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Tattoos on Uzbek Terrorist

Posted by yourpakistan on December 22, 2012


PKKH Editorial

Security officials have said that at least five of the 10 attackers involved in Saturday night’s attack on Peshawar airport are Uzbek nationals. One of the Uzbek had western-style tattoos on his back.

This is not the first time foreign elements have been identified as terrorist, in Pakistan; in fact FATA is often alleged to be the hub of international terrorist by western critiques. The question of importance is not that foreign nationals are involved in terrorist activities inside Pakistan; but the real question is, on whose behalf do these terrorists act? Furthermore the root question comes out to be ‘to what extent is it possible to identify the sources and links of these individuals to their real handlers?

For example consider the assertion made by two different stake-holders in this situation; should we believe the Interior Minister of our country when he says that ‘there are evidences of foreign hand involvement in the terrorism in Pakistan… the ammunition and weapons are coming from Afghanistan’ and when he says ‘Pakistan has “solid evidence” of India’s alleged involvement in fomenting unrest in Baluchistan province’ OR should we believe on reports such as of the US Treasury Department when it has ‘imposed sanctions on three men who allegedly facilitated Taliban operations… all three based in Pakistan… for allegedly providing material, logistical, or financial support to… the Taliban in Afghanistan, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan’. The bottom line is that if we are to follow the media and believe in what it says we will never be conclusive in our thought but always confused as to where the truth really lays.

Therefore, living in this high-tech age of information and a thousand sources of news and opinion, it is again left upon each individual to assess truth in his/her own way. Do the tattoos on the Uzbek man prove that

a)   They are from terrorist organizations in Uzbekistan, who train and designate them at incident points in Pakistan

b)   They are jihad-lovers who gather in FATA, owing to the ‘mailmasti’ tradition of the locals, and are picked up by terrorist orgs based in the area

c)   They are jihad-lovers collected at the Afghan border, trained and laced by the Indians running secret camps under a substantial number of troops, which they keep in the name of protection of their construction workers.

d)   They are not jihad-lovers, but just fanatics (as shown by the tattoos) who gather around different orgs for lust and dollars, owing to lack of employment in their localities, and end up in most lucrative event-holes like FATA.

e)   The US-Israel-India nexus theory is true, and this very strong and resourceful nexus collects, trains and implants unrefined youths at target points.

These are only some of the theories surfing our media, but the truth is that none of the given assertions are scientifically correct, as there is never any verifiable proof as to where these organizations are traceable; how funds and weapons is transferred to them; how we accept the responsibility of any claimant of a terror-attempt from a mere phone-call and why the call is not traced to the source. Each theory is deliberately left with so many loop-holes that the common observer is forced into skepticism, and this mental exercise eventually drains the thought to the limit where s/he chooses ‘escape’.

It is imperative upon a believing, progressive, working societal system to find the right answers to all its vital questions. If our world-view is muddled so will our individual lives be. It is not the job of institutes like PKKH to speculate upon such answers without verifiable proofs, but is certainly our job to alert our people that un-answered questions are liked poisoned knives that penetrate our bodies each day, bodies that remain in constant concussion they suffers from exposure to the mainstream media.

Perhaps the Uzbek man with the tattoo is just as much a victim of circumstances as are those he was sent to kill, perhaps he has been hypnotized into such an extreme act; what are the methods that bring a person to such limits, is beyond ordinary human perception and evidently the trainers are highly specialized in mind-control techniques; techniques that might improvise religious reasoning to reach their heinous ends, but certainly not to reach any religious end, as is propagated in mainstream media. Nevertheless it is the prime responsibility of the nation and especially of the educated class to demand truthfulness and transparency in all matters of national concern. Lenin once said:

“Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle.”

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