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Rahul Gandhi in Kashmir

Posted by yourpakistan on October 7, 2012

PKKH Editorial

“My family also comes from Kashmir and I am also a Kashmiri“, says Rahul Gandhi in his recent visit to Kashmir. After 60 years of ploy, assault, captivity and savage infliction, Rahul did well by revealing his Kashmiri blood ties: that is how the Nehru family deals with it roots; by severing them.

Perhaps the Nehru family was one of those minority Hindu settlers who decided to forsake Kashmir long before the issue of partition, brandishing themselves as pure Hindus of Mahabharata to secure permanent hegemony in the Indian politics. Has Rahul come to tell us that he is a Kashmiri, and would stand with the Kashmiris in their struggle for independence from India or has he come in the sheep’s clothing, only to feed the ‘Hindu’ wolf that wants Kashmir churning inside its already heinously large belly? Rahul is merely another pawn in his line of decent, who aim to satiate the craving of the imperialistic mindset of the Hinduvta/Sawaraj extremism.

Rahul has brought Ratan Tata, Kumarmangalam Birla, Rajiv Bajaj and Deepak Parekh, among others with him; this is eyewash to lure the Kashmiris into willfully accepting the long-dreamed Indian excess roads into Kashmir. It is the 6.5 km Z-Morh tunnel at Sonamarg, about 85 km from Srinagar that will connect Kashmir with Ladakh in the first stage and then another tunnel would be built at Zojila Pass about 22 km from Z-Morh tunnel that shall provide all-weather, year-round road connectivity between Sonamarg and the rest of India.

We are not against construction and development in Kashmir, but we recognize the wolf when it is in the sheep’s clothing, we recognize that this road is not for bringing in technology and prosperity for captives of a jailed state, but it is a road to reinforce scourging cavalry and enforce permanent serfdom.

At the university gathering when Mr Tata was saying, “It has been a real step forward to have a conversation with the great wealth of human capital that exists here. What Mr Gandhi has done is not open a window, but open a door.” The human capital outside this door in the university lawns, the students of the university, were shouting, ‘Go, India Go’, ‘Rahul Go Back’, ‘We Want Freedom’ and chanted the National Anthem of Pakistan ‘Pak Sar Zameen Shadbad’. The student’s representative said ‘roping in big-wigs of Indian corporate for an apparent economic agenda is nothing but a façade aimed at stamping Indian hegemony.’

Meanwhile the extremist Hindu party BJP’s state president has expressed its convulsion on Rahul’s intimacy with Kashmir saying that ‘Rahul takes one stand at New Delhi and a U-turn while in Valley’ they thought that they had sent Rahul to implementation of 73rd and 74th amendments in the state towards genuine empowerment of (Hindu) panchayats’, ‘and to voice for the survival of the Sarpanches and Panches, who are resigning to escape the attack on their lives’. So it is reasonable to fear that Rahul’s sheep clothing might be ripped into ribbons by the time he reaches back home.

Rahul said in the University, ‘As Dr. Farooq Abdullah has said, his father and my grandfather joined hands for Kashmir. I am here to join hands with Omar Abdullah and the people of Kashmir.’ We are sure that the two sons, one of a traitor and one of a tyrant, will not rent the legacy of their great fathers.


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