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From ShutUp GEO to BanGEO

Posted by yourpakistan on April 25, 2014

Pakistan Army ISI Bashing by GEO Tv

Pakistan’s largest media broadcaster “Geo TV” has itself became a topic of discussion on the rest of the news channels of Pakistan because of the campaign done by Geo TV after an attempted assassination on Hamid Mir, a leading journalist of Pakistan and anchor person of “Capital Talk”, a talk show on Geo TV.

by Atiq Durrani 

When the news of the assassination attempt appeared on the news channels all Pakistanis prayed for the life and health of Hamid Mir but things started to change just within the first hour. Amir Mir, younger brother of Hamid Mir, told the GEOtv that Hamid Mir had told him before this incident that if he was attacked the Inter-Services Intelligence Director General Lieutenant General Zaheer-ul-Islam and would be responsible, and that that Hamid Mir had received threats from ISI.

Just after the statement of Amir Mir, GEO started a campaign against ISI and continuously aired the image of Gen Zaheer ul Islam as an accused person in the assassination attempt on Hamid Mir without having any evidence against the chief or ISI.

This action of Geo not only infuriated the people of Pakistan but also surprised the journalists and anchorpersons of the other TV channels in Pakistan. This act of GEO TV was strongly condemned on the social media site by the people of Pakistan. #ShutUpGEO trend was started by social media activists in Pakistan to condemn Geo that was later joined by some of the leading journalists, politicians and intellectuals.

Director General (DG) Inter Services Public Relations ISPR condemned the attack on Hamid Mir in his statement and said that an independent inquiry must immediately be carried out to find out the facts but at the same time stated that the allegations against ISI are baseless and misleading. He added that a legal action will be taken against GEO after evaluating complete situation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Government, Media and the People of Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on November 22, 2013

Pakistani Media & Foreign Investment

As a child, whenever I used to read about the signs of Qiyamah, I used to think about a few signs that were quite confusing for me at that time. 

  1. Knowledge will be taken away, and ignorance will prevail.
  2. Liars will be thought of as honest, honest people will be thought of as liars.
  3. Leaders will become persecutors, the lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader.
  4. False accusations will become the norm.

Literacy rate in the world is increasing every year, then how will Knowledge be taken away and who will take away that knowledge? How will someone consider a liar as honest and an honest one as a liar? How can the leaders be persecutors, and if they are, then why will the people vote for them? How and why will people accuse each other for anything and why will it become a norm?

Different people have different answers; but as a student of mass communication, when I started to watch talk shows and news on different channels, I got answers to all my questions one by one.

There was a time when we had only one TV channel (PTV) in Pakistan and it was controlled by the government. In 2002, under General Parvez Musharraf, media became independent and broke the state’s monopoly on the electronic and print media and opened the floodgate. Today we have more than 90 TV channels and, according to sources in the PEMRA, around 55-60 applications, waiting for approval, have been submitted for the license of new satellite channels.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Avoiding Media Biases

Posted by yourpakistan on September 7, 2013

Pakistan Media Channels Working Against The State

S. M. Hali
 – Opinion Maker

Media bias has been defined as the perceived spin provided by journalists and news producers in their selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. The term “media bias” implies a pervasive bias contravening journalistic ethics, rather than the perspective of an individual journalist or article.

It must be emphasized that political bias has been a feature of the mass media since its birth with the invention of the printing press. The expense of early printing equipment restricted media production to a limited number of people. Historians have found that publishers often served the interests of powerful social groups. With the advent of the electronic media, the corporate interests of the media moguls tend to cloud judgment. With the increase in media reach and its exponential growth in capacity, the tendency to use it for vested interests has become more pronounced in a country like Pakistan, whose media operates sans a formal code of ethics.

Some tools used to exercise media bias comprise the following:

Opinion as a Fact—by presenting one’s personal opinion disguised as a fact can easily mislead readers.

Half Truths—Quoting out of context or presenting only one aspect of information is a favourite ploy of propagandists.

Misleading Headlines—the headline writer can propagandize effectively since many see a headline but seldom read the story.

Biased Photographs—presenting best perspective of favourites and worst of undesirables.

Censorship—selective control of information so as to favour a particular viewpoint or editorial position and deliberate doctoring of information or totally disbarring certain undesirable information are certain forms of censorship to create a desired effect.

Wrongful Attribution or Testimonial Technique—in which a journalist may attribute a statement to a veiled or vague authority to gain credence for an incorrect statement.

Yellow Journalism—the term denotes scare headlines, superficial writing, faked pictures and interviews and encompasses all of the above. Originated from William Randolph Hearst – 1887 ‘Examiner’, ‘New York journal’- to gain circulation, he urged in 1900 war with Spain and succeeded in making this uncalled for conflagration with its resultant most unfortunate consequences. Read the rest of this entry »

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Aman Ka Tamasha with Kamran Khan and Najam Sethi

Posted by yourpakistan on December 27, 2012

Aman Ka Tamasha

PKKH Editorial

At the conclusion of the so-called Aman Ki Asha conference in Dehli, the Geo TV has aired a talk-show between a panel of Indian and Pakistani analysts, hosted by Kamran Khan, with Najem Shehti posed as the voice of the Pakistani media plus an interview with Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khursheed has also been aired.

The astringent stance of the Indian side was obvious throughout the conference (of which Geo has telecast only heavily edited bits) and especially in these two programs in which the apologetic stance of the Pakistanis, who were constantly presenting such questions to their disinclined hosts that could perhaps yield any positive air to this 4-year long fruitless Jang-group endeavor but all questions were trashed to the lull of denial, by the Indians.

In the talk-show the Pakistani side, completely surrendering to unilateral peace, emphasized that the Pakistani media, all its political parties, its Army and the whole public of the country is bent on having peace with India. They presented the MFN status for India from the Pak side, the visa-policy review and the cultural absorption of Indian TV and Films as a proof of the love harbored by the Pakistanis for India. But in spite all this over-whelmed and over-stated appeal neither any of Admiral Rao (expert on Sir Creek) or Sham Sharan  (former foreign secretary of India) or Ambassador Naresh Chandra (former defense and cabinet secretary, national security advisory) seemed convinced that Pakistan has not done enough if anything, to remove their just contentions upon all issues, in fact Sham Sharan direly remarked that Pakistan should not expect their side to bend to any favors or even good-will gestures especially in the wake of the Mumbai incident.  Read the rest of this entry »

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President Zardari vs. Jang Group: All Hail The Pakistani Commander-in-Chief

Posted by yourpakistan on April 8, 2011

By Ahmed Quraishi – PakNationalists

Imagine this: despite one of the world’s top five standing armies and nuclear arsenals, an important strategic location, 170 million in human resource, and great economic potential, and yet Pakistan’s elected democratic rulers are fighting a pitched battle with a media organization. Just a media organization.

This is what President Asif Ali Zardari, the commander-in-chief, is doing in his protracted, proxy battle with the Jang Group, Pakistan’s largest media conglomerate.

How pathetic that a President of such a big country feels threatened by a media group run by a few journalists. Media management is an art that has eluded Pakistan’s political and military rulers. They just don’t get it. So Mr. Zardari’s aides hound the media group in multiple ways: blocking federal government advertisements, ordering the state-run media to produce counter-programs to the popular political talk shows on Jang’s television network, and try to scuttle Jang’s exclusive rights to broadcast sporting events.

The latest move by President Zardari’s government is to shut down Geo Super’s broadcast rights in Pakistan, leaving this subsidiary of Jang’s Geo Network with the expensive option of beaming its programming from a location outside Pakistan.

None of the successive Pakistani governments, including the five governments of President Zardari’s US-backed PPPP, paid any attention to developing a healthy sports culture in the country. The entire Pakistani political and media cultures are structured to provide maximum coverage to boring, divisive and destructive politics. There are no government-maintained sports facilities for the general public anywhere across the length and breadth of this 170-million-plus nation. Those that exist are few, privately-owned, and exclusive.

In fact, you won’t believe it if I tell you that a tennis court next to a commercial market in the F-6 sector of Islamabad is probably the only public tennis facility of its kind anywhere not just in the federal Pakistani capital but also in any one of the five provincial/state capitals.

In other words, if any businessman were to launch a 24/7 sports channel in Pakistan, it would be a losing proposition. You can’t make money from sports in a country that has no sports on the ground. A few dying national sports teams in squash, football, hockey, cricket and others don’t count.

So Jang’s sports channel was a money drain. And now that’s gone too.

It probably won’t make a dent in the media’s group’s earnings, and the only victims might by the staff. As for the public, they are left with two options:

One, to watch the recycled faces of Pakistani politicians as they grace dozens of talk shows every night regaling the nation with their absurdities and bad manners, barring of course a distinguished few.

And two, to watch self-styled religious channels where very few truly respectable individuals exist, with proper religious education from renowned Islamic schools. The rest offer multicolored turbans and opinions. I have talked to respectable Egyptian and Saudi men of religion and they are embarrassed by what we in Pakistan have to contribute to religion.

No wonder ours is a fatalistic nation, where doom and gloom abounds and most people have nothing to do after a day’s work except watching political TV.

My advice to Jang Group is simple: hit back. Don’t take the closure of your sports channel lying down.

Jang, with its influential talk shows and newspapers, has a unique ability to influence Pakistani public opinion. What it should do is to DOWNGRADE all politicians affiliated with the ruling coalition and its partners. All of them.

Yes. Downgrade them. How? Simple.

It should stop making them heroes by rotating them on its different talk shows every night, giving them free publicity and valuable airtime. It should do what one of its hosts, Saleem Safi, has admirably done: minimize the appearance of politicians on his show unless relevant to the story of the day and substitute them with other more intelligent Pakistanis.

Only a fraction of the 1,000 or so elected Pakistani politicians bore us every night on TV. There are many Pakistanis who can talk politics with more sense and creativity than many of these elected nincompoops. [Remember this: in Pakistan, the lowest you are in the cultural and intellectual development ladder, the bigger your chances of being elected and becoming Pakistan’s newest ‘democratic warrior’.]

So good for you, Mr. President. Don’t let us interrupt you. Please continue your battle against the media group. We have already wasted the first decade of the 21st century. We have nine to go and we’ll manage that with this kind of ruling elite.


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A Final Blow to ‘Aman ki Asha’

Posted by yourpakistan on January 24, 2011

Rizwan Khan – Pakistan Cyber Force

A lot discussion has been done whether Pakistan should have friendly relation with ENDia or not. This confusion has been created a couple of years ago by a secular Channel which is commonly known as JEW TV. This Channel is the perfect example of hypocrites, following the footsteps of Abdullah Bin Ubbay . On one hand they show movies like ‘The Message’ and ‘Lion of the Dessert:Omer Mukhtar’ while on the other hand they show pure nudity and vulgarity in the form of IIFA and STARDUST award ceremonies. They spread atheism through their pretentious planted MULLAH named Ghamdi. But today I want to vanquish this absurd discussion by presenting some historic events and, in the end we will decide whether this self-proclaimed concept is really ‘Aman Ki Asha’ or it is actually ‘Atangvaad ki Asha’ (Atangvaad is a Hindi word meaning terrorism). One can clearly understand the hindu mindset after reading the Chapter “Pakistan ka matlab Kya?” of Shahabnama. In the very chapter, Shahab sahab has openly revealed the thinking of a common Hindu and their antagonist attitude towards muslims.

The Top Secret Document:

Once Shahab sahib’s eyes went through a top secret document of Congress. He instantly visited QUAID and handed over the document to him. All the congress appointment-holder were instructed to carry-out the following tasks:

Partition of India has been finalized, so the congress Chief Ministers should remove all muslims from important posts especially in Home Department, Finance Department and Press Department. The in charge of all the police stations should be Hindu. All Muslims should be posted to posts which are least important. All the ammunition, should be taken back from Muslim sepoys and they should be handed over minor tasks. All the weapon licenses of Muslims should be canceled and the weapons should be confiscated by the Police. Gandhi’s motto of ‘Adam Tashaddud’ (No Violence) was torn into pieces by his party workers or may be by himself.

The Crook Gandhi:
The ‘’Quit India Movement’’ is shown by the Indian media as the most valorous as of Gandhi but actually Mr. Gandhi launched this movement when the British Forces were constantly facing defeats in World War 2, but as soon as they started having the triumph of the War, Gandhi extended the hand of re-conciliation towards them Quaid-e-Azam. Gandhi raised the motto of “To God or to Anarchy” and just after 2 years, he violates his own motto.

The Direct Action Day Bloodshed:
On 16 August 1946, Muslim League called for direct action day, when all the re-conciliation and government making plans failed. In Calcutta, that day was a scene of doomsday. As the Muslims were returning to their homes, the Hindus attacked them with lethal weapons. Thousands of Muslims were killed in the streets of Calcutta that day. While the Hindu press presented this event as if they are the most innocent creatures on earth. A true and dignified Muslim can never forget the brutal killing on 16th August 1946!!

The Bihar’s Tyranny:
After Calcutta, it was Bihar’s turn. In Bihar Muslims were out-numbered by the Hindus by a big percentage, they were killed ruthlessly. According to Official estimates, more than 8000 Muslims were martyred but the original figure is still unknown. Dozens of mosques were destroyed, several girls jumped into the wells to save their dignity. Muslims were burnt alive. Children were killed by hammering nails into their foreheads and limbs. After Bihar, it was U.P’s turn. Many Muslims gathered in an annual fare, in which millions took part. Suddenly, some Hindus attacked the fare and killed all the Muslims with immense brutality.

The Savage Sikhs:
The cruelty of the Sikhs in the partition is quite visual in most of the Pakistani telefilms and T.V Dramas. The latest Example was “Dastaan” in which the girl BANO is kept by Sikhs for 5 years before she runs away, all her relatives were killed by the Sikhs. But this is not even 1% of the brutality of Sikhs. Everyone knows that the independence trains used to reach Pakistan full of blood and slaughtered bodies of Innocent Muslims. The Sikhs celebrated their first Independence Day in a very unique way. They forcefully brought Muslim women in the town to the streets, removed their clothes, raped then in Public and burnt them alive.

After all the above mentioned incidents, I ask whether a normal human being would extend a hand of friendship towards such people? Mr. Jeem, They killed my brothers, they hammered the children in their foreheads, they raped my sisters and mothers, they burnt them alive, they slaughtered them and you tell me to make them friends!!! Do you think I am mad? Do you think I am a retard? Is the blood of my brothers, sisters, mothers and children so cheap? Is the dignity of my nation so worthless? Will I not answer Aaqa (s.a.w.w) in the hereafter? I think you should zip your filthy mouth Mr. Jeem. We cannot forget the bloodshed, the cruelty, the brutality and the tyranny. We certainly still remember the cries of our motherts, shrieks of our helpless sisters and tears of our innocent children! We do not intend to take revenge, the way they did, since our Aaqa s.a.w has taught to forgive. But we will definitely rescue our helpless brother Sisters. Now the readers can decide whether it is “Aman ki Asha” or it is “Atangvaad ki Asha”

Agarcha buth hain jama’at k aasteeno mai,
mujey hai hukm-e-azaan La ilaha Ilallah

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