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Nexus Among Terror Mongers

Posted by yourpakistan on July 11, 2014

Terrorism in Pakistan is International Agenda

By Qudsia Farhat – Opinion Maker

The milieu in Pakistan presents happy hunting grounds for terror mongers of various ilks. They find it prudent to have a happy nexus to achieve their heinous agenda of destabilizing the state of Pakistan at the behest of their foreign masters. The various components of this unholy nexus are the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Baloch Sub Nationals (BSNs) and other terrorist organizations’ with one odious aim: weaken Pakistan and bring it to its knees at the bidding its foreign mentors.

Even a cursory glance at recent events points towards this machination. The carnage, which resulted in the massacre of innocent Shia pilgrims in Balochistan, the attack on Karachi airport and suicidal attack on Security Forces at Boya; all within a span of 24 hours proves the fact that TTP, LeJ, BSNs and other banned terrorists outfits have an unholy alliance with a single aim to subvert Pakistan. Like puppets on a string, the nexus is manipulated to come into action and their sleeper cells are activated to strike at targets of opportunity. Their abhorrent agenda is one: create chaos and mayhem, cause enough bloodshed to traumatize the people, expose the weaknesses in the law enforcing agencies’ capacity and capability to defend their assigned vulnerable points and reduce the confidence of the masses in their leadership.

All these detestable tasks are to reduce Pakistan to ashes. Their foreign masters synchronized these cowardly acts in darkness to hurt Pakistan domestically, regionally and internationally. Take the attack on Karachi airport and the firing on an international airlines aircraft in Peshawar. Both have caused the international airlines to reconsider operating through Pakistani airports. Gradually various airlines have terminated their operations to and from Pakistani airfields, completing the isolation of the war ravaged country. The 2009 atrocious attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team at Lahore has already removed Pakistan from the sporting map of the world. Foreign teams are reluctant to engage in sports fixtures staged on Pakistani grounds and stadiums. As a result Pakistani standards of sports has deteriorated, being deprived of opportunities to test their mettle with foreign teams on home ground. Pakistan’s sports industry has suffered badly and the people have been shun of the opportunity to witness sports tournaments on home ground, adding to their frustration and sense of deprivation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Report : Report on Tirah Valley Ongoing Operation

Posted by yourpakistan on April 6, 2013

Pakistan Army Operation Against TTP Terrorists in Terriah Valley

PKKH Exclusive|By Abuzar Ilyas

Operation started in Tirah Valley. The Army surrounded the area from all sides and all supply lines of militants are nullified. Heavy mortars and artillery are doing their job and dozens of militants are being killed every 24 hours. 18000 families left the area, clearing the battlefield for the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Air Force is also helping the army to attack those militants that are not in range of the artillery barrage. Army sources said that they have intensified the operations and rapid conclusions and clearances are in transaction, and that the operation is hoped to have ended before the general elections.

The areas of Tirah contain steep mountains and caves in them. Those caves are safe havens and arms depots of TTP. It is located between Khyber and Kurram Agencies and it is strategically important for militants as well as the Pakistani Armed Forces to gain that area. Reports are coming that SSG is also involved in the operation, and we all know that every operation in the past that involved SSG was of much importance. The steep mountains of the area are the biggest problem for the troops; but our guys, too, are tough enough to conquer any battlefield. The Pakistan Army’s main strategy will be the use of their capability of rapidness here. Our Companies will conquer militants’ hideouts one after the other without allowing them proper time to regroup. Read the rest of this entry »

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No Need for NWA (North West Waziristan) Operations in Pakitan

Posted by yourpakistan on June 3, 2011

Some readers might recall my explanation for US Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to Pakistan in which, quoting The Washington Post, I listed some of the messages he was carrying to us. The relevant one here related to the discontinuation of the US demand that the Pakistan Army undertake operations against the Haqqani Taliban, who are provided safe haven in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) by the Wazir tribe.

Tribune PK

Well, even diplomacy is dynamic! Circumstances have changed; and now, media reports indicate that the demand is on the table again. I will attempt to explain here why it must not be obeyed, no matter how much the US protests.

To the uninitiated, there are many factions of the Taliban, Afghan and Pakistani. While all are/were loosely associated with al Qaeda, they did not always obey it. In 2007, when al Qaeda declared that its enemy number one was no longer the US but Pakistan, only two factions of the Taliban responded to that call, both Pakistani: Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan Agency (SWA) and Maulana Fazlullah in Swat. All factions of the Afghan Taliban, including the Haqqani group, condemned it.

In September 2008, when the Pakistan Army commenced its South Waziristan operation, its largest logistics base was in Razmak, a small town in NWA. In other words, we exposed our rear to the Wazir tribe and the Haqqani group with assurances of impunity; and we found those assurances to be gilt-edged. On the other hand, our so-called ally in this war, the US, vacated six (perhaps eight) posts on the Durand Line, across SWA. Whatever the reason, all it succeeded in doing was permitting Hakeemullah Mehsud and his followers to escape.

They are now back in the Orakzai Agency in Pakistan; the agency captured by the Taliban in early 2008, after killing almost all tribal elders in a suicide attack, during a jirga meeting. The Pakistan Army is now trying to get at them in Orakzai.

In an article titled “Understanding the problems of Kurram Agency”, carried by this newspaper on March 29, I explained the significance of Kurram for military operations to succeed in Orakzai/Khyber. I also explained the strategic compulsions due to which Hakeemullah was compelled to ensure that the peace deal was scuttled by sending a raiding party which killed some Shia residents and kidnapped a few others in Kurram on March 25, thus ensuring this flank was not available for military operations.

Give you one guess, who came to our rescue?

That’s right; Jalaluddin Haqqani! A week after the murder/kidnapping in Kurram, Haqqani warned Hakeemullah that if he tried to scuttle the peace deal again, Haqqani would take him on. The US is, at best, a dubious and devious ally, only when our interests meet. Surely, the US could say the same about Pakistan, equally accurately! Haqqani, on the other hand, is not merely a reliable ally, but a friend of Pakistan. We are already suffering at the hands of our misguided citizens who are avenging themselves against the US by killing us. Here is a group that has proven it means us no harm; why then should we multiply our own enemies to appease the US?

I do not believe that if we delink our war against our homegrown terrorists, it will suddenly cease, as many of my critics imply. I do, however, believe that if we do so, our war might not remain as open-ended as it presently is; and that an end to it might begin to be visible; it still might not, but that is the only hope that it might!

And I also believe that the US, our ally, is our ally only as long as it serves US interests and I believe the same should apply to us! If our interests are divergent, let us serve ours, not those of the US. Those who contend that by not undertaking an operation in NWA, we are merely postponing it may well be right. Even if they are, let it be at the time of our choosing and not at a time when it suits the US and puts us in an even worse situation than compared to the present.

Leadership demands the ability to absorb pressure, however great or weighty it might be; not succumb to it.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 3rd, 2011.

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North Waziristan: The Death Trap

Posted by yourpakistan on January 18, 2011

Stirring the hornet’s nest may lead to more instability and insecurity in Pakistan: Concludes a new study by Spearhead Research.


The United States cannot win in Afghanistan without taking Pakistani national interests into consideration and without mainstreaming the Pakhtun citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan, says a review of the Afghan war released by a Pakistani think-tank.

“No ‘Af-Pak’ strategy can succeed […] by causing instability, chaos and destruction in Pakistan,” says a new study titled, ‘North Waziristan: The Death Trap’, released by the Lahore-based Spearhead Research, an independent Pakistani think-tank headed by former Pakistani army chief Gen. Jehangir Karamat, who has also served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States. Research analyst Shemrez Nauman Afzal, author of the study, concludes that “Pakistan’s security perceptions and national interest must be factored into the roadmap for regional peace [and] the inclusion and mainstreaming of the Pakhtun population of both Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Nine years into the Afghan war, Pakistani decision makers are now unanimous on a single overriding concern: that “Pakistani interests should indeed be factored into any possible future action, and into every perceived future outcome,” says the study.

On North Waziristan, the author warns that the regional situation is not ripe for a new military operation by Pakistan in this part of this territory. US and ISAF troops need to do more on the Afghan side of the border before any such operation. Moreover, Pakistan needs time to recover from years of terrorism and military operations.

The study does not explicitly refer to one more Pakistani grievance that has often come up in the writings of Pakistani commentators: the activities of third countries in Afghanistan, especially the concept of the Afghan soil being used by third countries for narrow strategic objectives.

Spearhead study makes a distant and veiled reference to this and other urgent Pakistani concerns by emphasizing that a “regional approach is sine qua non to eliminate terrorists as Pakistan claims no monopoly over the industry of terror because terrorism pervades every country in the region. Terrorism exists throughout South Asia – not just in Afghanistan and Pakistan – but also occurs in Iran and India, yet the blame is squarely put on Pakistan, which incidentally also suffers the most from terrorist attacks.”

One of the key recommendations of the report to the governments of Pakistan and the United States is that “it is time to talk peace and negotiate with the Taliban who control most of Southern and Eastern Afghanistan – now referred to as the “Pashtun heartland” – and are now slowly advancing into the previously peaceful North and North-West.”

The report disputes Washington’s claims that it can defeat the Taliban on its home turf and recommends that analysts avoid the urge to simplify Afghan resistance groups under the single banner of ‘Taliban’. The report also suggests that Afghan resistance groups’ links to al-Qaeda may not be as strong as American analysts think. Download The Full Report

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