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The Tahir ul Qadri Experiment

Posted by yourpakistan on January 7, 2013


PKKH Editorial 

It is not wrong to say that Pakistan has been the most eventful theater of all sorts of political dynamics for several years; home to 4 Long-Marches and more in the making; where huge political rallies, both by the government and against it, are almost weekly events; where the world saw the largest and the most numerous anti-blasphemy protests. Where members of the parliament are often seen changing loyalties and where re-grouping is the vogue of the day. It seems, to the common observer, as if all those who hold the offices of the highest trust of their people, are the most un-trustworthy, befuddled in the bedlam of vested interests. For the common man there is no trust, no belief, skepticism fills the air and the air of collective conscience is becoming so heavy that the nation has come on the brink of nauseating. 

Perhaps the reasons for such intense induced-chaos in Pakistan’s politics are as various as the many stake-holders in her politics, spread wide and deep around the world. Many times the country has seen its leaders imported from abroad and all the time some of the most patent of its politicians are stationed abroad. Like they say ‘it takes two to tango’, the lowly weakness of our leaders, who consider politics to be a means of making magnanimous rackets and nothing else, who lack broader vision and despise it, invite with full heart interference and mentorships of foreign entities. 

In such scenario, the coming of Tahir ul Qadri, from a foreign state, is being seen by most as another stunt in the agenda-driven politics of the country. Draped in the cloak of sainthood, Tahir ul Qadri poses for something like a quick one-month revolution recipe. Gathering all the vice that is already corrupting the nation to the core, under his generous forgiveness, he aims to set battle against the vice with the celebration of the vice itself. This represents the exact manifestation of his liberal stance in religion, of ‘embracing all’, now to be set anew in the politics of Pakistan. Religious leaders have entered the politics of the country before and have been successful in gaining the mistrust of the public before, they have also enjoyed fulfilling their vested interest under the guise of religion before; but never before have they dared to de-conserve religion before, to the extent Tahir ul Qadri is capable of. 

With the Tahir ul Qadri experiment, will come this new experience for the nation; an experience of liberating religion from its norms, an experience of a new wave of ‘Ijtehad’, which will be able to legalized much that was previously considered across-limit, both in politics and religion. If only the people of this nation can be kept paralyzed for long enough, such experimentations have the potential to puppet the entire thought-process of the nation, before it wakes up from the hypnotic flimflam of its deliverers. 

PKKH warns the fellow-nationals that in this new era of high tech politics, the tool of the politician is not the ‘trust’ of the people; it is their ‘ability to sway you’. Therefore as we stand stupefied in the event horizon of never-ending breaking-news, do not consider yourself safe just by acting ‘frozen’ and by telling yourself that ‘you don’t trust them’, that is not enough; as it is not your ‘trust’ the politicians of this era are attempting for, they are depending only upon your ‘indifference’ and ‘immobility’. 

Therefore it is not upon the so-called leaders of this country but upon the people of this nation, to tear the bright slogans of ‘change’ that is promised at the end of each sway and which always results in ‘no change’ but only in the start of another sway. What we need is trustworthiness, before the vote, not after it. What we demand is transparent, wholesome truth. And as long as we are unable to put our demands on the board, it is we, ‘the people’, who are the most corrupt and selfish. 

PKKH demands that we and the people of Pakistan are not a stage for experimentation; we are not the guinea pig meant for all types of surgeries! The nation is deliberately being confused with ‘change before elections’, when elections were meant for change; the nation is being played upon with this big drama of resetting the old corrupted-to-the-core ones into a new slogan of ‘change’. It is time that we, ‘the people’, understand our right and duty to the future of this country and our coming generations, it is upon us to broaden our vision and lend it to the ones we intend to choose by our votes, it is time for ‘change’ and revolution, revolution in the way we think! 

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