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British Deputy Prime Minister Defends Altaf Hussain’s Anti-Pakistan Remarks As ‘Free Speech’

Posted by yourpakistan on May 22, 2013

Britian & MQM Relationship

The UK-MQM relationship is part of a wider problem 

SPECIAL REPORT | 21 May 2013 

Britain’s deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has publicly defended MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s statement on breaking Karachi away from Pakistan. Mr. Clegg says it is ‘free speech.’

Mr. Clegg gave a carefully worded statement to Geo News London correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah. In the statement, Mr. Clegg tried to create an impression that there was no consensus on whether Mr. Hussain’s statements constituted an incitement to murder Pakistani citizens. He also refused to make much of Altaf’s call for the secession of Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi, from the country. The city is virtually under the control of armed gangs linked to political parties, including the MQM.

The British deputy premier appeared eager to point out that Mr. Hussain retracted the statement. He tried to justify MQM chief’s statement on Karachi secession as freedom of speech under British laws.

The caretaker Information Minister Arif Nizami has called on the interim Pakistani government to ‘take notice’ of Altaf Hussain’s statements from London but the government is silent. 

The issue has wider diplomatic implications. 

Altaf Hussain is widely known to be a British citizen. He is a fugitive from justice in Pakistan and Britain has provided him a safe haven and a hideout.

On May 15, he used British soil to threaten to kill Pakistani journalists and ordinary voters opposed to his violent party in Karachi. He also used British soil to call for the secession of Karachi from Pakistan.

The UK-MQM relationship is part of a wider problem.

London is a safe haven for BLA terrorists who raise funds in Britain for a bombing campaign in Balochistan that targets vital installations and ordinary citizens.

London is also home to a British extremist group, Hizb al Tahrir, widely known to be penetrated by British intelligence, which in turn uses the group to further British interests in Middle East and Central Asia. The group has recently escalated a covert campaign to recruit lower- and mid-level soldiers and officers in Pakistan Armed Forces. It is the first case of a British-based group targeting Pakistani military personnel in what appears to be British psy-ops.

Pakistan is yet to question Britain’s support for extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.

The statement of British deputy prime minister confirms British policy of supporting anti-Pakistan groups and elements.

Mr. Clegg can be easily proven wrong in a court of law. However, Pakistani government has chosen to remain silent on blatant attacks on its sovereignty and on open threats by foreigners against Pakistani citizens.

Here is a video with English subtitles, prepared to be presented in a British court of law in the near future, that shows beyond any doubt how a British citizen used British soil to threaten to kill Pakistani voters and journalists and called for breaking Karachi away from Pakistan.

It is hoped this evidence would encourage Mr. Clegg to question departments of his government on their policy of providing safe havens to criminals, extremists and terrorists.

Click here to see the video of British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg defending Altaf Hussain:

Click here to see a video with English subtitles that could help indict Altaf Hussain in a court of law:


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