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Social Media, Aman Ki Asha and India’s Intentions

Posted by yourpakistan on September 23, 2012

PKKH Exclusive | By Mariam Shah

On the 13th of July, the US consulate organized and funded a two day event the “Social Media Mela 2012” in Karachi. It was basically a Pakistan-India social media get-together in which media figures, journalists, activists from both the countries participated to discuss a wide range of topics in panel discussions and few speakers were also invited to address the audience. If we just read the date again on which this event was organized, it was 13th July, the Martyr’s day of Kashmir, a day of solidarity with Kashmiri people. But here in Pakistan some liberals were enjoying and having “peace gup-shup” and ridiculing the “poster-boy” Shakeel Bhatt, who was actually an icon of the freedom struggle of the Kashmiris.. It would have been great if they would have shown “Kashmir Torture Trail” on the big screen in social media mela, I am sure, that in that case, every single individual would be finding a place to hide his/her face.

The bunch who attended this social gathering was from peculiar segments of the two societies. Few activists like Beena Sarwar and Marvi Srimed and a pro-US Nadeem F Paracha were there in the limelight. I don’t understand why Beena and Marvi never spoke up for Kashmir and are dead silent at the recent genocide in Burma, but they are always running for the minorities rights in Pakistan and most of the times exaggerating the “victim’s” tale. Perhaps they want to be recognized as anti-Pakistan, liberals and anti-Islam, so that they can catch the right attention of their “dear westerns”. They should not call themselves as “human rights activists”, when they can’t stand and raise voice for the major cases of oppressed humanity.

We can see that the summit was festival of like-minded people from both the countries. But under the line we can find that the Indians always support their security forces and accuse Pakistan for everything that happens in India, however liberal they pretend to be. But on the other hand, in Pakistan, these liberals and other similar individuals unduly criticize the Army, the security forces, the religious organizations and all pro-Pakistani and Islamic factors. So India doesn’t need to be in Pakistan to create anti-army, anti-Pakistan sentiments among the public, as many trained liberals are doing this job perfectly here. So there is a win-win situation for the Indians and a lose-lose situation for Pakistan as far as image building is concerned.

The summit was funded by US consulate, what was the agenda of the financier? Why US consulate is so keen in building peace relationship between two countries, while suffering in Afghanistan itself; facing a humiliating defeat and running out of time. Also US has no plans for Afghanistan’s future, it has said to have invested 90 billion in this decade long war for development only, but that spending cannot be seen largely anywhere in Afghanistan. Why is the US not paying attention to Afghanistan, instead of investing in such a segment which is already a flop film for the masses for Pakistan? Food for thought!!

Also what is the link of company Piece Niche who organized this Summit, with the US efforts of Counter Extremism in the cyber-world? Our liberals will never answer to this question in a decent manner. That’s for sure. Is there any definition of Extremism in making? Perhaps, defending your own country and its ideological boundaries will be defined as Extremism and it will be countered with the help of those, who already are eating from the leftovers of the masters.

If we just look at the time when this “social summit” took place, we will notice that it happened during one of the worst span of instability and chaos in the Pakistani society. Once again, this chaos is the result of unwanted WOT. There is no food, water and electricity for the poor masses. The foremost reason of the load shedding in the country is the water shortage in the dams and rivers and guess what? This shortage of water is created by the same “Friend” with whom our Social Media gurus are trying to talk “Peace”, and who is trying to justify its cruelty through item songs of Bollywood, financed by US in the form of this infamous Summit.

India had made dams on all the rivers which come to Pakistan. Indians even invested on a sixth river and built a dam on the river Kabul in Afghanistan, which also used to come to Pakistan. The rest come from disputed territory of J&K.

The curse of load shedding has extremely played with the minds of the individuals here, countless have developed psychological illnesses and several are at the verge to enter the psycho-world. Life of a common man has become a test for him and many just take the easy way of ending this test. Many youngsters especially students have committed suicide in the past few months and the society reflects a chaotic scene. Will the Social Media gurus tell us about any solution to this disaster created by their “Friend of Peace”?

Presently Pakistan is facing the worst ever law and order situation, no institution is working effectively either the railway, PIA or PEPCO. The economic instability and unemployment (Search for some figures of unemployment rate in Pakistan) is at its peak and no state’s apparatus is working to its solution. The foreign debts and inflation has remarkably increased since the present government has taken over the charge. Due to extreme load-shedding and water shortage both industrial and agricultural bases have gone dark. Agricultural sector is the backbone of Pakistani economy which is badly disturbed because of the above mentioned reasons. Quote some figures or table from the article of Raja aamir, Here is the link: Water in dams has touched the lowest marks and rivers are also getting dry. One can say that the water resources of Pakistan are under India’s control, as they had built dams on the rivers flowing towards Pakistan. The ultimate enemy has hit economically and is trying to subdue us by controlling the life line of Pakistan’s economy that is the Agriculture sector. In this gruesome economic condition of the country, the government decided to grant MFN status to India, without thinking about the ramifications or repercussion on the local industry. The internal crisis of the country was not in a position to afford more financial strains and burdens, which were foreseen as a result of the MFN status to India. Now the small as well as the big giants are feeling the heat of MFN due to the circumstances elaborated above. Granting MFN status to India might be a right decision but at a very wrong time, as it has directly affected the domestic markets and economy of Pakistan.

Intentions of India can be clearly seen with a recent incident in last month at LOC. After getting a certificate of “Lynch-pin” from the same master who financed this Social Media summit, India tried to engage and twist Pakistan’s arm so that Pakistan may play like a slave in WOT. The recent firings on the LOC are a clear example of it. Despite of the fact, that India cannot afford any engagement on LOC, due to the fear of infiltration, India did this and not for one day but for seven complete days. What compelled the “Peace makers” of the region, to disturb the peace of the beautiful valley? Intentions of India are clear to the students of regional history; how is India trying to suppress the Kashmiri movement by deputing an army which has made Kashmir the most militarized land on the face of this earth. India, in 1971, trained and started a proxy war against Pakistan to make itself the regions unquestioned power. Sri Lanka suffered from Indian backed Tamil Tigers, Nepal’s political instability is clearly crafted by Indian Chankias and with in itself, all minorities in India are suffering the worst humiliation possible among the community of nations. The recent Assam killings are a clear example of the fact that the self-proclaimed shining India is very Dark from inside.

The current War on Terror has nourished intense anti-army sentiments among the public of Pakistan. India and her cronies in Pakistan in the cover of human rights activists and “critics of defense budget” have left no stone unturned to shape the public opinion against army in particular and armed forces in general. One can see the continuous bashing of the Pakistani government, its Army and the ISI from ever strong personality in India; from Manmohan to Moodi, every other Indian politician is actually trying to malign the ISI. Everything that happens in India, the ISI is blame for it. Why? India is trying hard to prove ISI as a terrorist organization and the world community to approve this.

What’s happening in Baluchistan needs no explanation; it’s very evident that who is sponsoring the whole disorder. India is pressurizing Pakistan form all the sides. She is funding BLA and BRA in Baluchistan, supporting TTP in tribal areas, engaging Pakistan on the eastern borders at Sialkot and the LOC in Kashmir and creating anti-Army and anti-Pak sentiments among the public. Pakistan on the other hand is resisting all this. General Kiyani has depicted the Army’s policy by saying that he has no shame in saying that he is “India Centric”.

So the nexus here is very understandable. Anti-Army forces from Pakistan are joining hands with Indians in the name of Peace and this Social Media Summit funded by US embassy organized only to put Pakistan in a more miserable position in WOT. This is clearly a psychological warfare and India is truly taking the advantage of it. The gap between general public and army has been created through the “liberal mindset” present here who has no other job than to calculate defense budget, pensions, plots and to defame army. They know when and where to celebrate the social media mela, but they don’t have a clue to having arrange some discussion or gathering on Kashmir solidarity day, or Martyr’s day.

How will the brilliant minds of our Social Media gurus, justify the intentions of Indians just by chanting slogans of “Peace”? They seriously need to get out of their Five stars hotels and face the brutal facts that is haunting the future of this region since very long. Peace comes with sovereignty and not by submission.

Mariam Shah is a regular contributor at PKKH and a ( Columnist @ The Fortress Magazine), She is a Human Rights, Youth and Peace Activist and doing MPhil  in ”Peace and Conflict Studies” From NDU. She Can be reached at and she tweets at @mareium


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