiced so far.

The primary stakeholders in the matter of Afghanistan are all the communities living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Allies. What has happened so far is that power has been delegated to a specific sector of the Afghan society, while all others have been consciously neglected, resulting not only in social and economic disharmony in the country but in acute polarization and a state of constant war, a war the Allies never won for a single day. What is required is that the Northern Alliance, the Taliban and all the tribal entities be given their due democratic portion in the powers and the decision-making of the future Afghanistan. It is required that the right of self-determination be returned to the Afghanis in terms of what kind of life they want to lead and how they want to run their country and that the foreign policy of the majority be accepted. Read the rest of this entry »

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US-Funded Individuals, Firms Back Insurgency

Posted by yourpakistan on October 29, 2012

A congressional oversight body has sent a letter to the US State Department, saying that some American-funded companies and individuals are actively supporting the insurgency in Afghanistan. 

In the letter, which was also copied to the US Agency for International Development, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction urged the US government to immediately stop disbursement of federal funds to these companies and individuals.

The US Congress created this oversight body, better known by its acronym SIGAR, to supervise more than $89.5 billion of humanitarian and reconstruction assistance it has so far given to Afghanistan.

SIGAR claims that government investigations have uncovered instances of US taxpayer money being funnelled to the insurgents, a serious problem largely caused by weak oversight.

Earlier this year, Congress amended the National Defense Authorization Act, now requiring the Commander of the US Central Command to ensure that those receiving more than $100,000 from US funds do not support insurgency or oppose US or coalition forces.

The SIGAR letter points out that in July Centcom Commander Gen James N. Mattis identified five individuals and entities as “actively supporting an insurgency” in Afghanistan: Arvin Kam Group LLC, Arvin Kam construction Company, Vakil Saadat, Haji Mohammad Almas Khan and Haji Khalil Fruzi.

Two months later, Gen Mattis identified 15 more, including the Nur Rahman Group of Companies, Nur Rahman, Mohammad Rahman, the Hiwad Brothers Company, the Zurmat Group of Companies, Yousef Zaland, Mohammad Ayub, the Zurmat Group of Businesses, Zurmat Foundation, Haji Amir Muhammad, Nurullah Jan, Abdul Wakil Wasim, Triangle Technologies, Haji Dost Mohammad Zurmat Construction Company and Zurmat General Trading Company.

The letter says that SIGAR alerted the State Department and USAID about this determination, urging them to initiate government-wide debarment of these companies and individuals.

Source: The Dawn

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Afghanistan: A Vietnam Made

Posted by yourpakistan on October 1, 2012


Talk to the Taliban or risk a messier Vietnam

By Michele Kearney

After November, America must offer a ceasefire and genuine negotiations. The alternative is savage civil war.

The US campaign in Afghanistan today is as much about Vietnam as it is about Afghanistan. The US military is deeply concerned to avoid the appearance of complete defeat captured in the images from Saigon in April 1975. In large part this explains the US determination to keep bases, military advisers, Special Forces and airpower in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of ground troops in 2014 to go on bolstering the Government in Kabul.

The problem is that this risks landing the US — and Britain — in the Vietnam not of 1975, but of 1964. In that year, the US had no ground troops in South Vietnam but it already had thousands of military advisers and trainers. As the South Vietnamese regime crumbled, more and more of these Americans were killed, and Washington faced the choice of withdrawing them and letting South Vietnam collapse or sending in ground forces — which happened the next year, 1965.

The difference this time is that there is no chance whatsoever that once US and NATO ground forces have left Afghanistan they will be sent back. The similarity is that whatever happens in Afghanistan after 2014, thousands of US and British soldiers and civilian officials will be stuck in the middle. In that sense, we are not “withdrawing” at all. We just risk withdrawing so many that the remainder will be unable to defend themselves properly. Yet if the US and its allies are pressured into complete and hasty withdrawal, it would mean acknowledging complete and humiliating Western failure in Afghanistan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Subdue the Enemy without Fighting

Posted by yourpakistan on May 24, 2012

Strategic Analysis of Pakistan’s Perspective on the Afghan End-Game
by Dan Qayyum and Salman Javed

There is an old proverb, “Never let the bear in a trap fall on you”. We shall discuss the background and relevance of this quote a little later. First, lets go through some aspects of this war that has now disturbed the balance of power around the globe.

The Pre-Salala Scenario
Since the invasion and start of “Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan” in which Pakistan became a front line coalition partner, Pakistan has faced constant and sustained pressure, in the face of allegations and perception building against its army and security agencies. Many think-tank, experts and military strategists seem to have swallowed the propaganda hook line and sinker.











The role of Pakistan in Afghan-Soviet War, its support for Taliban, its goal of strategic depth, the Khalistan fiasco, Kashmir freedom movement, and Kargil’s are just some of the events that has earned Pakistan’s forces the title of a ‘rogue’ army, as well as a state sponsor of terror.

Hence any expectation of a relationship built on mutual trust was poorly thought out and unrealistic from the start. The allied forces came with the task of invading Afghanistan, toppling Taliban’s government, hunting down top Al-Qaeda leadership and flying back home under a ‘mission accomplished’ banner to live happily ever after. Staying in the Afghan battle field for over 10 years was never part of their strategy. None of the experts realised that the old ‘bear trap’ which drained out the Russians will also be effective in draining out the white elephant and it’s clan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Contractors Beginning To See End of Afghan Mission

Posted by yourpakistan on April 12, 2012

As American and NATO forces prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, the Pentagon is looking at ways to trim the size of its materiel commitment. The U.S. Marine Corps and Army recently signed $31 million worth of logistics contracts with Honeywell to start refitting and shipping equipment back to the United States from several large bases in Afghanistan.

The Corps’ Pre positioning & Marine Corps Logistics Services (P&MCLS) effort entered into $24 million worth of agreements with the company to provide maritime pre positioning and logistics services to Camp Dwyer and Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan.

A Honeywell spokesman described the deal as involving “offloading various types of equipment from the Marines’ pre positioning ships, repairing those vehicles, repackaging and refreshing supplies such as medical, food, ammunition, spare parts, etc., and reloading that equipment on the ship for it to return to its propositioned location in-theater.”



The Army’s 401st Integrated Logistics Support Services group also has contracted with Honeywell for a $7 million increase to an existing contract to supply labor and supervise Theater Provided Equipment Planner personnel, “as well as asset visibility services to the U.S. Forces Afghanistan J4 Supply and Services, Redistribution, Retrograde, Redeployment, Reset and Disposition organization,” according to a company statement.

The work on both contracts began April 1 and will run through September.

While not yet a major retrograde or refit action, the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is declining from its current level of 90,000 troops to 68,000 by October. The draw down will bring troop levels back to what they were prior to the 2010 surge of 23,000 troops ordered by President Barack Obama.

The overall plan for the transition of security to Afghan forces is still being developed and is expected to be unveiled in May at the NATO summit in Chicago. But virtually all 130,000 U.S and NATO combat troops are expected to be out of the country by the end of 2014. A force of trainers, advisers and special forces likely will remain. Read the rest of this entry »

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John Allen And The Worsening US-Pakistan Ties

Posted by yourpakistan on April 5, 2012

Our army headquarters hosted last Wednesday an American general who cannot talk straight. Isaf’s American commander in Afghanistan Gen John Allen accompanied US Central Command chief Gen James Mattis to meet our commanders. It is not clear if Allen, the Isaf chief, was able to look our commanders in the eye after what he did in November. Allen was inside the GHQ on the night of 26/11 to brief our side about Nato’s future operations. However, he conveniently forgot to mention anything about an operation named Sayaqa that was to be launched a few hours later, using massive power to kill 24 Pakistani soldiers on an isolated mountain ridge.

by Ahmed Quraishi 

Two days before Wednesday’s meeting in Rawalpindi, Gen Allen tried to sabotage the Obama-Gilani meeting in Seoul on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit. As the Pakistani prime minister and the American president prepared to meet, Allen issued statements at a Washington think tank repeating accusations that the Haqqanis “are an actual arm” of the ISI.

The only reason 26/11 did not blow up into a limited war is apparently because of a Pakistani decision not to be dragged into such a war. The Pakistanis had to exercise a lot of restraint knowing that the Salala attack on 26/11 was premeditated murder, spread over two hours using disproportionate force, enough to rule out any possibility that this was an accident. Read the rest of this entry »

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