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Three Cases, Eight Generals But What About Army Martyrs And Heroes?

Posted by yourpakistan on November 7, 2012

By Farrukh Saleem

Pakistan Army has 2 generals, 22 lieutenant-generals and close to 150 major-generals. As a matter of fact, the generals are a mere 0.03 percent of the institution we call the Pakistan Army. 

To be certain, the non-general component of the Pakistan Army is 99.97 percent of the institution we call the Pakistan Army.Over the past 16 years, back when Air Marshal Asghar Khan filed his petition, more than 2 million Pakistanis must have served Pakistan by serving in our army. Out of the 2 million, fingers are now being pointed-rightly or wrongly-at 1 general, 5 lieutenant generals and 2 major generals accusing them of having their fingers in the money till.  A total of 8 generals out of 2 million comes to 0.0004 percent. Of the 8, Gen Mirza Aslam Beg (retd) and Lt-Gen Asad Durrani (retd) accept that they distributed funds among politicians. 

Under laws in force back then, politicians who received election campaign donations may have violated neither any election laws nor any provision of the Pakistan Penal Code. Gen Beg (retd) and Lt-Gen Durrani (retd) must, therefore, be tried to arrive at a definite conclusion if any laws – and which ones – were violated by the generals.  Of the 8 generals, services of Lt-Gen Khalid Munir (retd), Lt-Gen Afzal Muzaffar (retd) and Maj-Gen Zaheer Akhtar (retd), named in the National Logistics Cell case, have been restored back to the army for their court martial proceedings.

In my personal opinion, the army’s standing in the public eye would have actually gone up if these generals were tried in a civilian court. But if history is any guide, army justice is speedier and harsher. Of the 8 generals, Lt-Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi (retd), Lt-Gen Saeeduz Zafar (retd) and Maj-Gen Hamid Hassan Butt (retd) really have nothing against them. The Royal Palm Case has been investigated in the past and nothing was found against the three generals.

As a matter of fact, Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman Ramday, while listening to the petitioners said: “You should be ashamed before invoking the jurisdiction of this court. You were paying Rs12 per annum (Rs12 per year) and now Pakistan Railways will earn Rs40 million per annum after this lease agreement.” On May 4, 2001, Justice Ramday dismissed the petition.

Now we are down to 2 cases and 5 generals (in a force that has more than 600,000 active personnel and more than 500,000 reserves). Surely, law should be equal for all, generals as well as non-generals, but the same institution produced Major Raja Aziz Bhatti along with 3,500 shaheeds in 1965 and an additional 9,000 shaheeds in 1971. Imagine; ‘for love of country they accepted death’.

Yes, 2 cases, 5 generals, but we cannot forget 10 Nishan-e-Haiders; Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed, Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed, Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed, Major Shabir Sharif Shaheed, Lance Naik Mahfuz Shaheed, Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed and Havildar Lalak Jan Shaheed.

Yes, 2 cases, 5 generals, but how can we forget our war heroes including Gen Muhammad Musa, Gen Tikka Khan, Maj-Gen Iftikhar Khan Janjua, Gen Abdul Hamid Khan, Lt-Gen Gul Hassan Khan, Lt-Gen Akhtar Hussain Malik and Lt-Gen Zahid Ali Akbar? Remember; ‘a nation that forgets its heroes will itself be forgotten’.

Source: The News


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