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Al Qaeda; US’s Best Friend

Posted by yourpakistan on January 3, 2013

Al Qaeeda Fighters in training seesion

PKKH Editorial

Al Qaeda in Yemen offer gold bounty for killing U.S. ambassador

A saying goes in our language ‘a sensible enemy is better than a insensible friend’, the saying goes really good for the friendship the US holds with an insensible Pakistan, who usually cannot be trusted by the US due to its inability to maneuver covet acts that fulfill ‘US interest’ and at the same time make Pakistan look like the ‘axis of evil’ but AlQaeda can do exactly that. AlQaeda is simply ‘a friend in need’ and ‘a friend indeed’.

Most recently news has come out that Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen have offered a golden bounty for the killing of the U.S. ambassador, sending American troops — and even the diplomat’s mother — into high alert. The terrorists offered three kilos of gold, worth $160,000, for the head of Ambassador Gerald Feierstein. A smaller bounty — roughly $23,000 — is being offered to anyone who kills a US soldier in Yemen. The gold bounty in this news is actually for the American, for whom the so-called AlQaeda has set another easy target. 

In the War of Terror, whereby humanity is being savagely culled and exhausted, the US and the AlQaeda seem to work hand in gloves; wherever AlQaeda leads the US is sure to go. It’s hard to say if the AlQaeda baits the US or the US baits itself, but it’s easy to see that every time AlQaeda makes the call, it is the one that gets beaten down and the US is the one that stands victorious on its slain body; only it never really fully killed, it is allowed to sprout somewhere else again. If the AlQaeda are terrorists, the US seems no less in madness, when they, supposedly being the most organized nation of the world, coarsely follows loose trails of a crude enemy, destroying everything that comes in the path. They say in Chinese ‘why use an ox-knife to kill a chicken’, and that’s exactly the strategy the US seems to be following. Common sense tells us that to tackle with small targets that have infiltrated in civilian population the right tool is the police and intelligence agencies that have the ability to make man-to-man contact and catch the infiltrators on individual or group basis, not by the use of missiles and tanks.

Right at the end of the US fiscal cliff melodrama, which itself has ended in confusion; with reserved decisions upon what the spend-cuts will really be like and what the new debt-ceiling status will be, and only declaring parts of the deal which present more taxes on the American people and cuts that are speculated on public-spending like the Medicare and the pensions. It seems clear to some analysts that in the first step the US administration has only done to cut down the income of its people, almost certainly pushing them into another recession, which again will serve to raise the income of the government. Whereas on the other hand, as President Obama said before leaving for Hawaii, ‘While open to compromise on budgetary issues, I will not offer Congress spending cuts in return for lifting the government’s borrowing limit, known as the debt ceiling’. In other words he will not allow the major spending–cuts plus he will opt for a debt-ceiling raise. Does this not mean that the military will be getting all it wants and the government will be richer and more powerful now, as it has more money from the people and the usual debt-ceiling raise of a few trillion or so. But all this will be injected slowly into the American people, stepwise, until by the end of March, the whole nation would be over the cliff, only unable to understand the injuries it has suffered.

And the military and the US administration are all set to open their new-year gift, probably in the form of Yemen or some other poor-fated part of humanity that would be, in their say, in dire need of someone who would deliver it the bliss of democracy and civilization.

This report is based on obvious factual analysis; not on conspiracy.

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