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Allama Iqbal – Analyzing the 1930 Allahabad Address

Posted by yourpakistan on November 9, 2013

Iqbal tried to invoke in the Muslims a collective ego, beyond the ego of the self, that could enable a collection of men as large as 70 million to act as one, single body, with a flux too big to be resisted and with a personality too strong to be altered.

Allama Iqbal address of Allahabad 1930

‘Personally, I would like to see the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Sindh and Baluchistan amalgamated into a single State. Self-government, within the British Empire, or without the British Empire, the formation of a consolidated North-West Indian Muslim State appears to me to be the final destiny of the Muslims, at least of North-West India.’ 

But there is indeed much more to understand from that address made by a man of profound wisdom, with in-depth vision in the history and philosophy of Islam, extensive study of contemporary issues, and active involvement in the political process of his time. The address covers the philosophical, the historical, and the futuristic prospects of the Muslims of the Subcontinent; in fact, it makes history by submitting the true, eye-witness sentiments that ran between the Muslims, the Hindus and the British at those sensitive times. Moreover, it gives us an insight into how things gradually grew up to the demand of ‘Pakistan’, something impossible even as an idea at the beginning.

The Muslims of the Subcontinent, 70 million at that time – a Muslim community bigger as compared with the number of Muslims living in any other Muslim state of that time – did not have a necessary idea of dividing their homeland, India, for the solution of the miseries that had surrounded them. To this time and even later, the Muslims were pushing only for separate electorates for Muslims according to their population in any province, so that they would eventually form governments in the Muslim majority provinces. In this background, Iqbal was a thinker who could look beyond the canvas of time, and remind the Muslim how they become a nation, and how being a distinct Muslim nation, it is their prerogative to have a political identity in addition to the social and cultural one.  Read the rest of this entry »


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An open Letter to all the Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Islamic Countries

Posted by yourpakistan on April 15, 2013

Editor’s Note: This letter was written in 2002/03. No paper at the time accepted to publish it therefore it was printed in the pamphlet form and distributed to some 10000 people. None of the Rulers at the time even responded to this letter. Now it is being republished without any editing therefore the readers are free to judge for what was written about eight years back does it still hold its truth or not.

By Raja Ghulam Mujtaba

Guide us to the straight path,
The path of those upon whom You bestowed favours,
Not those who have invited Your wrath,
nor those who have gone astray. “Al-Fatih”

Muslim Unity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in faith and fraternity, Asslamolikum

As you all are aware that presently the entire Muslim world is under going a tremendous pressure seldom witnessed in history. Like most, I am sure you all must also be worried over the situation. We all jointly but you the leaders in particular have a great responsibility to discharge. The anti Islamic forces over the ages have been very active and aggressive in their aims and goals. They have left no avenue to attack Islam from all directions and at all levels, but we have either failed to read the situation or could not build up the necessary trust, confidence and strength to face it. The entire Muslim world stands divided in more than one way, the things are neither that simple nor very visible; there is lot more to be studied than what is visible to the naked eye. This problem does not pertain to any particular segment of our society or state; it’s universal to the entire Ummah. We as Muslims have to decide the course that we have to adopt; should we seek guidance from the Holy Quran or from the so-called defenders and propagators of the so-called modern and civilised society of the West.

What happened on 11th September is the next phase of the “New World Order” that was launched with the culmination of Gulf War. Thus it was not the act of any individual or a group of people. Even no Muslim country has the sophistication to carry out such an attack. Therefore in all earnest, we should have studied all that was made available and also tried to acquire more information independent of the Western governments to come to some logical and collective thinking in asserting the truth. Only then we would have been in a position to salvage the situation. I am not endorsing the foul acts of anyone what to say of Osama or Mullah Omar but before we had condemned or accepted them as terrorists we should have been more resolute in demanding the evidence against them and also studied the game plan and its pattern that has been evolving over the period of time. Today because of the timidness and lack of faith and trust in our Deen and its dictums, all the rulers are responsible for this blot on the face of the Ummah. The Zionist dominated West is all bent upon destroying the Muslims and the world of Islam, the last hurdle in their nefarious designs after Christianity and their own created communism both having been destroyed very effectively. The shape of Christianity is so badly mutilated that even the Christians have lost faith and belief in their religion. The Zionists who want the entire world to follow the path of sin have managed the Christians to follow Lucifer; they are prompted to sin by making them believe that these have all been paid for in the blood of Prophet Jesses, thus their love for Jesses. The Holy Bible after its mutilation is no longer the word of Allah (SWT). Read the rest of this entry »

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