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A Sitting with Mr. Jinnah (Quaid e Azam) In My Dream

Posted by yourpakistan on August 2, 2013

My Beloved Quaid e Azam

By Raja G Mujtaba – Opinion Maker

This is a narration of a dream that I had this morning after Sehar (fast). What I am narrating here is pure what I saw and without giving my opinions. I leave it to the readers to interpret it to the best of their knowledge.

I was walking towards a big house that had a huge walled compound well set on a rocky piece of land well above the surroundings. As I approached the veranda still walking towards a door, Mr. Jinnah walked out from the other door seemingly going someplace. He was dressed in white bush coat and a trouser with no headgear on. Carried a smile on his face and was quite relaxed. On seeing me, he greeted me and offered to give me some time that now I had come.

He stepped back into the house from the same door that he walked out and I walked in through another door to the same room.
It was drawing room, not quite elaborate but an average looking one that any commoner can afford. We sat down, as a matter of respect, I sat a little away from him and we started to talk. While talking, I sought his permission to as him a couple of things. He was gracious and permitted me to ask him what I had come for.

I asked him, “Sir, when you established Pakistan, what was in your mind; to have it as a secular state or a state governed by Quran and Sunnah?” Mr. Jinnah without pausing in a very firm tone said, “it was Quran and Sunnah.” Thereafter, we talked a few more things that I don’t quite remember to mention here. After a while, we stepped out into the veranda and I wanted to take his leave.

While I was still in the veranda, I saw Mr. Jinnah running at a fast pace on the track built within the compound. I was quite surprised to see Mr. Jinnah running that fast which was quite amazing for his age. There were no grassy lawns but rocks of small size that covered the entire area.

Well this part of the dream ends here and then immediately there was another part to it.

This time, am in some area that is not populated but I could feel that there were houses in the area after some distance. Here I am standing on top a ridge of earth and that happens to be highest point in the area. The surface of the earth seems wet as if it had rained but there was no rain in fact. I discover it later that there is water in abundance running underneath the surface where I was standing. Any small probe o the side of the mound would make water gush out in force and volume. The water flowed in the direction where supposedly the houses were but did not cause any damage what so ever. The colour of the water was muddy as one can see in the water channels irrigating the lands.

I have narrated verbatim what I saw and am not adding my opinion to it what so ever. I leave it to the readers and more so to those who can interpret the dreams. However all are free to comment to the best of their judgment.

May Allah bless Pakistan and the people of Pakistan (Amen)


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