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Quetta Blasts, Lessons to be Learned

Posted by yourpakistan on January 16, 2013

Quetta Blasts & Our Government

PKKH Editorial

The recent episodes of terrorism in Quetta on January 10th, 2013 was one of the deadliest days for Pakistan as 120 innocent died and more than 200 injured. PKKH condemns the brutal killings of Shia Hazara in Quetta and stands by the victims in times of distress. PKKH understands the suffering of Hazara brothers and sisters and request the authorities that the perpetrators should be brought to justice and the alleged sectarian violence perpetrated across the country be dealt with.

The daily ruthless killings of the innocents from Karachi to Quetta, and from Swat to Lahore, shows the incompetence and lack of ability on part of the government to counter and control this threat of violence and extremism. The government in her five year tenure couldn’t even guarantee the right to life of the citizen or safeguard the property and life of innocents.

Here it is very important to note that besides internal threats there are many external threats which are hounding Pakistan for quite some time. We have to search for a nexus that is behind these atrocious sectarian killings in Pakistan. We have to look into the knitted threads of evil and intolerance which is engulfing our societal structure like a wild fire. Internal threats have compounded with the external ones and the society in general is at the verge of clash. 

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi took the responsibility for what happened in Quetta on January 10th 2013. This is very important to keep in mind that LeJ is the parent organization of TTP and they have been widely involved in sectarian violence all over the country. These Kharjites have their self-baked ideology, methodology and understanding of Islam, and they exploit Islam for their own goals and purposes. Role of BLA and BRA cannot be negated in this whole scenario, as they are the tools and arms of the greater issues that Pakistan is facing and they are creating trouble with the aid of resources and finances from many internal and external evils. Ideology and methodology of LeJ and BLA/BRA is opposite of one another, but they collide and merge at one single agenda that is to injur Pakistan, in any destructive way possible. Sitting at two ends of an ideology, they are united to affect Pakistan at every sector be it religion or economy.

These Kharjites and other extremist groups, who don’t know Islam to the fullest, exploit and join with similar minded groups to defame Pakistan and tear down the very fabric of the society. These groups know the one basic fault line of Pakistan, which is the sectarian issue. By taking advantage of this, they defame Pakistan as a religiously intolerant country in the eyes of international world and to show the breakdown due to conflicts with in Pakistani society.

One thing which has also come in limelight is the cry to call army and handover the system to Pak Fauj. Presently Pakistan Army is much committed in many affairs, and especially after the recent incident at the LOC the situation has further deteriorated. Army is committed in the northern part of the country in counter terror operations and the situation on the borders is also not very calm as they might seem. The internal and external factors that don’t want to see Pakistan at peace also want to divert the attention of Pakistan Army towards internal matters that can be countered with dedication, efficiency and clarity in mind. The internal threat which army is dealing at one end, is now trying to divert the attention of Armed Forces, from one area to another area. So witnessing all this, Pakistan Army should not be called in Quetta, and for now the decision of Governor-Rule seems to be the logical conclusion. This apparent breakdown is not only because of the efforts of Terrorists, but because of the incompetence of the Baluchistan Government. Calling army will further burden the already exhausted force. We should also keep this in mind that, Army is not the solution for everything in Pakistan nor responsible for every act committed by other state functionaries and institutions. To maintain law and order and provide security to the citizens is the prime responsibility of the government not the Army. Government should feel its responsibility, before the situation gets worse.

Islam as religion preaches peace, tolerance and peaceful coexistence of all human beings. To kill a person because he is Shia, Christian or Hindu is not the message of Islam; rather it’s strictly outlawed and immoral. This killing machine of Kharjites, need not only to be dealt with Hard Power, but it is to be countered on the Ideological front to break it down to the core. Unfortunately, our inept government, our intellects, policymakers and think-tanks are still not able to define a mechanism. The provincial government of Baluchistan is also highly responsible for what’s happening particularly with the Hazaras. There is a need to invest more in the safety and security of the citizens as their basic human right and we need to highlight and expose the nexus, which is haunting this country for very long.


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