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Government, Media and the People of Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on November 22, 2013

Pakistani Media & Foreign Investment

As a child, whenever I used to read about the signs of Qiyamah, I used to think about a few signs that were quite confusing for me at that time. 

  1. Knowledge will be taken away, and ignorance will prevail.
  2. Liars will be thought of as honest, honest people will be thought of as liars.
  3. Leaders will become persecutors, the lowest and the worst man in the nation will become its leader.
  4. False accusations will become the norm.

Literacy rate in the world is increasing every year, then how will Knowledge be taken away and who will take away that knowledge? How will someone consider a liar as honest and an honest one as a liar? How can the leaders be persecutors, and if they are, then why will the people vote for them? How and why will people accuse each other for anything and why will it become a norm?

Different people have different answers; but as a student of mass communication, when I started to watch talk shows and news on different channels, I got answers to all my questions one by one.

There was a time when we had only one TV channel (PTV) in Pakistan and it was controlled by the government. In 2002, under General Parvez Musharraf, media became independent and broke the state’s monopoly on the electronic and print media and opened the floodgate. Today we have more than 90 TV channels and, according to sources in the PEMRA, around 55-60 applications, waiting for approval, have been submitted for the license of new satellite channels.  Read the rest of this entry »


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