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Pakistan: Are They Our Leader Or Criminals?

Posted by yourpakistan on February 22, 2015

Criminals of Pakistan

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, PhD. (Opinion Maker)

Leaders with No accountability and No Shame

Pakistan is in ruins. The nation and its imagery, law and justice, commerce, thinking hubs, political governance all appear dysfunctional and self-contradictory. Eroding freedom of thoughts and action speaks of missing accountability of political elite. The nation is fast becoming victim of a US planned blue-print being used in Iraq. Vengeful sectarian killings and dismantling of economic, political and moral infrastructures to incapacitate the nation by its own sadistic rulers. All fighting against all to end the very existence by collective madness. The paid Pakistani political and security agents are instrumental in carrying out heinous crimes. Increasingly and without any logical redress, common citizens are the targeted aim of the political cruelty. No wonder, once conditions favorable to cruelty are established, it spreads like frightening wildfire. The governance demonstrates dead-ended political conscience of the interest of the people. After decade-old American entrapment in the bogus war on terrorism, the country has lost the energies and capacity to deal with any major problems of security and national unity. The foreign agenda is focused on breaking the moral and spiritual lifelines of the Pakistani nation by its own agents of influence. There are no brave and proactive politicians to stop the continuing political stagnation. The nation faces colossal disaster day in and day out but nobody is held accountable for the crimes. The Generals are convenient spectators and Nawaz Sharif is happy, the herd is politically manageable to complete his inherently fraudulent term of office as prime minister.

Pakistani Leaders Are MenaceDaily blood baths of civilians go unabated adding to statistical record for lack of adequate security. The latest cold blooded murder of 55 innocent people at Wagha border and 100 or so injured adds nothing new to grieving citizens belief that Pakistan is governed by most inept, incompetent and corrupt people ever witnessed by an informed nation. No politicians assume responsibility for the protection and safeguard of life and property of ordinary Pakistanis. There is obvious disconnect between the people and the political rulers constantly hated and feared by the masses. The conflicting time zones are widening in which ordinary people suffer versus the ruling elite breathe as daily civilian casualties continued to rise because of the Taliban attacks and targeted massacres of the ordinary citizens. Who is a failure and who should be held accountability? Is the Pakistani security apparatus so incompetent and ill equipped that it cannot ensure public safety? Given the lack of accountability and lack of shame, there is nothing to prevent these political criminals from repeating their crimes. So the killings of the innocent civilians go unabated. Strange as is, opposition activists raising voices against the Sharif regime are conveniently arrested and jailed but not the Sharif brethren who kill the citizens at random and implement planned massacres. Those facilitating crimes against the people occupy positions of political leadership and even law and justice cannot question them – abetted by the political class, committed the greatest heist in history.

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Calculated Military Bashing by Foreign Funded Pakistani Media

Posted by yourpakistan on June 10, 2014

Pakistani Media is State within State

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja – Opinion Maker

Indian spin masters in league with other adversaries of Pakistan are deeply involved in bringing a bad name to Pakistan and its premier institutions through a calculated psychological war since 2002. 9/11 had given an opportunity to India to conduct proxy war against Pakistan using Afghan soil. Covert war designed to destabilize Pakistan and force it to accept India as the regional hegemon was supplemented by massive propaganda war aimed at discrediting Pakistan and its premier institutions. Indo-US-Israeli-Western media war was buttressed by a segment of Pak media. Pak Army and ISI, the two bottlenecks in the way of their goals were made the butt of ridicule and slander.

Aysha Saddiqa wrote a highly critical book against Pak Army. Main objective of her book ‘Military Inc-2007’ was to perpetrate friction, cause dissent amongst ranks of armed forces and to encourage revolt. In her jaundiced opinion, Pak Army was the root cause of social disparity and democratic fiasco. Asma Jahangir and her types launched a defamatory campaign to undermine the image of the Army on totally fabricated charges of extra judicial killings in Swat operations. Stories like discovery of mass graves and throwing down militants from helicopters were figment of imagination. Pseudo patriots appear on TV shows and talk crap. Every article published in English newspapers on Pakistani politics portrays late Gen Ziaul Haq negatively and hold him responsible for all the ills in the society. Of late it has become fashionable to badmouth Army chiefs. Hidden objective is to discredit Army as an institution. Gen Musharraf bashing is being done with this aim in view.

Hamid Mir, the leading anchor of Geo TV has always been carrying a grudge against the ISI because his paymasters, America and India, are unhappy with this organization. Following in the footsteps of Indian policy, Mir also puts all the crimes at the doorsteps of Army or ISI. Mir had held ISI responsible for the murder of journalist Saleem Shehzad without furnishing proof. He also painted Ajmal Kasaab who was an Indian to be a Pakistani from Vehari area. US raid in Abbottabad on May 2, 2011 was exploited to the hilt by him. Even now when he is lying in bed recuperating, in response to a TV anchors question, he retorted as to what the Army had done to safeguard its honor on May 2. He has been pursuing missing persons issue in Balochistan frenetically simply because the Supreme Court under Iftikhar Chaudhri had been showing softness towards the separatists, kidnappers and target killers and strictness towards the FC/ ISI laboring hard to safeguard Balochistan. For him, former are saints and latter devils.

India is arming its Army, air defence, navy, air force to teeth. It is purchasing latest weaponry and defence technology from the advanced world and has become the top buyer of arms from Russia, Israel, USA, Britain and France to bolster its military capability. Its defence expenditure is increasing rapidly since 1990. Military muscles are being built to cow down all South Asian States particularly Pakistan and emerge as the unchallenged regional power and a global power. The US is committed to make India a world power. India has never hid its imperialist and expansionist designs and considers Pakistan to be its arch rival and the sole stumbling block in the path of its imperialist ambitions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Terrorism: Terrorists “The Sons of Hell”

Posted by yourpakistan on February 18, 2014

Pakistan is a vicitim of extreme foreign and local terrorism


The face of war however, has changed as “terrorism” has overwhelmed the world and is inflicting chaos, mayhem, mass murder and destruction.

This more hideous face of war is more dangerous than armed conflicts between nations. The enemy is faceless, resides among the local population, hides his identity as well as his heinous agenda and strikes with impunity when least expected. His targets are schools, hospitals, places of worship, entertainment and trade centers.

By S. M. Hali – Opinion Maker

Renowned playwright William Shakespeare, in his epic play ‘Henry VI, Part II. Act V, Scene 2, states: “O war, thou son of hell, whom angry heavens do make their minister. Throw in the frozen bosoms of our part. Hot coals of vengeance! Let no soldier fly.” The bard, who is famous for his allegories, metaphors and symbolism, addresses “war” as “son of hell”. This poetic expression holds good even in contemporary times, where war continues to wreak havoc, devastation and bloodshed.

Pakistan is bearing the brunt of terrorism, which has spread like the contagious Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), which is extremely feeble and elusively fragile to withstand environmental exposures. Thus HCV moves through concealed routes of blood and secreted material to reach the sensitive organs like the human liver and brain to eke out its survival and consolidate its position, waiting months and maybe years to strike when it is strong enough to destroy the entire microcosm of the human body and cause a painful death.

Terrorism, being illegitimate and unconstitutional, tends to secure its existence and broaden its sphere of influence through clandestine means. Foreign support including ideological direction, lethal weapons and sophisticated equipment, training in militancy, financial sustenance, and ensuring availability as well as the management of space within local population, provides the terrorists the necessary impetus to solicit their warped philosophy, twisted logic and criminal designs. In fact it would not be out place to argue that the terrorists without the support of local sympathisers become “fish out of water” and their misguided thoughts leading to criminal acts of violence also die a natural death in the absence of requisite support.

Recent upsurge in terrorist activities and deadly attacks have traumatized the local population and left deep scars on the minds of every Pakistani. Thus William Shakespeare’s apt and pertinent description for the terrorists being the real “sons of hell” remains valid. These “sons of hell” have no respect for human life, be they women, children, old persons, invalids, sick or even those engaged in religious rituals. The terror mongers continue to spread the fires of hell for humankind although in return they earn the curses, condemnation and hatred of society. The sad part is that these “sons of hell” demand the imposition of Sharia Law but forget that no religion in the world propagates, slaughter, carnage and butchery of innocent people in the name of religion. Islam, on the other hand, is the religion of peace while the Almighty Allah has ordained that “…if any one slew a person —- it would be as if he slew the entire humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” (Al-Quran 5:32).

It is also ironical that the “sons of hell” motivate, brainwash and subliminally program their agents of death, the suicide bomber by promising a permanent place in heavens, where 72 houris await them after they pull the string of their suicide jacket causing death and destruction of the innocent victims. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Quitely Start Cracking Down on USA Security Agents

Posted by yourpakistan on January 2, 2014

Pakistani government has directed its intelligence agencies to identify & apprehend the members of US security firm Blackwater operating in Pakistan.

CIA Operatives - BlackWater terrorists in Pakistan

The government has issued a deadline of one week following reports about the ongoing presence of Blackwater agents in the country, according to a Press TV report.

The report, citing Pakistan’s spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), said Blackwater agents are still operating inside the country. The American security firm was reportedly behind the killing of senior Haqqani network leader Naseeruddin Haqqani Nov 10.

Naseeruddin Haqqani, the son of Haqqani network leader Jalaluddin Haqqani, was killed in a firing incident in Islamabad. Naseeruddin Haqqani was responsible for fund-raising, logistics and political affairs of the Haqqani network.

In 2009, the former Pakistani government denied that the US security firm was active in the country. According to the report, the security firm has carried out targeted assassinations across Pakistan.

The American security contractor was formed to provide training support to military and law enforcement organisations. It is specialized in carrying out covert operations in hostile territories.

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Inida You Are Liar Liar!

Posted by yourpakistan on October 29, 2013

The Indian state is a state sponsor of terror, both at home and abroad. No amount of rhetoric and false accusations against Pakistan can hide this. The international community would do better to recognize this fact; the sooner the better.

The Indian state is dealing with the repercussions of its own oppression – repercussions which include non-state actors attacking its interests in defence of their own. Accusing Pakistan of being behind such groups is a good way of detracting from the fact that they are the independent product of Indian state oppression. 

India Separatist Movements 2

Lately, it seems that the Indian state propaganda tape recorder has been stuck on repeat. Daily statements made by government officials and shoddily made reports from Delhi’s state sponsored media keep repeating the same lines: ‘Terrorists who are sponsored by the Pakistani state are using Pakistani soil to attack Indian interests.’ These statements are usually followed by demands that Pakistan should ‘dismantle’ its ‘terror network.’ 

There are some very serious problems with this narrative. Firstly, India has shown the world no proof whatsoever that the Pakistani state is sponsoring non-state actors who attack Indian targets within India proper. Even after the hulla balloo of Mumbai, India handed over no concrete evidence that Pakistani state help was gained by the perpetrators of the attack. Even if non-state actors based in Pakistan’s inaccessible areas are involved in operations against India, this does not mean that they have the support of state elements – there is simply no causal link here. This is even more apparent when we see that Pakistan is itself a daily victim of terrorist attacks from non-state actors. If the Pakistani government has difficulties protecting its own citizens, how can it protect India’s?

Secondly, sponsoring non-state actors against India makes little geo-political sense. It only decreases Pakistan’s international prestige and increases pressure, at a time when the Prime Minister is on a PR mission to promote peace ventures and economic growth. It would make little sense for Nawaz Sharif to sponsor non-state actors against India when he is literally falling over himself to appease them. Fourthly, reputable international think tanks and policy institutes have found no proof of Pakistani involvement in terrorism against India. Neither, for that matter, have foreign governments. Surely the Indian state will not doubt the impartiality of these sources?

So why does the Indian state keep repeating this narrative? There are a number of reasons why repeating this story is beneficial for the Indian government. Foremost, it detracts from the real issue of why the Indian state is being attacked by non-state actors. The Indian state’s crimes against its own people have fermented more than 240 separatist freedom movements across the country. Just in the seven North Eastern states of the country, there exist 15 separate major insurgencies. These include:

India Separatist Movements

Kashmir is no different, here again, a freedom loving peoples’ aspirations have been brutally crushed. But this is but a drop in the ocean of discontent across India. Over the past 60 years, the Indian government has been involved in documented and proven crimes against humanity, including state sponsored genocide. The Indian state is dealing with the repercussions of its own oppression – repercussions which include non-state actors attacking its interests in defence of their own. These groups need no help from Pakistan, nor do they ask for it. Accusing Pakistan of being behind such groups is a good way of detracting from the fact that they are the independent product of Indian state oppression. 

Another benefit of accusing Pakistan of terrorism is that it maligns Pakistan’s reputation internationally. India has a big voice in the international spotlight, much bigger than Pakistan’s. The Indian state has powerful loyalists in nearly every major news outlet in the West who can contribute to this media bashing of Pakistan. And thus, if Pakistan’s reputation is maligned, then less of the world believes it – especially when it rightly accuses India of cross border state terrorism. Yes, readers might wonder if this is just Pakistan accusing India of something which it itself is accused of doing, but no, Pakistan has proof – solid, concrete proof. Pakistani agencies have, over the past 10 odd years, recovered Indian-made propaganda, weapons and spies involved with terrorist groups such as the BLA and the TTP.

All the evidence points to a sophisticated operation, run mainly from Afghanistan, under the guidance of Indian intelligence agencies and funded by the Indian state, all with the aim of destabilize Pakistan. Recently, the U.S. State Department officials, too, recognized the evidence and gave statements in support of Pakistan’s claims.

The Indian state is a state sponsor of terror, both at home and abroad. No amount of rhetoric and false accusations against Pakistan can hide this. The international community would do better to recognize this fact; the sooner the better.

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Pakistan: Massacre In Quetta

Posted by yourpakistan on January 12, 2013


More Proof That There Is No Justice for Minorities In Pakistan

By Peter Chamberlin

[Over the years, Pakistan has dealt with Sunni terrorist outfits massacring Shia and other Pakistani minorities by “outlawing” the groups under their original names, only to allow the same individuals to adopt new names and then carry-on with the business of Sectarian slaughter as usual.  Pakistan only bans names of outfits, without taking any police actions against the criminal members of  the terrorist organizations.  The Pak govt., the Frontier Corps. and the Army all know exactly who is behind the many Hazara murders, Lashkar e-Jhangvi, the latest incarnation of the banned Sipah-e-Sahaba, yet, LeJ criminals remain free to kill at the next opportunity.  This single fact implicates the Pak Army and FC authorities as co-conspirators in every unprosecuted slaughter of Hazara.  Previous and ongoing ties between the Army/ISI and the Sunni militants who have been waging this sectarian war, mostly against Shia “KAFIR” (infidels), helps to prove the case of Pakistan’s guilt in acts of genocide against  its own citizens.  If the authorities really wanted to end the terrorist bombings in Shia enclaves, then they would arrest every Sipah or Lashkar member (current or former member), as well as every militant leader such as Hafiz Saeed or Syed Salauddin, and begin filling prisons and “death rows” with the evil men who masquerade as religious “authorities,” who are behind this slaughter.  The next step would be to put an end to the Saudi-financed war upon Shiites by closing all Saudi/Arab-funded madrassas and religious institutions.  Without these steps, the unchecked stream of Wahhabi terrorism will help Pakistan to destroy itself with its own self-hatred within a couple of years, at most.]

Pakistani police officers and local residents gather on January 10, 2013at the site of a bomb blast that targeted paramilitary soldiers in a commercial area in Quetta, Pakistan. A series of bombings in different parts of Pakistan killed 115 people on Thursday in one of the deadliest days in the country in recent years. — Photo by AP Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Spying Devices’ Found in Vegetable Consignment From India: Report

Posted by yourpakistan on October 13, 2012

A vegetable consignment from India was seized on Wagah border on Friday and “spying equipment” was recovered during security screening, Express News reported.

The devices hidden inside a crate of tomatoes included sound recorders and other equipment. Express News quoted sources as saying that four men, transporting the consignment have also been detained and are being investigated. Their nationalities could not be ascertained as yet.  The devices have been sent off to experts for inspection.

 Bizarrely enough 

In December 2011, Pakistan captured a monkey, found wandering in Cholistan, all the way from India. In 2010, Indian police held a pigeon under armed guard after it was caught on an “alleged spying mission” for Pakistan.

Source: ET

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