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Quaid e Azam’s Pakistan OR Taliban’s Pakistan?

Posted by yourpakistan on November 21, 2012

Editorial PKKH 

It is often said that the ‘answer is in the question’ and rightly so as the question not only sets the perimeter of the possibilities of the answer, but it also acts as a control capable of driving the conscious thought towards matters of urgency and importance so that all other matters can be set aside as dispensable for that time. 

So the question has the power to focus our attention, at least momentarily, upon a set of scenarios, which may not be all the possible scenarios in the matter of the case. For example if we put our question in the form: ‘Tick the right choice; would you like (a) tea or (b) coffee?’, the answer-er is being confined into a very limited choice, whereby s/he has to give up the possibility of a meal or ice-cream and a number of other possibilities.

The same type of spin-doctrine is applied in the question, ‘Quaid e Azam ka Pakistan, Ya Taliban Ka Pakistan?’ luring the public towards the probable choice, of course that of the Quaid. Surely the Quaid was our beloved leader; he personified determination, strength of character and a visionary out-look and lead us out of the chaos of miss-identity and wrong choices. He applied his physical and intellectual energies for a highly noble cause, above the average human ability. He raised himself above his ‘self’ and became the spirit and symbol of the Millat of the Indian Muslims, but all this does not make him the definition of Pakistan.

The Quaid wanted a Pakistan of Islam and of the Quran, not a Pakistan of the Quaid; the Quaid was a common man, thus fallible; Islam, Quran and the Prophet of Allah are infallible. So the Question being presented here is basically leading to two semi-wrong choices, in choosing the Quaid, the Secular thinkers aim to direct public opinion towards a man, for whom they have worked hard to prove as a secular/liberal person for many years now. Even though the Quaid was not the man they try to portray, but a little diversion from the root leads to big diversions in future, thus for the liberals all is gains in this scenario. 

The second choice is also a semi-wrong choice; when you hear the name ‘Taliban’, two sets of meanings appear in your mind, one of ‘terrorist who’s only job is to kill blindly’ and the other of ‘a group of people who want to enforce strict Islamic law’, so when you are feeling abhorrence for ignoble killers, you may also be feeling the same for the induction of Islamic law, and again this slogan become an instrument towards inculcating a liberal stance to our religion. 

Our political parties should realize the implication of this slogan which does not address the core of the matter and seems vested. ‘Taliban’ is the name of movement that originated from Afghanistan and had never turned their guns against Pakistan, whereas it is a reality in contrast that their are certain groups as TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) who have tarnished the image of the victorious movement of Afghanistan, that may possibly retain its brotherly relations with Pakistan as soon as International forces recede Afghans are free to decide their future. It would be sensible enough for certain parties to accept the reality and at the same time discourage terrorism be it political, religious, sectarian or ethnic. 

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