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For the sheeple of Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on March 28, 2011

How many of you are fully cognizant of the risks involved in taking out a revolutionkeeping in mind the threats that we face from our Western border (USZ) and the Eastern border (India & Israhell)?

If you did not know, the USZ has been waiting for a very long time for the security situation of Pakistan to deteriorate so that it can move inside and seize Pakistani nuclear assets. Israhell on the other hand has been advising, training and equipping Indian armed forces deployed in Jammu & Kashmir for close to roughly 10 years now. Indian fighter aircrafts, missiles and other military hardware developmental programs that were still on the drawing board for the past 30 years, have all of recently started seeing the light of the day. Its moving its dependence from Russian hardware to American and Israhelli because they are being more helpful to it in bringing us down. So when and if a war breaks out or the situation gets worse (like Tunisia, Egypt or Libya) USZ special forces along with heavy air cover from their aircraft carriers that are just a stones throw away from entering our waters, are going to come in and seize the nuclear sites and hardware (armaments) while the Indian Army would invade from the East and “help” with air support in attacking our armed forces or for that matter any other sort of resistance.

But they cannot do this as long as the security situation in Pakistan is contained in a small area and not widespread. And plus until they have the exact location of all our nuclear missiles. In the first Gulf War, USZ special forces along with Israhelli special forces killed close to 3,000 of their nuclear scientists before going in to destroy whatever nuclear related R&D work was present. In the second Gulf War they did the same but this time they also went after Army officers, government employees and others who were loyal to the Iraqi people. After the human command and control structure had been completely erased, important buildings (sewage & water pipelines, hospitals, factories, roads, bridges etc) were laser designated and bombed in the air campaign known as ‘Shock and Awe’, ground troops were deployed.

Even though they still have not been able to take over Iraq, the death toll of the civilian population has been so great that if you knew even 1% of the misery those poor souls go through, you would feel like ripping your heart out. The rebels are resisting but they need help in getting their country back. Same thing happened with Afghanistan but in their case, since they did not have an easily recognizable command and control structure or people it was hard to track and identify any of them, without getting on ground first. They overcame this obstacle by creating their own brand of taliban, the TTP. Now these guys previously identified and located most of the groups loyal to Pakistan. When the war started, those loyal to Pakistan were taken out first and then their people made to work for them under the threat of death, destruction to their families. It took the Pakistan Army/ISI and allied (the real taliban) assets some time in clearing up the water but they were finally able to do so and that is when we started winning the ‘War on Terror’ and they (the USZ) started losing it.

One such fine example is operation ‘Rah-e-Rast’. Many people do not know about this but those who were connected to it somehow say that after routing the (fake) taliban from Swat, the security situation in Pakistan changed drastically to such an extent that foreign military experts were shocked because in their expert opinion the Pakistan Army level of preparedness and their command and control structure would have taken them close to three years in routing out the (fake) taliban from Swat, instead of a month’s time. The few odd bombings that you sometimes hear about in the news are what you call in spy lingo, from sleeper agents. One does not know who or where they are until and unless they have not completed their work or you have the list of the person who knows where they are. We recently got a break in this department of espionage with the capture of USZ special forces operative, Raymond Allen Davis. Anyone recall the bomb attack on ISI headquarters in Faisalabad a few days before R.A.D was released? Reports were circulating that RAD had disclosed the location of some TTP hideouts, which in turn had been successfully taken out by the security apparatus of Pakistan. But since there is not one operative working over here with such agents under his command, a sleeper from another agent’s pool was sent ahead with that bombing on the ISI HQ.

Why do these guys always target the military? Why not the civilians or the bureaucrats, government employees? Because they do not hold any power to dislodge them. As long as the military structure is intact the security threats to the state of Pakistan will always be at a minimum. Now coming to another aspect of Pakistani politics, If you guys have been following the recent developments you would have seen the SC repeatedly threatening the civil government to do its bidding or else it will have its decision enforced with the help of the armed forces. A very strong nexus has been in development between the Pakistan Army and the Supreme Court for quite some time now. A nexus which is proving to be very perplexing and difficult to discredit or dislodge.

Now coming to main thing at hand, there is widespread talk and indications that the Supreme Court might dissolve the current government setup and install a caretaker government in its place. Now this caretaker government is being said, will be constituted from the young generation. An example would be those who have just given their CSS, PCS exams etc or are already working in the government or in some other non-governmental setup. So if you happen to be in such a position then best of luck, if not then get yourself in place but if you cannot then do not despair, just keep working or studying because when the time comes everyone will be called upon to work for his country and then you too will get a chance. In the meantime, read and educate yourselves as much as you can because when the time comes, you wont have any time to read except to act.

Submitted by Muhammed Ahmed ShoaibPakistan Cyber Force


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