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World’s Strongest Nation in the Toughest Times!

Posted by yourpakistan on September 13, 2012

PKKH Excluisve | By Shehla Kiyani

It has been over sixty five years; the nation is going through tough, rather turbulent times in order to achieve stability, one issue after another; a list of never ending crisis which apparently makes it a “Gone Case” for the rest of the world. But from a Pakistani’s perspective it is one of the toughest nations of the world! Although the country has undergone a succession of traumatic sociopolitical experiences since 1947, it continues to demonstrate its resilience and its capacity to survive and adapt to changing circumstances. A state which is on the verge to be declared as a “Failed State”! But this nation has a strong faith just like a wounded soldier who keeps dragging to the end of the war, against all odds, with the firm belief/hope that “Yes, he will do it” , till the last drop of his blood. Have any of the nations realized that apart from the chaotic situation and turmoil which made this country suffer a lot, it has practically proven true to the statement;When the going gets tough the tough gets going, and that is the spirit which saves us from falling apart.

Even before its conception it had to face lot of resistance, hatred and ethnic violence but the leaders of that time had a dream that success will be the forte of their people. A nation which was created in tough circumstances where everyone around it was its enemy and that is even today surrounded by enemies ready to attack it from all sides, whether it is through its borders or from within as well. All these rough, hard and harsh situations have made its people strong enough to face bad times and come out as a valiant. 

The dilemma of Pakistan has always been its weak leadership, which has been a core reason for its instability. The nation always searched for a true leader, a selfless person like the Quaid e Azam, totally committed and dedicated to the development and well being of his people. Leadership requires looking beyond the horizon, and none of the leaders that date back and even of today, had such vision where they could put the nation on the right track. This is a logical outcome of the wrong policies of the past and present, lack of governance at all levels and clash of institutions being controlled by vested interests.

Considering the current chaotic situation Pakistan is facing, it seems as if the same enemy has come into action once again after forty one years, which was responsible for “Dhaka Debacle”. The enemy has brought the same strategy in action; being defeated on other fronts, the uncanny foe realized that all its conspiracies do not fulfill his mission of breaking the nation; so it is better to utilize the internal forces to make the task easy. Using the “wild card” strategy; spreading hatred among various ethnic and religious sects, they want to turn the brothers against each other, giving rise to “Civil War”.

In the war against Terrorism Pakistan itself became a victim, where the so-called Al – Qaeda and the Pakistani Taliban instead of attacking and fighting against the real enemy shifted the directions of their guns and aggression towards one of the Muslim countries i.e. Pakistan. Similarly our so called allies have also found an easy way to fool the world in the name of the “War against Terror” by killing the innocent civilian and army personnel through Drone attacks. The NATO supply which makes it way from the Highways of Pakistan ultimately is used against Pakistan in the form of Drone and uninformed attacks across the Afghan borders by the NATO forces. Their main strategy is not to wipe off the miscreants from this region but to creep in the boundaries of our country.

Unrest in different provinces has been created by our enemy, to weaken the roots of Pakistan i.e.; Unity, Faith and Discipline. If we look at the situation in the largest province (in terms of land) that is Baluchistan which constitutes approximately 44% of its total land mass, it has been targeted by external and internal enemies. Baluchistan Liberation Army and Baluchistan Republican Army are two of the examples of internal forces trying to create strife not in the Province but spreading its venom against Pakistan on international forum as well. These are militant groups trying to establish an independent state of Baluchistan, free of Pakistani rule. We all are well aware that RAW and other international agencies are behind all this; they are funding them and providing all kinds of support to these small groups to poison and pollute the minds of the Baloch people against the Army and Pakistan.

During these terrorist attacks not only are there civilian causalities but a large number of law enforcement personnel are also being targeted. In 2008, the country saw 2,148 terrorist attacks, which caused 2,267 fatalities and 4,558 injuries. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in its annual report indicated that there were at least 67 suicide attacks across Pakistan killing 973 people and injuring 2,318. Further, a source in the investigation agencies disclosed that the total number of suicide blasts in Pakistan since 2002 rose to 140 (till December 21, 2008) while 56 bombers had struck in 2007.

In 2009, the worst of any year, 2,586 terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported that killed 3,021 people and injured 7,334, according to the “Pakistan Security Report 2009″ published by PIPS. These casualties figure 48 percent higher as compared to 2008. On the other hand, the rate of suicide attacks surged by one third to 87 bombings that killed 1,300 people and injured 3,600. More than 740 people have been killed in sectarian violence in Karachi in the past five to six months.

Like always Pakistan Army carried out successful operations in order to eradicate terrorism from the country. The first Operation was Rah-e-Nijat, it was a strategic military operation by the unified command of Pakistan Armed Forces against the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and their extremist allies in the South Waziristan that began on June 19, 2009; a major ground-air offensive was subsequently launched on October 17. It became the integral part of the war in Western fronts which led the encirclement and destruction of Taliban forces in the region, some of the Taliban leadership escaped to lawless areas of neighboring Afghanistan which have always been the breeding ground of terrorism.

The Second Battle of Swat also known as Operation Rah-e-Rast began in May 2009 and involved the Pakistani Army and Islamic militants in a fight for control of the Swat district of Pakistan. The first Battle of Swat ended with a peace agreement, however by late April 2009 government troops and the Taliban began to clash once again, and in May the government launched military operations throughout the district and elsewhere to oppose the Taliban. The operation Rah-e-Rast has been quite successful in restoring peace in the Swat region, Army has established rehabilitation centers, hospitals, schools and other vocational institutions throughout the region where the locals who have surrendered to the Military forces and patriotic citizens are provided with health and medical services education, so that peace and stability has been brought back in the area.

City of Karachi has always been the country’s blooming financial hub, has been targeted to turn into aViolence Hub. People are being mercilessly persecuted by various ethnic groups. All this violence can be traced back from mid 1990’s, where many innocent citizens had to give up their lives. But Pakistan Army’s on time action crushed the evil forces and stabilized the situation. Today, these crafty forces are once again raising their heads and it is observed that those involved in this violence are fully equipped with most sophisticated weapons. But to everyone’s surprise, the unanswered question is: how these lethal weapons make their way to Karachi, when they are not locally manufactured??? This shows that the enemy has very much become part of us and it is really difficulty to differentiate as to who is our friend and who is the foe?

Also in Gilgit-Baltistan the demon of sectarian violence has once again raised its ugly head. The unrest in G-B shows that the government is probably not doing enough to control sectarianism to keep the people of the area safe from such barbaric encounters. Keeping in mind the sensitivity and geographical importance of G-B, the Government, political parties and civil society organizations must join hands to bring peace to the area at the earliest, without giving a thought to whose job it is!

The recent Babusar incident is another example of deterioration of law and order situation in the Hazara Division in which 19 people were killed; showing incapability of the present Government to provide security to the people. This brutal and heartless act of terrorism targeted the Shia community, killing numerous people and injuring many. Babusar mass murder was a terrorist attack in which people from both sects were killed. The present Government has completely failed to provide any kind of relief to the people of Pakistan in its past four and half year’s tenure. The government as always botched to punish the real perpetrators.

Where Pakistan has so many enemies outside its borders; there also it has many internal forces which are acting as enemies; though apparently they claim to be patriotic, nationalistic and loyal. They are the propagators of so called human rights and have a secular approach, who claim to believe that Pakistan is turning into a Terrorist Land, where all extreme forces are getting an opportunity to flourish, which will turn this nation into a failed state. These seculars try to brain wash the minds of the youth of Pakistan by negating the importance of Islam, the two nation theory, and wrongly interpreting the speeches and sayings of the Quaid e Azam forcing us to believe that he was a secular leader. They are trying to spread the menace of hatred among various minorities including different sects, asserting that the minorities are being threatened by extremist in the country, that they are not safe and that the international community has to budge in to stop all this. But these secular forces will never be successful in their mission if we follow what the Noble Quran says:

‘And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided’ [Surah Al – Imran 3:103]

Islam is a religion of peace and has always spread through nonviolent means; we Sunni and Shia brethren must unite to fight against our enemies and must not waste our energies against each other. We are each other’s protectors and saviors! We Muslims strongly believe that a Muslim could not even think of killing an innocent person, and that too his own brother even if he is from a different sect. Both the Sunnis and Shias have to promote harmony to foil the conspiracies hatched by enemies of the country. We are ready to beat our enemies on this front as well.

Apart from the crisis mentioned, Pakistanis have always shown great resilience, audacity and bravery against all odds; which makes it a proud nation! Let’s join our hands in the combat against extremism and terrorism as it is not to be fought by the army alone. It is imperative that the entire nation is united in this context, because the army can only be successful with the co-operation of the people. Let’s defeat our enemies, who want to destroy Pakistan by imposing sectarian and ethic riots on us. Let’s be united once again, as the history shows that back in 1947, it was a unanimous decision of the Muslims of Sub- Continent and their leaders to create a homeland of their, where they can live their lives according to the teachings and practices of Islam. Every migrant was ready to sacrifice everything for this dream land. Even today we are in need of same spirit. Therefore, let’s work on it, we must utilize the potentials of our youth in the right direction and support each other in moving ahead in life with a positive thinking that; this is our country and we are the true guardians of it.


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