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Pakistan’s War On Terror Bollywood’s Blockbusters

Posted by yourpakistan on February 7, 2014

Pakistani forces for your uninterrupted Bollywood Blockbusters

Pakistan Soil of Martyrs

By Ahmad Ali Raza and Ibn Yusuf – Opinion Maker

“If you have never experienced the danger of war and imprisonment, the agony of torture and hunger, you are much ahead of 500 million people in this world”

Looking back at the last 10 years, Pakistan has lost more than 50,000 of its men including civilians and the military troops in the name of war against terror. The number of people injured isn’t even comparable.

More than 2,400 security personals have lost their lives and another 6,500 were injured as a result of war on terror only in the years 2009-2010. Inter comparison of lives lost between the civilians and the military forces shows more civilians were prone to the collateral damage. Sadly, this sacrifices is rarely acknowledged, forget the global media we rarely hear of the names behind these numbers on the local news channels.

Our armed forces are busy fighting a battle in which several international forces have colluded against Pakistan. To win such a war, a multilateral strategy is required which includes the fight on battle field, psychological warfare on media and on foreign diplomatic front. The moral support of common people for the troops involved in such a war is always of extreme importance. No country can win a war solely by its armed forces without the support of people of that country.

With the ongoing loss of life telecast right to our TV Sets or should I say our 3D, Plasma Sets. Pardon me for I’m certain the common man doesn’t really care for he can stream entertainment right on his screen and care the very least for men sacrificing their lives for their uninterrupted Bollywood shows. But for the men on the battle field, every day is loaded with a whole new challenge.

There is an ever increasing need of moral support for these men who are fighting the enemy day and night for our peace or for some, unlimited supplies of Hollywood block busters. The Dera Ismail Khan jail break incident is an eye opener, the terrorists found an easy escape for the forces were morally let down. If this continues to happen and our men aren’t given the support they deserve, you will be sent to good old PTV days, where you would wait a whole day to watch a two minute clip of Tom and Jerry.

If you’re in a delusion that the Government with their Budget is enough support for our men at the battle field, think again! They don’t care as long as their pockets are full. For them this piece of land is a checker board and the men are chessmen. With every move they wish victory. It’s high time we realize the importance of our forces; we are their support not the governments. Do not let their morale decline, if they do, fear a disaster.

“In peace, sons bury fathers but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons”. Herodotus, Greek Historian

Pakistan, a country that is blessed with brave people and valiant armed forces. 1947, Millions of people gave up their lives for the sake of this land and even today this legacy is carried forward. Look at the likes of Aitzaz Hassan, a 15 year old who embraced a suicide bomber to save more than 2000 lives. Then we have people like Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed who fought the enemy with utmost bravery even after receiving a bullet and then launching himself into the enemy willingly to clear the path for his solders so that they may capture the mountain top which was un-defeatable for ages.

Chaudhary Aslam, a lion hearted CID officer, a sign of terror for the enemy and a sign of hope and courage for the common people. What honor was given to his family? What response was given to the enemy?

In the last 5 years alone, 1,030 schools and colleges were destroyed in Kyber-Pakhtunkhaw. The sacrifice of Aitzaz comes to mind and the reality unfolds that he was only remembered for a day or two on Facebook and Twitter. How many of us prayed for him and his family? How many visited (who easily could) his family to share their pain? Although his parents reflected great courage but nevertheless it was loss of their dear son.

We pray more when our cable TV is down for an hour or two compared to when our men have fallen in battle.

Is this how we should treat the people who sacrifice their lives for us? Haven’t we learned any loyalty from our favorite TV Serials? We owe them a lot more than this. The least we can do is pray for them and their families and if we can, go to their families and share with them their pain and tales of bravery. This will take nothing from us but will keep the morale and spirit high in the forces’ personnel and their families.

It is understandable and fairly natural to feel low and dishearten over the great loss we had to encounter, be it in the means of our men or our crippled economy. But we must not lose faith, there is always hope. We have come a very long way, and the path to peace is not longer than we have already covered. Let’s not forsake them, let’s love them, support them and cherish them. We are to remain firm and courageous all along the way. If Pakistani nation and forces keep their spirits high and pray to the creator, Pakistan will know peace soon. In shaa Allah.

This is a tribute to the brave sons of soil who have rendered sacrifices of their lives and also to all those who were disabled during the fight. For offering a tribute to our heroes, our “Mohsins” Pakistan Citizens Alliance have arranged a Vigil on Saturday 8th February at Liberty Round About Lahore at 5PM. Everyone reading this is requested to join us and if you are out of city please make the message reach to your family/friends in Lahore.


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