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Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapon – New Concept For India?

Posted by yourpakistan on November 15, 2013

Nukes are the ultimate weapon for any country

Pakistan as an active player in the region and with the importance it enjoys due to its unique strategic location is wary of any threat, and is vigilant and able to deter every kind and size of enemy.

‘Nuclear weapons are the ultimate weapon for any country’; this is now only a partial truth. After the dawn of nuclear weapons and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the nuclear weapons were considered the ultimate weapon; because after that bombing, there was no country to challenge the might of the US and the Allied powers, and that is why the World War II came to an end.

Pakistan Nuclear Weapons

But with the passage of time, and with the development of the delivery systems of the nuclear weapons, the states with nuclear weapons find it difficult to just remain nuclear, without the advancement of their nuclear weapons’ delivery systems. There were many developments in the theoretical realm as well, – many new concepts emerged, like Limited Warfare, Second Strike Capability, MAD, and many more concepts like these were introduced by military scholars. Therefore, the concept that ‘a country that has nuclear weapons is deterrent to any attack’ was shifted to the concept that ‘a country with nuclear weapons that has the best delivery systems has some sort of defense against nuclear-tipped missiles’ and a vigilant eye on the world nuclear advancements is considered formidable. 

Nuclear weapons are mainly of strategic nature – to use it against enemy population, striking-capability areas, and to annihilate big areas and cities. The main feature of the strategic nuclear weapons is the greater range, so that it can threaten the enemy’s decision-making ability and can target the enemy thousands of miles away.  Read the rest of this entry »


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US, UK Against Pakistan Nukes

Posted by yourpakistan on December 30, 2012

Pakistan Nukes Arsenal

The United States and Britain are against Pakistan’s nuclear programme and the CIA uses ‘foreign agencies’ for its operations in Pakistan, Defence Secretary Lt-Gen (t) Asif Yasin Malik has said.

Talking to media at the defence ministry here on Friday, Asif Yasin also said that they had ‘complete information’ of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents working in Pakistan, and US had provided a list of its spies.

But neither the defence secretary divulged when the US informed them about its sleuths nor did he clarify if their ‘complete information’ was solely based on the list provided by the US, whose behaviour with Pakistan, he said, had ‘changed’ after Salala checkpost attack and subsequent suspension of NATO supplies.

Interestingly, the Lt-Gen declared that no country was allowed to work undercover in Pakistan but he did not tell why then the ‘exposed’ US spies and agents have been operating here. Again he sounded too ambiguous when he said “The CIA also uses the agencies of other countries.” Whether he meant NGOs, media organisations, or some other sort of foreign presence, he did not explain.

General Asif said “There is no formal agreement between CIA and the ISI for secret operations.” He also said 95 per cent of defence policy is made by the three defence services on the basis of mutual consultation, leaving one to assume the civilian government might have been doing the remaining five per cent work. Read the rest of this entry »

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POLICY BRIEF | Battlefield Nukes: Why Hatf IX (Nasr) Is Essential For Pakistan’s Deterrence Posture & Doctrine

Posted by yourpakistan on September 16, 2012

POLICY BRIEF: Battlefield Nukes: Why Hatf IX (Nasr) Is Essential For Pakistan’s Deterrence Posture & Doctrine – PakNationalist

The United States renews indirect attacks on Pakistan’s minimum credible nuclear deterrence. Washington is building a case through media and diplomatic trial against Pakistani development of battlefield nukes. Here is what Pakistani policymakers and Pakistan’s friends need to know.

Policy Brief | Released in Islamabad on 5 July 2012 | Project For Pakistan In 21st Century 

The American targeting of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and their development continues unabated. The latest attack is on Pakistan’s development of the Nasr missile in the Hatf short range ballistic missile (SRBM) series.

The new attack manifests itself in a provocative report published by Foreign Policy magazine, which is part of the Washington Post Company.

Badly argued and primarily conjectural, American nuclear expert Tom Hundley attacks Pakistan’s plan to develop what is known as tactical battlefield nuclear weapon in a report titled,

“Pakistan’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad idea to develop battlefield nukes” (5 September 2012).

Mr. Hundley’s report is alarmist rather than factual. As a follow up, a group of American nuclear experts landed in Islamabad this week, representing two think tanks: Stimson Center and Carnegie, in a visit designed to meet pro-US lobbyists in Pakistan to develop a narrative supportive of American policy goals with regards to Pakistani nuclear capability.

Project For Pakistan In 21st Century, an independent Islamabad-based research group, releases a policy brief titled, Why Hatf IX (Nasr) Is Essential For Pakistan’s Deterrence Posture & Doctrine.  Read the rest of this entry »

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India Far Behind Pakistan, China in Nuclear Technology: Experts

Posted by yourpakistan on September 9, 2012

  • Nuclear experts say Indian missile technology inferior to that of Pakistan
  • Indian delivery systems have reliability issues












By Asif Mehmood

The world’s leading nuclear experts have revealed that Indian nuclear technology and capabilities are far behind than its putative adversaries, Pakistan and China.

Hans M Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists and Robert S Norris, Senior Research Associate Natural Resources Defence Council Inc, Washington, in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists revealed that for New Delhi, the principal means of weapons delivery remains fixed-wing aircraft like the Mirage-2000 and the Jaguar. Unlike Pakistan and China, which have substantial deployed missile arsenals, India’s missile force is lagging, despite the test-launch of the Agni V in 2012.

The Bulletin notes, “The Agni I and Agni II, despite being declared operational, both have reliability issues that have delayed their full operational service.” The other missiles in the Agni series – the Agni III, IV and V – all remain under development. Indeed, the report notes that “the bulk of the Indian ballistic missile force is comprised of three versions of Prithvi missiles, but only one of these versions, the army’s Prithvi I, has a nuclear role”. Considering that the lumbering Prithvi I requires hours to get ready for launch and has a range of just 150km, it indicates that the Indian nuclear weapons capability is short-legged indeed, the experts said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan Has Developed Smartest Nuclear Tactical Devices

Posted by yourpakistan on December 1, 2011

Pakistan s nuclear programme has made some extraordinary progress by developing one of the world s smartest nuclear tactical devices, it has been learnt. According to a western diplomat, the former dictator and the then President General Pervez Musharraf, during one of his meetings with US officials, had deemed it proper to convey it to the Americans what Pakistan possessed and how the country s nuclear scientists had secured the defence of Pakistan.

by Ansar Abbasi

The diplomatic source said that New Delhi also knows what Pakistan has produced and what is really unmatched. The Indians got this source said and believed that Musharraf intentionally conveyed this to the Americans so that the country is not treated by the US like Afghanistan and Iraq Pakistan is neither a signatory to NPT nor CTBT, however, it has unilaterally decided to use its nuclear programme only as deterrence against any foreign aggression.

After becoming the target of the Western capitals particularly Washington, which have been unleashing all sorts of propaganda against Pakistan s nuclear programme, Islamabad has developed one of the most credible and foolproof command and control systems for its nuclear programme. The US authorities have acknowledged the credibility and security of Pakistan s nukes.Wikipedia quotes a Washington-based science think tank as saying that Pakistan is increasing its capacity to produce plutonium at its Khushab nuclear facility.

The website said that the estimated Pakistani nuclear weapons was probably in the neighbourhood of more than 200 by the end of 2009. It, however, adds that the actual size of Pakistan s nuclear stockpile is hard for experts to gauge owing to the extreme secrecy, which surrounds the programme. Pakistan s nuclear programme was started by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto while the country conducted its nuclear test on May 28, 1998 during Nawaz Sharif s tenure.

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Securing Pakistan’s Nukes

Posted by yourpakistan on November 9, 2011

How will the US-led world deal with Pakistan’s real strength – the patriotic and committed force of thousands of qualified and experienced scientists, engineers, other professionals associated with Pakistan’s nuclear programme? Will all be eliminated/incarcerated at Guantanomo Base or a similar one elsewhere?

By Brig Imran Malik – Opinion Maker

Defanging Pakistan by dismantling her nuclear programme must rank as one of US’ most fervent yet unfulfilled wishes and hitherto unattained strategic interests! Western media interest in Pakistan’s nukes remains unrelenting, uncompromising, sensational, wishful and largely ill-informed. A good example could be the recent article “The Ally from Hell” in The Atlantic magazine. Pakistan and the US have many converging and almost an equal number of divergent and even clashing strategic interests though Pakistan’s nuclear program tops that list. Pakistan’s nuclear program does not fit in with the US’ view of the world, of Asia and in particular her view of South Asia and the Middle East. The reasons are manifold, diverse and well known. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistani Nukes are ‘Very Hard Targets’: Musharraf

Posted by yourpakistan on November 7, 2011


Former Pakistan President and Army Chief Pervez Musharraf has ruled out the possibility that Pakistan’s nuclear warheads were susceptible to attacks or theft from either the Americans or religious extremists.

“I don’t think it is possible, from my military perspective, for anyone, including the United States to attack Pakistan’s nuclear weapons that easily,” he said. Musharraf, speaking on a recorded CNN talk show GPS, said that “they [nuclear weapons] are very well dispersed and they are in very strong positions. And, also guarded.” The show is due to be aired on Sunday.

When the host asked Musharraf about the process by which the warheads were moved, Musharraf said that while he was never given a “running commentary” about the movement, there were locations where the warheads were held and there were forces (the Strategic Plans Division) to look after them.

Asked whether Musharraf, during his time in power as head of the armed forces and Pakistan, was he satisfied with the level of security and the possibility of attack, or theft? The General answered that in his professional opinion, he did not believe the United States or anyone could attack them, “as simple as Osama bin Laden action”. He described the warheads as “very hard targets” in “places which are not accessible”.

The only scenario in which Musharraf saw the warheads falling into the hands of extremists was if religious extremists were to become the head of government, with the likelihood of that being remote. “I don’t think so. I don’t – at the moment, religious parties don’t even have four – they just have about three or four per cent of the total seats. And I don’t see that happening in the near future,” he said.

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Wake Up, Lest You Perish By Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Posted by yourpakistan on September 13, 2011










The recent sensational events within Pakistan have totally overshadowed international news. First, the mass targeted killings in Karachi, then the kidnapping of an American followed by the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer and, above all, the blame game of the PPP stalwarts, which all spoilt Eid’s happiness and festivities. Most sensational of all was the shocking disclosures made during Dr Zulfiqar Mirza’s press conference.

He put his hand on the Quran, and often placed the Quran on his head, to emphasise that he was telling the truth and nothing but the truth. It seemed like the whole nation was glued to the TV for more than two hours. I listened attentively throughout. He seemed to be sincere and to be telling the truth – there is not an iota of doubt about that.

He blasted Rehman Malik, hinting that he was solely responsible for murders, abductions and targeted killings. He also branded him as a compulsive liar. The MQM he called a party of murderers, blackmailers and “bhatta khor” (extortionists). He did not even spare Altaf Hussain, accusing him of being in league with the Americans in their attempt to break up Pakistan. He described both Rehman Malik and Altaf Hussain as being serious threats to the safety of Pakistan.

I have lived in Karachi for many years and lived with the Sindhis. I obtained my BSc in Karachi and worked there as inspector of weights and measures for three years. In that position I travelled to each and every part of the city and came in close contact with Sindhis. On numerous occasions I experienced an inherent characteristic of a Sindhi: like anyone else, he could indulge in any vice, but he would not violate the sanctity of the Holy Quran. This makes me believe that whatever Dr Zulfiqar Mirza said under oath was indeed true.

There is a divine edict which says that when one person swears by the Quran, the person who is accused is bound to swear by the Quran to accept or reject the allegations and charges made against him under oath. Then why are Rehman Malik and the MQM shying away from doing what Dr Mirza did? A word of warning here: if any of them swears by the Quran, make sure to take off the cloth cover first to check whether it really is the Holy Book inside. We have master crooks amongst us!

Some time ago I had mentioned that it is clearly written in the Quran that Christians and Jews could never be true friends or sympathisers of Muslims and that our rulers should not fraternise with them, or they would face the same disgraceful end as their predecessors.

Look around and see what happened to most of the Muslim rulers who fraternised with the West, who considered Western rulers to be their masters and protectors. In our own country we saw what the end was of Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan (who in October 1958 conducted a coup and imposed the first military rule in Pakistan, which lasted more than ten years; its serious consequences in the form of repeated martial laws Pakistan and its people are still suffering), Gen Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan (during whose rule, although it was thankfully brief-March 1969 to December 1971 – we faced the utter humiliation of the dismemberment of Pakistan, with East Pakistan breaking away to become Bangladesh), Gen Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq (who, although he supposedly came for 90 days in July 1977 only to oversee elections, which he did not hold until 1985), ruled for 11 long years until he finally met his pathetic fate) and, recently, Pervez Musharraf (whose misrule lasted more than eight years).

Outside of Pakistan we saw what the fates were of the Shah of Iran, King Faisal of Iraq, King Abdullah I of Jordan, King Farouk of Egypt, Indonesian dictator Gen Suharto, Tunisian dictator Zein El Abedin Ben Ali, Yemen’s Abdullah al-Saleh, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and, most recently, Muammar Qaddafi of Libya.

Some other rulers are still hand-in-glove with Western powers, considering Western government’s to be their guardians and protectors. They should open their eyes and use their brains. Look at Qaddafi, until recently the blue-eyed boy of the West who had sold his soul to curry favours with Western governments and who is now being treated and hunted down like a rabid dog. Sooner or later he will meet the same fate as that of Saddam Hussein. Nobody will help him and he will not find shelter anywhere. We have seen how Musharraf was under the illusion that he was safe and permanently in the seat with Western protection. Now he is a proclaimed criminal and unable to return to his own country and he will, sooner or later, have to pay for his misdeeds.

I would like to emphasise here that I am not saying we should be enemies of Jews and Christians. We can have excellent commercial, cultural and other mutually beneficial relations with them, but it should be on an equal, sovereign footing. We should not look to them as protectors and join one bloc or another and become party to their conflicts, wars, etc.

Allah has seriously warned us of the consequences of rejecting or disobeying His commands. Here are a few for information and consideration.

And those who disobey Allah and His apostle and transgress His limits will be admitted to a fire (hell) to abide therein and they shall have a humiliating punishment. (f:14)

If they turn back, Allah will punish them with a grievous penalty in this life and in the Hereafter. They shall have none on earth to protect or help them. (9:72)

But…never will His wrath be turned back. (6:147)

And how many (countless) generations before them have We destroyed who were better equipped. (19:74)

Think not that Allah does not heed the deeds of those who do wrong (sin). He but gives them respite against a Day when their eyes will fixedly stare in horror. (14:42)

But, indeed, people before them rejected (My warnings). Then how terrible was My retribution. (67:18)

How many populations that insolently opposed the Command of their Lord and of His apostles did We not then call to account to sever punishment? And we imposed on them an exemplary punishment. Then did they taste the evil result of their conduct and the end of their conduct was perdition. Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment (in the Hereafter). Therefore, fear Allah, O you people of understanding and who have believed. (65:8-10)

My advice to our own rulers and other Muslims leaders is to ponder the horrible end of the past rulers who ignored Allah’s edicts, and to mend their ways before it is too late and they face the same fate.


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US Lobbied to Stop Pakistan Nuclear Drive: Documents

Posted by yourpakistan on July 29, 2011

The United States waged a secret diplomatic campaign in the 1970s to prevent Pakistan from developing nuclear weapons by pressing countries to control exports, declassified documents said.

In remarks with striking parallels to current US debates, officials in President Jimmy Carter’s administration voiced fear about Pakistan’s trajectory and tried both pressure and aid incentives to seek a change in its behavior. In a secret November 1978 memo, then secretary of state Cyrus Vance instructed US diplomats in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan to warn governments that Pakistan or its covert agents were seeking nuclear material.

Vance acknowledged that Pakistan was motivated by concerns over historic rival India. But he voiced alarm that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, before being deposed as prime minister in a coup, said that Pakistan would share nuclear weapons around the Islamic world.

(Read: Bhutto and Pakistan’s nuclear programme)

“We believe it is critical to stability in the region and to our non-proliferation objectives to inhibit Pakistan from moving closer to the threshold of nuclear explosive capability,” Vance wrote, the year before the overthrow of Iran’s pro-Western shah and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Britain was waging a parallel campaign, Vance said. Britain banned the export of inverters — which can be used in centrifuges that produce highly enriched uranium — and urged other countries to follow suit, Vance said. Most countries sounded sympathetic, though West Germany — a major industrial exporter — insisted it already had adequate safeguards, memos said.

Pakistan nonetheless pursued nuclear weapons and detonated a bomb in 1998 in response to a test by India. The Pakistani scientist who built the bomb, Abdul Qadeer Khan, had access to sensitive technology in the Netherlands.

Khan admitted in 2004 that he ran a nuclear black-market selling secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. Khan, who is considered a hero by many Pakistanis, later retracted his remarks and in 2009 was freed from house arrest. (Read: AQ Khan and the two generals)The declassified documents were released after requests by the National Security Archive at George Washington University and the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.

William Burr, a scholar at the National Security Archive, said that a US report from 1978 that could shed light on Khan’s activities was missing and that he feared it had been destroyed. The released documents said Pakistan wanted to maintain work on a reprocessing plant. France initially supported the project but backed out in 1978 due to fears that it would be used to produce weapons.

Then deputy secretary of state Warren Christopher in a secret memo urged a “low profile” on France’s decision, saying it would “severely embarrass” France’s then president Valery Giscard d’Estaing and impede future cooperation if it appeared he was responding to US pressure.

Christopher also said he was urging the US Congress to consider economic assistance and military sales to Pakistan, which was considered a US ally in the Cold War when India tilted toward the Soviet Union.

Assistance to Pakistan can “perhaps relieve some of the tension and sense of isolation which give Pakistan greater incentive to move covertly in the nuclear field,” wrote Christopher, who later served as secretary of state.

The United States eventually pursued a major assistance package for Pakistan as part of a partnership against the Soviets in Afghanistan. The United States later cut aid due to nuclear concerns — only to resume it again as it sought Pakistan’s cooperation in Afghanistan following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

President Barack Obama’s administration recently suspended about one-third of its $2.7 billion annual defense aid to Pakistan to put pressure for more action against militants.

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Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on June 22, 2011

Click here to open the Policy Brief     Applying International Law To Isolate Nuclear Pakistan in PDF format

Pakistani diplomacy made a sudden U-turn in September 2008 when Islamabad’s diplomats to the IAEA failed to oppose a waiver to India to conduct nuclear commerce despite it being a non-signatory country to NPT. This Pakistani position stunned strong anti-proliferation states such as Ireland and Norway who were counting on Pakistan to take a lead. China tried to raise questions on the Indian waiver but relented in the end. Pakistan must not repeat the mistake in 2011. The NSG has agreed to consider India’s membership in its plenary session in the third week of June 2011. Pakistan needs to bolster its diplomacy and sensitize the world public opinion as to how a handful of powerful countries are shifting power from nuclear nonproliferation conventions to ‘supplier cartels’ like the NSG that have no legal standing. These cartels are using a discriminatory approach in granting exemptions and waivers to select countries, such as India, while simultaneously ensuring profits from future nuclear trade.

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