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Malala Yusufzai: Victim of Barbaric Terror and Dirty Politics

Posted by yourpakistan on October 10, 2012

PKKH Editorial 

Those who have tried to push their own agendas and extract political mileage out of this barbaric attack on the innocent daughter of Pakistan should be ashamed of themselves. This is time for us to join in the silent prayers of Malala’s family for her life and full recovery, this is time for reaching out to them for any help that can be provided at the highest government level, not a time for point-scoring and claiming credit.

The scorching desert of Arabia, 700 soldiers of God, among them the Prophet of Allah s.a.w, with the mount of Uhad at their back and their vulnerable settlements, their children and their wives at one side; this was the battle of Uhud. The enemy, 3000 strong, laced with coats of mail and 200 horses, with a battalion of female warriors/agitators in their midst, who would constantly provoke them for battle and kill. The Prophet has come out for war, yet can this extreme situation compel him to allow his men to come down an inch from the higher ground of integrity and righteousness, that have been preached to them in time of peace?

In this incisive air of elevated spirits, the Prophet s.a.w announces that he is to hand over his sword to a one that is able to return its due, many Sahabba express their want for the sword but the Prophet s.a.w eventually hands it over to Abu Dujanna; telling him that the due of the sword is to fight till it breaks. Abu Dujanna, known for his daring assault and dauntless valor in war, puts on his red band on his forehead, indicating that Abu Dujanna is ready to kill or die. In the first onslaught Abu Dujanna has reached the midst of the enemy line, killing many, suddenly he notices a strongly built man behind the line, who is provoking those who return or find themselves weak to get back in the fight; Abu Dujanna decides to wipe this menace from the face of life first. When he reaches the person and has raised the sword to end this pivotal force of the enemy, he realizes that this is a woman, none other than Hind, wife of Abu Sufian. Abu Dujanna, lowers the sword, he cannot dishonour the sword of his beloved Prophet s.a.w with the blood of a woman, he cannot attempt on a woman, even if in the midst of the battle, even if she is so vicious in her enmity. 

This is Islam, this is Abu Dujanna, an ordinary Sahabi. Would Abu Dujanna kill, injure or even attack a 14 year old girl? Would Abu Dujanna threaten her for going to school, when his Prophet had made teaching a few people to read and write the ransom for his war-prisoners. Would Abu Dujanna approve of a reign of terror among the people, when his Prophet had brought the reign of mercy, peace and justice for all?

Tehreek-e-Pakistan Taliban (TTP) who claims of attacking and injuring our daughter Malala, does not represent the Prophet, Abu Dujanna or even an average Muslim Pakistani, who knows the respect of life and identifies that Islam is the very source and propagator of Knowledge, humanity, civilization and the sciences. So who are these TTP, do they represent Islam or can they even call themselves Muslims?

The truth is TTP doesn’t call itself anything. It is a faceless, baseless, group of scattered men, who have no definition, no representation, no agenda. They are not insurgents but hardened criminals; they are nurtured across borders and are paid to kill, not for any ideology, but just the theory of blood against dollars. The Western media is quick to tar muslims with the same brush and refers to these savages as representatives of Islam, while the same Western governments provide sanctuary to the leaders of these barbarians in Afghanistan and have provided India space to fund, arm, and train these Khwariji terrorists.

The common public of Pakistan should understand by now that the barbaric sense of terror in the minds and hearts of the US/Allies compels them to kill innocent civilians with drones from the air, implant non-identity killers, create and accept the lie of terror organisationss – like TTP taking the responsibility of the kills from untraceable, record less, phone calls from unknown locations. This is not a conspiracy theory; the actual conspiracy theory on the other hand is that a bunch of aggrieved revolutionists have radicalised for the reason of a brand of Islam, that they have never defined.

PKKH warns Pakistanis that Malala Yousufzai, the daughter of nation, is not an assets to be toyed with by all stake-holders around the world, who have their interests in devastating this country. The BBC who champions Malala’s cause and has made her their accessory, do they consider her a puppet to be used as propagator of their theories of the TTP and the War on Terror? Same goes for the secular-brand around the world, which is attempting to champion Malala’s cause and is using it to further their agenda of asking for a religion-free world in the wake of this despicable incident. And the same is for the Pakistani iberal extremists who are using Malala’s incident in branding Islam as the ‘conservative’ and themselves as the bright-minded, forward-looking. Shame on them, and shame on anyone who uses this atrocity for petty point-scoring and furthering their nefarious agendas.

And the same goes for the political system of the country, wherein each party is using this brutal incident to slander their political opponents. PTI is being cursed for making the peace march against the drones – the height of hypocrisy by those who have never uttered a word of condemnation for hundreds more Malalas murdered in cold blood by indiscriminate US hellfire missiles raining down on their homes as they slept. If the drone attacks were that effective, as the liberal extremists allege, Malala would have been attending classes in her school this morning.

Bilawal Zardari was shamelessly quick to throw in PPP’s hand and gain more sympathy for his party by comparing the attack to the one that killed Benazir Bhutto. Where is his conscience when drones indiscriminately kill innocent civilians including children in Waziristan? Are they not our daughters and sons and brothers and sisters? Can they not let a moment as serious as this, pass without trying to gain political points over their rivals?

Being selective about condemning terror incidents is the mark of a hypocrite, or those working on an agenda. TTP are cowards and savages who deserve extermination, but the PPP has to take responsibility for the law and order situation of the country and allowing a toxic relationship with a failed occupier in Afghanistan that results in radicalising Pakistanis to this extent.

PKKH strongly condemns the attack on Malala Yousufzai. We strongly condemn the very existance of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and their brand of Takfeeri terrorism which targets innocent civilians in direct conflict with the teachings of RasulAllah s.a.w. We strongly condemn the hypocrisy shown by those who claim to be horrified at the attack on this innocent Pashtun child, while shutting their eyes to the other innocent Pashtun children slaughtered on a daily basis by the Western occupiers of Afghanistan. We condemn this attitude of tooting one’s own horn at every catch and trying to gain political mileage out of these atrocities rather than work to ensure that no other Malala is hurt again.

This is time for us to join in the silent prayers of Malala’s family for her life and full recovery, this is time for reaching out to them for any help that can be provided at the highest government level, not a time for point-scoring and claiming credit.

If at all this this is a time to prove who is who, in this dehumanized puddle of deafening propaganda, then it should be proved who is behind the funding, training and launching of the TTP, in a people and locality that was unaware of such a possibility before the US/Allies arrived.

Innocent Malala’s precious life is not an instrument for the international secular mindset of no belief except belief in ‘profits’ and the liberal agenda of affirming the vile and embracing it. We demand respect and silence for our daughter; we demand a human-feeling and share in her personal agony and the suffering of her family.

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