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Salala; The Turning Point of War On Terror

Posted by yourpakistan on November 27, 2012

PKKH Editorial 

Those who have left their households, 

To dwell at the edges of barren mountains; 

Offering their lives to the One Who lives beyond, 

Offering their lives to the wilderness. 

Your standing and sitting is service, 

Your dining and sleep is service; 

Your memory is celebrated in the skies. 

Those who stood on guard at the farthest ends of our frontiers, guarding the sovereignty of a nation that has pledged to the true calling of the Creator, did not know that the fate-bound day of 26/11 had come upon them. They were unaware that the connivance of the enemy had reached the moral low that was to urge them to display irresponsible act of ”unprovoked and indiscriminate firing” back to back upon two check posts of Salala, Baizai, Mohmand Agency, FATA. They were unaware that they were to witness an event an event with their lives that was to bring colossal damnation upon their inflictors and eternal glory to themselves. 

24 gave away their lives and 13 others were injured. The nation stood up as one; the public, the civil society, the media, the army and the leadership, all united as one body in outrage. Widespread protests hit the streets around the country, calling the attack upon the 24, an attack on the country; the Army called this attack ‘intentional, pre-planned and premeditated’ and a ’stark violation’ of the sovereignty of the country. The leadership stood behind the Army like a stern pillar. The 24 had bargained their lives for a return as big as the unity of the nation. Without a doubt, their martyrdom was a bargain that changed the course of history. At that time PKKH published a write-up by Ambareen Aijaz, who’s cousin Capt Usman had embrassed sahhadda in this event, quote: [having a leave of one month he returned home for rest. Everyone was relieved that he is out of the battle field but he himself was sad that he is in privileges of his home while his unit is fighting in rugged mountains sacrificing for the homeland. As his leave was ending, I asked him “leaving after two days?” he enthusiastically responded, “yeah finally”, he was thankful to almighty to be back on feet to defend ‘Pak Sar Zameen’]. May Allah increase his ranks and of his companions at Salala, may Allah add to the bravery of our brave-hearts. 

The stern deterrence of the mightiest army in the world, every message from whom has a ‘do-more’ note with it; instantly turned into an apologetic stance. The Allies started declining one after the other; France, New Zealand, Britain, Germany – all announced their withdrawal with or without NATO/US approval; France declared that its troops will leave Afghanistan this year and they are already in talks with Pakistan for its retreat routes and have declared that they will not discuss these issues with NATO. The USA Today reported: 

“At a NATO summit in Chicago, (in May 2012) French President Francois Hollande’s pledge to end France’s combat mission a year earlier than that dominated the NATO summit, unleashing fears of a domino effect of other allies withdrawing early. France is one of the top troop contributors” 

The Salala martyrs have also turned the tables on the stationed troops, as with the convoy-blockade and deterrence from the Pakistani side, the Mujahideen spirit of the Afghans was reignited and the common Afghan turned over the troops in discontent and outrage. The Green on Blue phenomenon has baffled the US/NATO strategy of establishing the ANSF, a force made up of Afghanis trained to act on their behalf and securing their interests in the area, so that even after leaving Afghanistan it could have the power to command it Incidents of “green-on-blue” violence were rare in the first few years of the Afghan War, averaging no more than one a year through 2008. With the “surge” of 33,000 U.S. troops in 2009, though, the number of attacks jumped to four. This upward trend continued to a peak of 12 incidents in 2011 — and there have already been 34 such attacks in 2012. . The graph clearly shows the green on blue phenomenon arising right after the Salala incident.







NATO Member State

Number Killed

Number Wounded


1 0
Australia 8 11
France 9 16
Germany 3 6
Italy 1 3
Norway 0 2
Spain 2 0
United Kingdom 23 10

United States

67 42
Unknown 9 2
Total 123 94

This phenomenon also played a part in removing the misconception of ‘the US bringing democracy to Afghanistan’; a concept repeatedly fed to the international community. The Green on Blues showed the world that after 10 years of occupation, the US/NATO forces are still stranded in their green zones and outside their city-centers neither the Army exists nor their ideology; and that now they are being beaten inside their pigeon-holes. 

The Salala martyrs, who stood bold and undeterred against the odds, set a mark in the history of the nation, wherein we were changed from a nation on a permanent apologetic stance to a nation asking the US/Allies for an apology. Eventually we were to give the world a message that ‘we have not been on the wrong and that we are fed up of saying sorries for sins we have not committed’. Nor will we allow allies of the US, that go beyond borders to secure US interests and who have always harbored ulterior motives against our country, to mess with our sovereignty. Yes the Salala martyrs have led our authorities and our forces to the path of securing Baluchistan from insurgencies and separatism incited by India covert efforts too. 

PKKH and the nation present its salutes to its brave martyrs of Salala. 

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