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Aman Ka Tamasha with Kamran Khan and Najam Sethi

Posted by yourpakistan on December 27, 2012

Aman Ka Tamasha

PKKH Editorial

At the conclusion of the so-called Aman Ki Asha conference in Dehli, the Geo TV has aired a talk-show between a panel of Indian and Pakistani analysts, hosted by Kamran Khan, with Najem Shehti posed as the voice of the Pakistani media plus an interview with Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khursheed has also been aired.

The astringent stance of the Indian side was obvious throughout the conference (of which Geo has telecast only heavily edited bits) and especially in these two programs in which the apologetic stance of the Pakistanis, who were constantly presenting such questions to their disinclined hosts that could perhaps yield any positive air to this 4-year long fruitless Jang-group endeavor but all questions were trashed to the lull of denial, by the Indians.

In the talk-show the Pakistani side, completely surrendering to unilateral peace, emphasized that the Pakistani media, all its political parties, its Army and the whole public of the country is bent on having peace with India. They presented the MFN status for India from the Pak side, the visa-policy review and the cultural absorption of Indian TV and Films as a proof of the love harbored by the Pakistanis for India. But in spite all this over-whelmed and over-stated appeal neither any of Admiral Rao (expert on Sir Creek) or Sham Sharan  (former foreign secretary of India) or Ambassador Naresh Chandra (former defense and cabinet secretary, national security advisory) seemed convinced that Pakistan has not done enough if anything, to remove their just contentions upon all issues, in fact Sham Sharan direly remarked that Pakistan should not expect their side to bend to any favors or even good-will gestures especially in the wake of the Mumbai incident. 

While the Pakistani side kept mentioning things like ‘commonalities’, ‘political will’, ‘window of opportunity’ and resolve over do-able, low-hanging issues; the Indian side remained unconvinced and gravely skeptic on what they expect from Pakistan. It seemed like this very small window of opportunity held open by the Jang-group and its specific political backing was being deliberately being shut-close by the pressure of the Indian media, specific political groups of that country and the over-all perception of the people of India towards their neighbor.

The people of Pakistan are ashamed of how our mainstream media has portrayed us as a weakling unto an opponent that has been stabbing our backs since the day this country was born. PKKH reminds our nationals that though peace is the very goal of our religion and we aim for it, but peace is not collected in beggar-basins, it is only ensured with self-integrity and the demand for respect. The whole show-off of the Aman ki Asha, seemed to be a play designed to break the moral will of the people of Pakistan, by giving it a role of a submissive apologizer while on the other hand India seemed to come out of it triumph, with the crown of its typical stubborn self-assertion placed firm on its head.

Why has Pakistan allowed India’s cultural attack on our religion and heritage by an uncensored sway of dramas, music and films into the life of each Pakistani citizen? Why have we exercised our freedom to eliminate our very identity? Why has the Jang group been so generous in using its position to sell the honor of the people of Pakistan like the pimp sells its enslaved subject? Why is a will-to-stand-firm being portrayed as a sin of orthodoxy by our media? We need to answer these questions now!

Perhaps the Indian side was correct in declaring that history cannot be thrown at our backs, and if some real progress in relationship is wanted, soaring issues have to be resolved; a stance completely ignored by the Pakistani side. PKKH advises the Jang group and other media giants not to mess with the history and conscience of the people of Pakistan when they claim to be the voice of the nation and the safe-keepers of our collective conscience. With the power-to-do comes responsibility, and with wrong-doing comes repercussion.


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