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Pakistan Political Parties or Cults

Posted by yourpakistan on April 11, 2013

Pakistan Political Parties Cult

By Raja G Mujtaba

“Take counsel with them in the conduct of affairs; and when you are resolved, put your trust in Allah. Allah loves those that trust (in Him) . Al-Imran 159.

It’s the political doctrine that determines or establishes other cultures in a society, be it social, economic, educational or any other. If we study the various political systems in the world today every society is moulded and guided by the political systems that it adopts or follows. Some political systems are very repressive and some may be very liberal and yet there are a few that follow the centre of the road. The parties that run or establish these systems first of all adopt the system within itself. If the party that does not practice what it professes then it’s going to be a chaos. Today Pakistan is in a complete mess not knowing where to head; the following of all the parties is based on personality cults, not on the teachings of Islam. The Muslims had the best system that was based on equality and social justice, this was the basic reason that the Muslims governed the world but unfortunately today the very Muslim rulers are not prepared to adopt it.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to consult his companions often on all the matters of the state and enforcement of sharia. He was ordained by Allah (SWT) to do so; why? Because, when the companions are consulted the implementation and acceptance becomes easier.

He had some very strong advisors in the persons of Amir Hamza, his uncle, Abu Bakr Siddique, Omar bin Khattab, Usman Ghani, Ali bin Abu Talib and many more names that can be mentioned. If a Prophet who had all the support of Allah, who could never go wrong, felt the need to consult his companions then how on earth can the pigmies of the leadership run their affairs without any solid consultation?

It is evidently clear that consultation is a must and no decision of an individual can be enforced upon others without their consent which has not been discussed with them. It’s only the cult leaders who take decisions in isolation and their followers have been blinded who have no choice but to accept.

Pakistan is an ideological State, based on Islam but the parties trying to rule it have no commitment to the ideology in their party constitution and functioning. What ever the leadership says about Din is just a lip service to befool the people and nothing more.

Parties can not function on whims nor can these be treated as personal properties to be run as family concerns to spin money. Parties need vision, goals, a structure that can provide depth, in house training of leadership, think tanks to constantly update the leadership with new challenges and the means to meet these challenges. Present day world is a very dynamic, changes occur in multiple directions faster than one can comprehend. These changes need in-depth study, to ascertain its fallouts, effect on us or around us in the region. Do our parties have such a system, can these parties really lead us, and do these parties have the cadre to assume the responsibility of governance? All these are big question marks and the answer is a big NO. Today these parties have become brand names and the board at the top runs it as an incorporated company where all the family members are on the board of directors.

Countries that have emerged to dominate the world have very strong and deep rooted political systems. These systems have been evolved and developed by the political parties to meet their socio-economic needs and their role in the global context. Based on this these countries have developed their legal systems that ensures the continuity of the political culture. This in turn has provided the cohesive power to the individuals to bond into a society or a nation. Since these systems have no divine backing therefore the moral fabric of all these societies has been put to shredder, the institutions of marriage and family have had the worst blow but they have accepted it as a norm in the society.

When Pakistan was obtained it was not the whim of a single person, nor was it done over night. There were many brains behind this movement, the thought was initiated by Allama Iqbal, and then there were many scholars and thinkers like Chaudry Rehmat Ali, Nurul Amin, Khawaja Nazimud Din, Ayub Khoro, Maulana Zaffar Ali, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang, Maulana Hasrat Mohani and many other who brain stormed it, developed it into the language of the masses to carry it forward. Not forgetting Nawab Srajud Daula of Dhaka who had founded All India Muslim League that became the flagship of Pakistan. After the message was understood by the masses then the task was handed over to M.A. Jinnah who worked relentlessly to achieve the Muslim homeland. “Who obey their Lord, attend to their prayers, and conduct their affairs by mutual consent; who bestow in alms a part of that which We have given them and, when oppressed, seek to redress their wrongs.” Al-Shura–38. This verse of the Holy Qur’an befits these distinguished leaders and thinkers.

In America, every university has a cluster of Think Tanks that are either affiliated with a main political party or some other organisation or body that influences the political thinking. But all such thinkers carry out the studies within the scope of the national agenda. This is true not only for America but for all other countries that have taken to maintain their identity in the comity of nations.

Over the last few centuries, secularism has assumed the status of a new religion which has defined man to be sovereign; a denial of divine injections. This School of Thought relegates religion to be a non-state entity; purely a personal matter of the individual this in turn has set in degeneration of sorts in the societies that has plagued it all.

Secularism is being pushed by the Zionists under the cover of democracy to achieve their capitalistic goals. Through this move, they want the entire world to fall in line behind them; the New World Order.

Other countries elsewhere in the world have also draw strength from these studies but have established their own research centres at various levels to redefine or modify it to meet their political goals. One would observe similar process in China, Japan, Russia, India etc. It is these bodies of the scholars and thinkers that have provided the continuity and vision to their leadership. Most Muslim countries ape the west blindly and so is Pakistan.

Pakistan is completely devoid of any think tanks except for a handful that have been established by the government, most of these are created for some specialised area or strategic studies hence these groups only project what the government desires off them in the given mandate but none of them are working on the ideology of Pakistan. Not having any study centres to work on Pakistan’s ideology at different levels is a criminal neglect the price of which this nation is paying very heavily. This omission or commission would make Pakistan lose its individual identity and responsible would be all those who today are downplaying the founding fathers of the nation. If not checked, we may lose Pakistan in the process.

And the study centers like Aiwane Iqbal etc. are being manipulated and managed by such people who have no faith in Pakistan’s ideology but have agendas to lead the country away from its ideology.

It must be imperative for every political party to base its constitution on the Islamic ideology. Any party professing secular school of thought should have no room for any political activity. Secularism is a direct contradiction of our ideology, negation of our fundamental belief regarding the day of judgement and life after death. A Muslim is duty bound to establish the State on the foundations of Islam; if we fail to do that then it would result in complete chaos and destruction as is clear from the following Hadith “If the leaders do not govern according to the Book of Allah, you should realise that this has never happened without Allah making them into groups and making them fight one another.”- Ibn Majah. This Hadith is also one of the indicators of the end of Time.

Political parties would never be able to gain respect and longevity in the absence of some sound and dedicated body of thinkers within the party structures with a sound knowledge of Political Islam. These thinkers and scholars would continuously feel the pulse of the people, debate over their aspirations in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah over the media for a wider participation of the people before such thoughts are formulated into policies.

The parties need to have shadow cabinets; the members of these cabinets would continuously be in communication with the people on one hand and face the scholars and thinkers within the party on the other hand. These members should be engaged in debates over the media to spell out their party position on various issues. This process could also mobilise the silent majority who have so far completely alienated themselves from the political process.

In the absence of any such system, the political parties have been transformed into cults where leaders are not to be questioned nor the leadership can be moved away from their kith and kin. Such leaders have become holier than the holy; the followers of such cults can tolerate anything against Allah or His apostle (PBUH) but, would come to ones throat if someone spoke against their cult leader. Here PPP and MQM are two classic examples but others are no exception. Here I would like to quote Abu Bakr, the first caliph of Islam “As I obey Allah and His Prophet obey me; If I neglect laws of Allah and the Prophet, I have no more right to your allegiance.” Now this is a complete manifesto for those who can understand.

Telling lies has become a norm of our political culture, people have also got used to taking the lies. How shameful and pitiable both for the ruling class and the public. This has become the basis of our destruction.

All the parties in general and PMLs, PPP, MQM, ANP and PTI do not talk about the ideology of Pakistan. The first are openly digressing from it; they miss no opportunity to work for a secular state to appease the West and India. Asfandyar Wali Khan and Altaf Hussain have openly negated the two nation theory. Today, Asfandyar Wali Khan is naming all important institutions and airports after his grandfather who refused his burial in Pakistan. The different factions of PML have all buried the vision of Allama Iqbal and M A Jinnah. All the factions have replaced the pictures and messages of the two with their own factional heads etc. When parties sink that low, and its only happening because it’s all a cult culture, the followers are far from questioning on the contrary they give a blind support to whatever the cult head says or desires. Every cult leader has groomed his heir apparent, in most cases their sons; thus it has become a family business where others have no say except to obey like slaves. For a healthy growth of political culture, it’s imperative that this family hold and feudal culture must be broken. Toadies must be resented and eliminated from our political life for they have done the maximum damage to body politic and enslaved the people in every sphere of life.

Parties have not only deviated from the path of Allah but are defying it with arrogance, these are being organised and conducted on the Secular agendas, which is a prerequisite for democracy to strengthen the capitalistic system that is choking the poor and strengthening the 1%. It must be known to all that Western Democracy cannot be carbon copied to be implemented in Pakistan; it has to be modified and tailored according to our temperament and needs.

Islam believes in the welfare of the people, hence it sacrifices wealth to uplift humanity; capitalism believes in accumulation of wealth, thus it relegates humanity to poverty.

The Christian world has accepted this shift, the Muslims are finding it hard to swallow; they are struggling to keep secularism at bay. Today West, headed by America has waged war on the Muslims under the pretext of ‘War against Terror;’ basically it’s a war to enforce secularism. For a Muslim, Allah is all powerful and sovereign with complete ownership of what’s in this universe and hereafter. This war can bring the world to an end but West would fail to implement its agendas. The West would be better advised to allow the Muslims to live peacefully in a manner that they think best suits them.

Today Pakistan has an opportunity to steer its course, clear of any hurdles and obstacles that are being placed in its way to glory. People must rise up to the occasion and demand what’s best for them.

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