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UN Fails Humanity in Kashmir

Posted by yourpakistan on February 3, 2013

UNO Fails in Kashmir

PKKH Exclusive | By Mehwish Quraishi

Kashmir Solidarity Day is annually observed in Pakistan on February 5 to express solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It also honors the sacrifices made for Kashmir’s liberation.

It is a day dedicated to show Pakistan’s support and unity with the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir, their ongoing freedom struggle, and to pay homage to Kashmiri martyrs who lost their lives fighting for Kashmir’s freedom.

Pakistan has raked up the issue of Kashmir at the United Nations forum time and again but India has always been insisting that it is its internal matter. Indian brutalities against innocent Kashmiris who have been long denied their just right to self-determination still continue.

United Nations’ Human Right Council has the obligation to raise voice against the Human Rights Violations and has every power to order for commissions of inquiry/Action against Human Rights Violations in any country but it still hasn’t showed any interest to get the conflict resolved. Kashmir groans under Indian military repression while UN maintains its silence on the happenings in Kashmir.

Keeping in view the Poor role of United Nations and the fact that Kashmir Conflict is always over-looked, PKKH Team came up with the Trend:  #UNFailsHumanityinKashmir

Hundreds of Tweets with the hash-tag #UNFailsHumanityinKashmir were posted which, within hours, set it among the Top Trends of Pakistan. PKKH team members and those who participated in the Trend came up with fact-based tweets, Images and sketches.

Top Tweets: 

¤¤¤[TorQue]¤¤¤ @Tabesch

Not only #UnFailsHumanityinKashmir even #Muslim states have dug their head in the ground leaving innocents under #Indian occupation.

Salman Javed @FortressMSJ

The issue of extra judicial killings, mass graves, torture trails, all is crystal clear bt #UN hs other priorities #UNFailsHumanityinKashmir

Night War @battlehawk_

Seriousness of #UN towards Kashmir issue z quite vsisble, more than 60 yrz of Indian bloodshed & still more to come #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

RahimaY’Sin @RahimaYasin

Treating Kashmir like a worthless piece of land won’t get you anything. IT DESERVES JUSTICE! #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

MissTerrious @Ms_Terrious

#IndiscriminateKillings #MassMurders #Torture #ExtrajudicialExecutions In #Kashmir –> #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

Ambreen Ejaz @ProudPakistanii

India: shinning democracy violates human rights in Kashmir more than hundred times a day. #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

Ayesha @a4ambitious

How can we pose further trust on @UN that it will resolve the #Kashmir dispute! @UN isn’t interested. #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

Sabena Siddiqi @sabena_siddiqi

#UN is totally UN-Able having been useless in case of Kashmirs demand for plebiscite since decades .#UNFailsHumanityInKashmir

Daniyal Bashir @KoshurX

#UNFailsHumanityInKashmir : south Sudan wasnt a disputed territory yet refrendum was held what about Kashmir? is it coz we are muslims?

BABA (OFFICIAL) @Ashalrathore

If 9/11 deserve 2min silence den #Kashmir deserves world neva speak again 6400 UnmarkedGraves/ 1000sButchered #UNFailsHumanityInKashmir”


In Kashmir Indian Troops Fire Even On The Funerals. #UNFailsHumanityinKashmir

MissTerrious @Ms_Terrious:

The Kashmir dispute is the oldest UNRESOLVED International conflict in the world today. #UNFailsHumanityinKashmir



One Response to “UN Fails Humanity in Kashmir”

  1. malik ishtiyak ahmad said

    Kashmiri are been masacared at every nook and corner of India be it Hyderabad,Delhi or Kashmir more than 5lakh people are been killed over past two decades ,how uno is adreasing issues like Libya or Syria or any other part of world if it fails to do justice with Kashmiri and Palestinians.without any doubt I believe that uno is adressing only those issues which suits USA and their allies and uno has nothing to do with human rights violation . They can only show there mercy towards issues which is good for its western masters, why Gaddafi and Saddam Hussain was bombarded but not India as Indians has done more killings than Saddam and gadaffi, so why not to wage war against India and put ban on idia goods and services as was done in Iraq.

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