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Altaf Hussain; Enough is Enough MQM

Posted by yourpakistan on May 20, 2013

Altaf Hussain MQM Founder

A Terrorist On British Soil!

By Raja G Mujtaba – Opinon Maker

The world has risen in uproar that Altaf Hussain is responsible for killings in Karachi, he incites the killings and as commonly known he operates through some well-trained cold blooded killers whom he controls directly. It’s no secret where they were trained and by whom; it’s RAW of India and  perhaps MI 6 also has a finger in the pie.

Activities and modus operandi of Altaf Hussain is no secret. Who are his masters is also no secret. Sitting on the British soil, he is serving the interest of his Indian Masters and bringing defamation to the British Government and the people. If the British government does not act now and act with firm hand, there may be diplomatic tensions between Pakistan and the UK.

On one hand Great Britain misses no opportunity in claiming that she is fighting a global war on terror and on the other she is harbouring a terrorist by giving him a passport and all the protection that he needs. Is the public money so surplus and unaccounted for that the tax payer’s money is being wasted like draining human excreta down the flush? The British ought to ask the government how and why, a terrorist is being harboured who is creating havoc in Pakistan, a Commonwealth Member and an old ally where the UK has the largest investments.

Altaf Hussain has made a routine to come on electronic media and give a call to his people in Karachi who go on rampage and start targeting people in Karachi. Is there anyone who can explain as to why these double standards emanating from the British Soil?

Altaf Hussain’s MQM is known for target killings of Punjabis, Pakhtuns and those Urdu speaking who refused to fall in line behind Altaf Hussain. The way people are brought out to listen to Altaf Hussain’s telephonic addresses is no secret. The body language and facial expressions speak volumes. It’s a ‘gestapo’ like tactics that are used to bring the people out that includes women, old and sick also.

What Altaf Hussain does sitting in London and gets people slaughtered in Karachi, affects the British troops in Kabul. They are attacked by the relatives of Pakhtuns who are targeted by MQM hit squads in Karachi. These Pakhtuns have relatives both in FATA and across Durand Line. If the British want the safety of their troops in Kabul, they must not allow target killings of Pakhtuns and any other community in Pakistan otherwise the Pakhtuns are known for avenging and this they carry through generations.

How Altaf Hussain was boasting on 12th May 2007, killings in Karachi are still fresh in the minds of many. He was taking a pride in that bloodbath where over 50 people were gunned down and he was shouting over the TV for the Chief Justice to go back who was going to Karachi to meet the Bar; eventually he had to turn back from the airport because he was not allowed to proceed further.

His recent outburst on elections day, on 11th May over the TV channels, he openly threatened to breakup Pakistan and causing bloodshed in Karachi, such noise coming from British soil was very alarming for the Pakistanis and humiliating for the people and the government of the UK. One Sardar Mohsin Abbasi, a British national called the police and said, “I dam care that if you are on Altaf Hussain’s back or anyone else. His intentions for Pakistan are not good, if he kills one more man in Karachi than you are responsible for every crime of his.” Further saying, “He holds British passport and lives in London why he cannot be controlled?”

This brought not only the police but the British government also on toes.

Below are some of his utterances over the media that is highly provocative, objectionable and inciting violence and bloodshed.

“Altaf Hussain should not be blamed if a war breaks out among the people,” he warned, adding whoever attempted to conduct propaganda ‘will face a war’. “We will see how many big shots come out to bully us,” he said.

He warned the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to reach a decision with honesty or else “they will not be able to find any shelter”. The MQM Chief dared anyone who is opposing his party to come up with evidence and warned that if opposition was not stopped, he would not take long to let his associates free to act on their own. “How can I control them and for how long,” he added.

With such venom being spit, what reaction one should expect other than killings? George Galloway realizing the gravity of the situation stepped in and has demanded of the government some stern actions against him.

Well two people in UK done a serious effort and in 6 hours they beat they turned the tide against Altaf Hussain who has now gone on defensive. He even went back and denied any threats made on the TV.

Taking notice of it, the British High Commissioner Adam Thomson took Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain’s statements  of “separating Karachi” on Wednesday, reported Express News.

Thousands of complaints were sent to the London metropolitan police after Altaf addressed his supporters in Karachi where he allegedly threatened PTI supporters who were protesting against rigging.

Now the balloon has burst, motion has been raised in the British parliament where it will definitely have some outcome. The least that s expected, Altaf Hussain would be barred from making any press addresses.

What is more intriguing that Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry takes suo moto on almost all public issues but he is absolutely silent over this issue. Still more, CJ did not allow Dr. Tahirul Qadri the petition in SC with the argument that he was foreign national, how come he is completely silent over Altaf Hussain who is also a foreign national?

Now the onus lies on Interior Ministry of Pakistan and the relevant agencies to release the names of the MQM criminals so that the British Government is helped to investigate the allegations against Altaf Hussain. If it’s not done now, Pakistan would regret and the people of Pakistan would never forgive and forget it.

The rigging of elections in Karachi, more so the conduct of elections in NA 250 has been an eye opener. The people of DHA took a stand that was never expected of them and protested. PTI workers, voters and supporters are protesting in different places to demand for fresh elections or recounting of votes. These citizens must be commended for their courage and sacrifice against the tyrants of MQM in Karachi.

The maximum credit goes to the supporters of PTI who stood like a rock and exposed MQM to the extent that people have now become more daring and bold to face Altaf Hussain doctrine that is a true replica of Marxism of Russia, Nazism of Germany and Red Brigades of Italy. Every member before he is confirmed is given a task to kill some targets; having done that then he rises up in the cadres of MQM. Many journalists in the past who tried to expose have been killed or maimed.

It is for the first time that so much public pressure has been generated against Altaf Hussain who till now had become an invincible Don. Anyone speaking against him would be silenced once for all. In some cases even their bodies were never recovered.

On this issue, former Pak Navy Chief, Admiral M Afzal Tahir wrote to British High Commissioner in Islamabad, “Surely you will agree that the contents of the subject telephonic address were nothing short of an invitation rather incitement to rebellion against the sovereign country of Pakistan. By threatening the separation of Karachi from the country, he was guilty of inciting cessation.”

Talking to Palwasha Khan, who flies for British Airways in London, confirmed the initiatives of Sardar Mohsin Abbasi and George Galloway in raising this issue to such a magnitude that it shook the police to come into action. She said it was a hectic struggle of six hours that changed the whole scenario. Palwasha is very determined and resilient to fight it to the last but was very disappointed about the attitude and courage of political leadership and the media in Pakistan.

Now when so much has happened, political leadership of Pakistan must condemn the acts of Altaf Hussain and MQM. If they have any sense, they must demand his trial under article 6 of the constitution as it’s an act of treason where he is inciting people to break away from Pakistan and also kill people.

People in Pakistan have no problem with MQM as a political party but the activities of Altaf Hussain are obnoxiously sickening and gruesome. On his one call Karachi streets get littered by blood, or all shutters go down or there is a complete wheel jam. This is for no love of Altaf Hussain but the fear that he has created in the minds of the people. Those who do not follow are found packed in body bags.

Speaking to people associated with MQM, they are very fearful to divulge any information, they would only do so after a certain level of trust and that too with the condition of anonymity because they fear Altaf Hussain the most. Once you join MQM then you can never come out of it. Those who have managed to escape or leave MQM are expected not to divulge any information about the MQM workings; it’s a ‘Gestapo’ like operation.

It’s on record that in Nehru University in New Delhi, he made a speech where he regretted the creation of Pakistan for which he tendered his personal apology there.

Maj Nadeem Dar serving in Sindh rangers in Karachi in early 1990s disclosed on Geo TV that during operation cleanup in 1992, he had d discovered over 1000 Jinnahpur maps from nine zero. in response, his house in karachi was burnt by MQM goons, his son kidnapped and murdered. on receiving life threats he and his family had to go in exile to Norway where he still resides. He has issued dozens of video films on youtube showing vandalism of MQM.

Brig Saulat Raza working as PRO for ISPR in Karachi in 1992 disclosed on Geo TV that Jinnahpur maps and flags were recovered from MQM unit offices. Brig Asif Haroon Raja, serving as army spokesman in Sindh in 1992 confirmed that he had opened all the MQM no-go areas and dozens of torture cells and showed them to international media. He also mentioned that Lt. Gen Lehrasab Khan then GOC 18 Division Hyderabad had told him that Jinnahpur maps and documents of oath had been recovered from MQM office in Kotri. For his press conference at Malir on 17 July 1992, he had to suffer a lot for 17 years since he was denied job and was pushed out of MQM dominated KRL.

Although Altaf and members of Rabita (coordination) Committee have all along denied existence of Jinnahpur plot, their frequent outbursts and threatening to break away from Pakistan reinforces the impression that MQM has dangerous designs and is looking for an appropriate opportunity.

Late Dr. Imran Farooq who was brutally murdered in London on… was among those wanting to leave the path of violence and make MQM a national political party. while all fingers are pointing towards MQM international secretariat at London, famed Scotland Yard has so far been unable to trace the culprits.

it will be worthwhile for British authorities to find out as to how the runaway MQM leaders are leading a royal life in most posh area of London since 1992.What is their source of income? is it extortion money collected by MQM thugs in Karachi? Scotland yard can find many clues in South Africa which is MQM’s safe haven and base of operation. Reportedly, target killers equipped with multiple passports visit Karachi for a short period, carryout target killing and then fly back.

Why is the British Government silent on this? Why do they allow their soil to be used against other countries? What moral justification it has to fight Global War on Terror when terrorist activities are being exported from their land? These are the questions that need to be answered.

Now there is a greater responsibility that lies on the shoulders of all the patriotic political parties of Pakistan to handle Altaf Hussain. They must not visit him in London or his 90 office in Karachi. Any leader doing so would not only be resented but taken as a traitor too.

The good thing about MQM is that it comprises of educated middle class, many of whom want an end to Altaf era so that they can develop it into a true national party and work for the betterment of the people of Pakistan.


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