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USA & NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan & Pakistan (Scenario)

Posted by yourpakistan on December 23, 2012

USA & NATO Withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan

PKKH Exclusive

As the exit of the US/NATO forces comes to nearing, the real-time situation regarding who have been the winners and the losers of this war is becoming clearer by the day. The terms and conditions upon which the withdrawal has to take place are no more in the hands of the brute and arrogant workmanship of the US and its allies any more, which is evident from the fact that the date of withdrawal has been set much before any agreements have been reached between the stakeholders.

It is a sorry event that like many previous imperialists the US/NATO has based its occupation of Afghanistan on the ‘divide and rule’ principle for all these 11 years and the strategy has failed. Any solution that can be considered a just and lasting solution is one which will ensure a stable Afghanistan. What Pakistan fears is that the US/NATO alliance, due to their negligence in the future of this region once they leave and their incapacity to work out a balanced, long-lasting peace, may abscond the region leaving a conflict-ridden Afghanistan prone to external interference and the lustful eyes of some other bounty hunter from around the world. Therefore it is in the interest of Pakistan that the interest of all stakeholders should be taken into account and that is precisely what the state machine has voiced so far.

The primary stakeholders in the matter of Afghanistan are all the communities living in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Allies. What has happened so far is that power has been delegated to a specific sector of the Afghan society, while all others have been consciously neglected, resulting not only in social and economic disharmony in the country but in acute polarization and a state of constant war, a war the Allies never won for a single day. What is required is that the Northern Alliance, the Taliban and all the tribal entities be given their due democratic portion in the powers and the decision-making of the future Afghanistan. It is required that the right of self-determination be returned to the Afghanis in terms of what kind of life they want to lead and how they want to run their country and that the foreign policy of the majority be accepted.

The other prime stakeholder is Pakistan, what makes Pakistan a prime stake holder are some very ironic facts; geographically Pakistan provides the lifeline of trade to Afghanistan, i.e. what good or bad has to come in and out of Afghanistan has to pass through Pakistan; the people of the two countries are ethnically and religiously related, therefore whenever Afghanistan is occupied, the refugees are to be hosted by Pakistan, whenever freedom-seekers are expelled from that country they find safe-havens in ours and in fact whatever good or bad is seeded in that country is eaten by our populace, be it pistachio or poppy.

The stalemate of the talks between the US and the Taliban in Doha, this year and the reaching to two high level delegations from the Afghan government to Pakistan, aimed at finding a workable solution for peace and stability, has shown good signs in the progress towards the participation of all real stakeholders. The delegation has primarily talked about the release of Taliban leaders from Pakistani jails, in the hope that their release would help in bring the Taliban to the negotiation table. The delegation has also reached agreement as to how Pakistan and Afghanistan will enhance cooperation in the fields of security‚ development‚ transit‚ trade‚ economic and investment linkages‚ infrastructure and energy connectivity and people to people contacts. A joint statement issued by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries said that ‘they agreed to initiate negotiations for signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement’.

Pakistan welcomes such steps, which are based on recognition of the sovereignties of the two sides and the principles of equality, mutual cooperation and non-intervention. The ground realities are proof of Pakistan’s intentions, as Pakistan has never aimed at occupying an inch of its neighbors land unjustly throughout its history nor has endeavored to plunder it wealth by harboring ulterior motives. But yes Pakistan has had to constantly build pressure upon the Afghans to stabilized from within and solve their internal affairs with democratic justice. It is in the interest of Pakistan that all segment of the Afghan society be brought to the table and specially the pro-Pakistan elements, because history has shown that Afghanistan and Pakistan though two countries separated by the Durand line, have never been able to secure themselves from the trials and shocks being suffered across their borders.

Peace, stability and trust across the Durand line will secure not only the stability of these two countries but will secure the stability of the region for long times to come.


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