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Opinion: Pakistan, Middle East and Beyond

Posted by yourpakistan on May 31, 2013

Pakistan & Middle East

by Tabish Hijazy

The concept of the Asian Century is taking its roots in the global dynamics. Not only in economic terms – as Asia has been playing a key role in the global economy since the last two decade – but more so in geopolitical and geo strategic terms. Asia is the center stage of global politics, making it the most underlying and strategically potent military zone in the world. The uncertainty of regional politics, owing to the heavy penetration of Western hegemony, makes the region highly volatile and susceptible to high intensity conflicts. Post 9/11, the Middle East and the South Asian region is witnessing a change in the traditional strategic blocks in contemporary times. New alliances with proposed regional blocks are emerging, while the existing ones are going through a complete reshape. American war adventurism is on the cusp of instigating new wars in the region whilst shutting other theaters, in a desperate attempt to salvage some pride.

The deep anarchy and chaos in Asia is unprecedented in history, instigated by the Western powers to gain military significance and, most importantly, to ensure their permanent hegemony around the world. However, the tide of history may turn against the U.S., with some major geo strategic changes around the corner that may eventually doom the sun of the U.S. completely and give way  to a new horizon for the Eastern civilization. Read the rest of this entry »


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British Deputy Prime Minister Defends Altaf Hussain’s Anti-Pakistan Remarks As ‘Free Speech’

Posted by yourpakistan on May 22, 2013

Britian & MQM Relationship

The UK-MQM relationship is part of a wider problem 

SPECIAL REPORT | 21 May 2013 

Britain’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has publicly defended MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s statement on breaking Karachi away from Pakistan. Mr. Clegg says it is ‘free speech.’

Mr. Clegg gave a carefully worded statement to Geo News London correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah. In the statement, Mr. Clegg tried to create an impression that there was no consensus on whether Mr. Hussain’s statements constituted an incitement to murder Pakistani citizens. He also refused to make much of Altaf’s call for the secession of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, from the country. The city is virtually under the control of armed gangs linked to political parties, including the MQM.

The British deputy premier appeared eager to point out that Mr. Hussain retracted the statement. He tried to justify MQM chief’s statement on Karachi secession as freedom of speech under British laws.

The caretaker Information Minister Arif Nizami has called on the interim Pakistani government to ‘take notice’ of Altaf Hussain’s statements from London but the government is silent.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Altaf Hussain; Enough is Enough MQM

Posted by yourpakistan on May 20, 2013

Altaf Hussain MQM Founder

A Terrorist On British Soil!

By Raja G Mujtaba – Opinon Maker

The world has risen in uproar that Altaf Hussain is responsible for killings in Karachi, he incites the killings and as commonly known he operates through some well-trained cold blooded killers whom he controls directly. It’s no secret where they were trained and by whom; it’s RAW of India and  perhaps MI 6 also has a finger in the pie.

Activities and modus operandi of Altaf Hussain is no secret. Who are his masters is also no secret. Sitting on the British soil, he is serving the interest of his Indian Masters and bringing defamation to the British Government and the people. If the British government does not act now and act with firm hand, there may be diplomatic tensions between Pakistan and the UK.

On one hand Great Britain misses no opportunity in claiming that she is fighting a global war on terror and on the other she is harbouring a terrorist by giving him a passport and all the protection that he needs. Is the public money so surplus and unaccounted for that the tax payer’s money is being wasted like draining human excreta down the flush? The British ought to ask the government how and why, a terrorist is being harboured who is creating havoc in Pakistan, a Commonwealth Member and an old ally where the UK has the largest investments.

Altaf Hussain has made a routine to come on electronic media and give a call to his people in Karachi who go on rampage and start targeting people in Karachi. Is there anyone who can explain as to why these double standards emanating from the British Soil?

Altaf Hussain’s MQM is known for target killings of Punjabis, Pakhtuns and those Urdu speaking who refused to fall in line behind Altaf Hussain. The way people are brought out to listen to Altaf Hussain’s telephonic addresses is no secret. The body language and facial expressions speak volumes. It’s a ‘gestapo’ like tactics that are used to bring the people out that includes women, old and sick also.

What Altaf Hussain does sitting in London and gets people slaughtered in Karachi, affects the British troops in Kabul. They are attacked by the relatives of Pakhtuns who are targeted by MQM hit squads in Karachi. These Pakhtuns have relatives both in FATA and across Durand Line. If the British want the safety of their troops in Kabul, they must not allow target killings of Pakhtuns and any other community in Pakistan otherwise the Pakhtuns are known for avenging and this they carry through generations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Editorial: Open Letter to ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan)

Posted by yourpakistan on May 15, 2013

Election Commission of Pakistan & Election 2013 Results

As a policy giving institution, PKKH does not consider it its premises to support any political party, but it does consider itself to be a strong opposition to all political parties, in democratic spirit, as it considers it mandatory upon the people of Pakistan to keep an extremely critical eye on the incomplete, immature and corrupt democratic process existing within our political parties and in the country on the whole.

It is a shame that on one side the lovers and advocators of democracy shudder with the mere thought of its derailment, and on the other hand are not at all alarmed by the desecration of its very spirit at each and every pillar of its foundation. Does democracy allow nepotism, bribery, rigging and the compromising of all institutions, or do such things cut the possibility of any democracy what so ever, from the very roots.

If democracy rests on the presumption that all eligible voters are equally sensible, unbiased and correct; then how does democracy work without even a correct set of institutions? Simply put there can be no democracy i.e. the ‘will of the people’, if that very ‘will’ is obliterated on the very day it was given the chance to be expressed by the people, after a 5-year period. And the one institution responsible for the free and fair expression of that ‘will’ is the Election Commission of Pakistan.

This means that if a nation takes up the Parliamentary form of Democracy as its formal working system, then the will of the people is already squeezed to 1 day out of the 5years, compared to a ‘Direct Democracy’ working in some European countries, wherein people choose all year long. Meaning that in our system, if the ‘will of the people’ is misunderstood on this one day, the other 5 years are bound to be a mess; that democracy is truly exhibited on that 1 day equivalent in power and effect as its exhibition in the next 5 years. Read the rest of this entry »

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PakNationalists – Nawaz Sharif’s Pro-India And Anti-Pakistan Positions

Posted by yourpakistan on May 11, 2013

Nawaz Sharif

No Word On Indian Terrorism in Samjota Express attack, the Indian propaganda, and full support to Indian positions on Mumbai and Kargil. 

ANSAR ABBASI | The News International 

PML-N chief and the generally anticipated next elected prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s recent statements on Kargil and Mumbai incidents have raised many eyebrows and are seen as crossing the red lines.

In his bid to appease India or vent his pent up anger on the military establishment, days before the May 11 elections, Mian Nawaz Sharif have gone to the extent of committing that if he returns to power he would share the reports of commissions on Kargil and Mumbai incidents with New Delhi.

Like his other leading competitors including the PTI and the PPP, Nawaz however did not touch the issue of Kashmir in his election campaign or in his media interviews. Instead, Sharif who has served as the prime minister of Pakistan twice, promised to share with India his government’s findings on Kargil and Mumbai attacks.

He also did not utter a word about Samjhota express massacre of Pakistanis; the latest heroic handling of the Indian government and its ruling Congress party of the dead body of condemned terrorist and killer of 14 Pakistanis – Sarabjit Singh; the tit-for-tat murder of Sanaullah, a Pakistani prisoner in Indian jail; the recent matrydom of some Pakistani soldiers by Indian troops etc.  Read the rest of this entry »

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As Pakistan Votes, the Military Watches Hawkishly From its Barracks

Posted by yourpakistan on May 9, 2013

Pakistan Army COAS & Other Top Generals

When a rock-band song mocking Pakistan’s army was mysteriously blocked on Internet sites recently, no one was surprised. But, as political parties jousted their way to this Saturday’s elections, it was a small reminder of where power really lies.

There is no doubt that attempts to bury a legacy of decades of military rule have made headway in Pakistan, where – for the first time – a civilian government completed its five-year term and stood aside to allow voters choose its successor. But it would be a mistake to interpret the army’s decision to stay put in its barracks throughout those five years as a sign that it has loosened its grip on power, or that civilian primacy has at last arrived in the nuclear-armed nation.

Whatever the make-up of the government that emerges from the general election, its powers will be heavily circumscribed. The military will decide on foreign policy and security, including the volatile ties with Washington as NATO troops withdraw from neighbouring Afghanistan, and it will still run the thorny relationship with old enemy and nuclear rival India.

“There is no new chapter in the history of Pakistan as far as civilian-military relations are concerned,” said Ayesha Siddiqa, an expert on Pakistan’s secretive army. “The military remains relevant to politics, and it has partnerships that allow it to remain outside but control the inside.”

That the civilian government will still play second fiddle in Pakistan’s policy-making establishment raises questions about how far Pakistan’s young democracy has come and suggests that future coups cannot be ruled out. Indeed, the prospect of election frontrunner Nawaz Sharif – who has crossed swords with the army in the past – returning as prime minister for a third time has raised concern that civilian-military distrust could erupt in open hostility.

“If Nawaz wins it will be a miracle if he completes five years,” said a senior journalist in Islamabad, who turned up the volume on his television during an interview with Reuters to muffle the conversation. The military has ruled this South Asian nation for more than half of its history since independence in 1947, through coups or from behind the scenes.

The tentacles of the army reach into every corner of society, including the media and – thanks to a multi-billion-dollar business empire of its own – the economy. Its shadowy Inter-Services Intelligence arm has been dubbed a state within a state, and is believed to have vast influence over politicians. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan: Why terrorism couldn’t be curbed?

Posted by yourpakistan on May 6, 2013

foreign terrosim in pakistan

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

Terrorism is the foremost problem of the world but ironically it is yet to be defined. What is the yardstick for defining a terrorist since ‘one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter’ and vice versa? Difference between terrorism and freedom struggle has also not been defined. No explanation has been rendered as to how come religious extremism and terrorism have been exclusively confined to Muslim world and non-Muslim world exempted. On what grounds Hindu and Jewish religious extremism and terrorism been ignored? Aren’t Palestinians and Kashmiris the biggest victims of state terrorism of India and Israel respectively since 1947/48?

How come USA which many see as the biggest terrorist state been excused? How come terrorism suddenly became such a dreaded monster when America was struck and not before? Why the liberal writers never tire writing about the horrors of 9/11 and scourge of terrorism after 9/11 and not before? Was the world safe from the bane of extremism and violence before 9/11? Muslims ask whether 9/11 was more gruesome than nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why the axe has fallen only on Muslims? These pointed questions agitate the minds of the Muslims since the one who had vowed to eliminate terrorism from the face of the world has a tainted past and believes in dual standards. Read the rest of this entry »

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Opinion: Youm e Shuhada; for Them or for Us

Posted by yourpakistan on May 1, 2013

Pakistan Army Youm e Shuhada

by Ambreen Ejaz

“Do you know what day it is today?”

Someone remembers, I smiled and thought to myself.

“Yes, today is your favorite actor’s birthday.”

The smile vanished from my face. I sighed. The two girls have gone away chatting and jogging. I’m sitting on the bench after my morning walk and listening to all the teenagers passing by. Their talks were pretty much the same and none of them remembers, or maybe none of them knows that it’s Youm-e-Shuhada today. Disappointed, I stand up and start walking towards the exit.

When I came here this morning, I was young but now going back, I feel like I have become old in just 10 minutes of listening to the daily chit chat of our youth. Sadness has engulfed me. A nation that doesn’t remember its heroes, doesn’t honour them; doesn’t deserve them. How can we not be grateful to those who didn’t think twice before leaving their families for us, who gave their lives so happily that even death was astonished? How will we face them on the Day of Judgment, if we are not honouring their memories in this life?

“Excuse me?” Read the rest of this entry »

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