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Little Angels Attacked by Devils in Peshawar-Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on December 20, 2014

Little-Angels of Pakistan-Attacked-by-Devils-in-Peshawar

16th December 1971 – Pakistan was stabbed in the back by its enemies with the help of Mukti Bahini and once again on December 16, the nation gets stabbed by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan; the handlers in both cases being the same, those who never accepted Pakistan as a sovereign country.

A bloody Taliban raid on an army-run school in Peshawar ended last night. According to sources, 9 attackers were killed, 3 soldiers martyred and 7 special security personnel sustained injuries during the operation. The assault on the school martyred at least 145 people and injured 114, majority of them children.

SSG’s Zarrar Company commandos were air lifted to Peshawar from Tarbela via helicopters. The soldiers went block by block and room by room to clear the building, starting from the Principal’s office. The terrorists were wearing suicide vests, most of them blew themselves during the operation. The ISPR says that all the four blocks of the school have been cleared by security forces.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan accepted the responsibility for the attack, saying they had ordered the target killers and suicide attackers to shoot the older students but not the small children.

The students saved by the security forces later told that the militants were speaking Arabic and children were killed at point blank range. Students added that the attackers came from the backside of the school building. First they opened aerial fire and later started targeting students.

Reportedly an Army officer’s wife teaching at the Army Public School was burned alive while students were made to watch. A person who attended the funeral of one child martyred in the attack yesterday told PKKH that the child was shot 11 times in the little body.

A large number of militants have been killed in operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has managed to break the nexus of TTP and disabled the operational capability of the terrorist organizations fighting against the state under the umbrella of the TTP. Yesterday’s attack on the school and the Wagah border attack last month, clearly illustrate that the TTP terrorists are on the run and their capability of attacking the security installations in Pakistan has been disabled. The reason they are attacking soft targets is evident of the fact that they are operationally incapable of confronting the security forces. Hitting civilians is easy for these barbarians that carries maximum impact and which demoralizes the whole nation.

These barbaric brutalities of the TTP cannot be tolerated on Pakistan’s soil any more. The militants should be given a fierce military response to completely root them out from the country. The leaders of most terrorist organizations are hiding in Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan should be warned to eliminate the hideouts of these terrorists from their soil. If the Afghan government is unable to cooperate with Pakistan then it is the responsibility of our security forces to eliminate the terrorist hideouts and safe havens on the other side of the border, to bring peace in the country.

Whenever the enemies of Pakistan have tried to divide our nation by these cowardly attacks, the nation has responded with one voice and unanimously condemned such actions. The political parties despite differences showed unity against the attack yesterday and collectively condemned this act of cowardice. Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef reached Peshawar yesterday and called an all parties conference tomorrow at Governor House Peshawar.

The Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif also condemned the attack, saying the terrorists have hit at the heart of the nation but they cannot the diminish the will of this great nation.

The courage of the nation can be gauged by the statement of the father of a 7th grade student who lost his life in the attack yesterday. He said that he is proud of his son who got martyred while saving the lives of his classmates. How can the terrorists ever hope to kill the spirit of a nation of such brave hearts?

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