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Report : Report on Tirah Valley Ongoing Operation

Posted by yourpakistan on April 6, 2013

Pakistan Army Operation Against TTP Terrorists in Terriah Valley

PKKH Exclusive|By Abuzar Ilyas

Operation started in Tirah Valley. The Army surrounded the area from all sides and all supply lines of militants are nullified. Heavy mortars and artillery are doing their job and dozens of militants are being killed every 24 hours. 18000 families left the area, clearing the battlefield for the Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Air Force is also helping the army to attack those militants that are not in range of the artillery barrage. Army sources said that they have intensified the operations and rapid conclusions and clearances are in transaction, and that the operation is hoped to have ended before the general elections.

The areas of Tirah contain steep mountains and caves in them. Those caves are safe havens and arms depots of TTP. It is located between Khyber and Kurram Agencies and it is strategically important for militants as well as the Pakistani Armed Forces to gain that area. Reports are coming that SSG is also involved in the operation, and we all know that every operation in the past that involved SSG was of much importance. The steep mountains of the area are the biggest problem for the troops; but our guys, too, are tough enough to conquer any battlefield. The Pakistan Army’s main strategy will be the use of their capability of rapidness here. Our Companies will conquer militants’ hideouts one after the other without allowing them proper time to regroup.

The main supporter and host group of TTP in this area is Lashkar e Islam of Mangal Bagh. I don’t know who the commander of LeI is these days, but Mangal Bagh was killed in the Battle of Swat by the Pakistan Army. The whole of Khyber Agency has small or large peace lashkars (groups) that uses to defend their respective areas against militants. The tribal peace lashkar in Tirah Valley is Ansar ul Islam, and many of the deadliest clashes occurred between Ansar ul Islam and Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The Pakistan Army is supporting the tribals of Ansar ul Islam against TTP by providing cover and by providing artillery assistance to the tribal fighters. PAF jets are using precision guided munitions and pinpoint accuracy Air to Surface Missiles (ASMs), and are pounding militants’ hideouts in the valley and on the mountains.

We saw a fierce fighting between the Pakistani Army and the militants in Kurram and Orakzai in the past few months, and now the areas along with South Waziristan Agency are also cleared; but this particular portion -in between the South regions of SWA, Kurram and Orakzai and North regions of SWAT, Khyber, Malankand etc- is untouched since the early days. We have a strong hope that after the operation, the area from SWAT to South Waziristan Agency will be cleared from militants. We all pray for the success of the Pakistan Army. Also, we greatly respect the inhabitants of those areas which are affected by the militants and who are openly supporting the Pakistani Armed Forces.

Abuzar Ilyas is researcher and Geo-political analyst. He tweets @AbuzarIlyas


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