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The Protests And What Our Media Failed to HighLightThe Protests And What Our Media Failed to HighLight

Posted by yourpakistan on September 24, 2012

What the Media Did Not Tell You; Pakistan’s Protests Marred Against Blasphemy on Ishq-E-Rasool Day.

PKKH Editorial 

How the Miscreants Drowned Out the Sane Voices

In a disappointing turn of events, the small but vicious crowd of hooligans bent on destruction & vandalism was largely successful in damaging the efforts of hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis on Ishq-e-Rasool Day today. The hardwork that went behind the organization of hundreds of massive peaceful rallies went to waste as Pakistani media chose to selectively broadcast the violence through showing repeat telecasts of the few angry mobs, completely ignoring the larger protests taking place country-wide. As channel after channel showed clips of burning cinema houses, banks and police vehicles, it failed to show the crowds behind such disgusting and UnIslamic acts were small and in no way represented the 180 million Pakistanis. The few hundred people were nowhere near the half a million Pakistani Muslims who had taken to the streets today. All Ullama have unanimously condemned the vandalism and violence, which had nothing to do with Islam and Sunnah.

The Peaceful Rallies – KarachiNot a glimpse was shown of the huge rallies from Numaish Square to Tibet Center, where over half a dozen rallies culminated their protests, including Shi’ite and Sunni groups totalling over 80,000-100,000 participants. Many organizations put aside their differences and united at Numaish, Karachi for the love of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Among them included, Jamat-ud-Dawah (Safari Park, Jail Chowrangi to Numaish) with over 10,000 people, including women and children. The police vehicles too joined in the protests with JuD, swaying flags and protesting. Also present; Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen with 3,000-5,000, Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, Ahle-Sunnah Wa’al Jama’ah, Ansar-ul-Ummah, Islami Student Organization with 5,000 at Numaish alone(seperate rallies at Shah Faisal, Malir, Hyderabad and Karachi Water Pump Chowrangi), and other ahle sunnat groups and civil society. Later joining Numaish protests was Muttahida Bainul Muslimeen Forum (MQM) all the way from Karachi Press Club. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf staged a huge gathering at Empress Market, with thousands of participants, peacefully ending by 5:30 PM. However two PTI members were killed at Native Jetty Pull before they could reach the protest venue.

The Peaceful Rallies – Punjab/Peshawer

In Lahore rallies led by JuD’s ameer Prof. Hafiz Saeed outside Masjid Qudisa were by far the largest and peaceful with about 20,000 protesters. In Islamabad PTI’s (36 rallies by PTI all over Pakistan) Imran Khan was leading huge numbers from Lal Masjid, this was one of the biggest rallies held. JuD had canceled it’s plans for Islamabad due to a small number of opportunistic miscreants wreaking havoc where JuD had planned to hold protests at. Shaikh Rasheed’s AML showed up in thousands at Pindi. Peshawar saw a huge turn-out from various sects and groups, totalling over 15-20,000 in one place alone.

The Media’s Irresponsible Reporting

All of the above major rallies, with smaller ones in Jehlum and Multan (reports indicate 136 rallies took place throughout the country) were hugely successful, popular and peaceful, however not a glimpse was shown on television. Yom-e-Ishq-e-Rasool was sabotaged by opportunistic media personnel who had fueled anger against Pakistan’s security forces through selective and repetitive reporting. Some of the miscreants were those who had been provoked after false reporting portrayed police as caretakers of only foreign personnel & embassies with little regard for Muslim sentiments. The media’s repetitive broadcasting of recorded clips from clashes that had taken place earlier (last Sunday) outside the American Consulate in Karachi had deliberately demonized the police personnel as villanious, brutal and “American puppets”. This had paved way for today’s misplaced retaliations against security forces leaving two police men dead. Estimates put the death toll at 17, with 200 injured. Among dead also included is an ARY employee.

The Looting & Destruction of Properties

The unidentified gunmen and criminals looting banks and private properties did not belong to any of the organizations. Ullama from most groups had repeatedly made calls for peaceful marches. Reports indicate certain political party militants were used to defame the religious right. With cellular networks jammed, gangsters and thieves exploited the lack of security in certain places and went on a rampaging spree. This was an absolute failure on the government’s lack of foresight and once again highlighted the PPP’s irresponsible governance.

How It Should Have Been Like

Protests should have concentrated on the core issue, and that was blasphemy, however many Muslims also took this as an opportunity to vent out their anger against America’s imperialistic policies and wars against the Muslim world. The anger at the United State’s war mongering had been simmering for over a decade and many miscreants had today displayed their frustration at the Pakistani government’s lack of action/response to the aggressive attitude of the US regime. The government’s decision to allocate a day for protests against the blasphemous film and cartoons was not enough to solve the problems nor did it absolve the PPP of it’s responsibility to ensure an end to blasphemous attacks against Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The government should have downgraded diplomatic relations with it’s American and French counterparts after their failure and unwillingness to put a stop to blasphemous attacks against Islam. The Pakistani lawmakers should have held talks over criminalizing Islamophobic attacks; if the Euro and American governments can criminalize anti-semitism and Holocaust denial/research, they can definitely outlaw Islamophobia and blasphemy, issues just as sensitive, if not more, than the Holocaust.


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