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Amman Ka Tammasha Petition: MILNE DO

Posted by yourpakistan on September 5, 2012

PKKH Editorial

In the wake of the very recent Indian allegation on the Pakistani side for having sent text and twitter messages that potentially triggered a mass fleeing of Assam-based people from the big cities, one needs to stop and re-measure one’s perspective on the matter.

The allegations though of political nature, definitely have social implications; they give the message of distrust and enmity hid in the heart of the Indian mindset, by virtue of which the Indians are ready to blame Pakistanis for any vice they are to detect on their side even before it has unfold. The message that reaches the Pakistani is also of blunt disrespect of one country for the self-esteem of the other and of the lack of diplomacy that would serve as a possibility for one who is interested in friendship. 

The Aman ki Asha, a project of the Jang group and Times of India, has now put up a lame petition, literally begging to the Pakistan government to ease-off or even dissolve all visa complications, security measures, to increase consulates and undo the ban on cross-border media, television and publications, all this to bandage the longing of their love-trodden hearts for their separated India. The Jang group could have behaved more sensibly, considering that a supplier of awareness must possess it to.

PKKH stands against this petition presented by the Jang group because we stand aware of a few very basis rules of friendship; one: you cannot be a friend to one who does not trust you; that is to stupefy oneself, two: you cannot be friends with one who steels your land and oppresses your people; that is being cowardice and dehumanized, three: you cannot go on pleading for friendship one-sidedly, when the other never responds in the same way; that is committing self-dishonour, four: when the other person does not trust you, you do not ask him to open his door to you; better they are kept closed, five: equality, respect, mutuality in values are prerequisite to friendship.

We are surprised not only at the theme of this petition but also at the very wording it begins with, please observe:

[The people of Pakistan and India, people of Indian and Pakistani origin around the world, and friends of India and Pakistan, are fed up of the visa restrictions that prevent them from visiting families in the other country…… People in the region want the right to travel and to trade, to walk along coastlines and roads that represent their collective past, to seek and spread harmony across a subcontinent not divided by politics and propaganda. In this modern age of interdependence, it is a tragedy that the citizens of India and Pakistan are left peering over a border made indomitable and intimidating. There is little space for the hand of friendship to be extended across this border. This must change.]

This petition clearly portrays a liberal agenda that aims at forgetting the history of the Partition and the history of the wars, of the insurgencies, of the cultural onslaught waged on Pakistan by India. The very words ‘the people of Pakistan and India’, present the two people as one people, unduly separated by boundaries, divided for no real reasons but only ‘divided by politics and propaganda’. This is an agenda that feeds on amnesia, and renders the most forgetful as the most thoughtful; it is an agenda of letting the enemy as close as the jugular vein so that it would easily cut through; but, no it won’t be brave enough to cut our throat with its trembling hands, therefore it is the agenda to make us drink the poison ourselves, so that all that would be left to do is drag the corpse.

We expose one such liberal here, Beena Sarwar, who has announced this petition in her article in The News today, for the nation to assess, who is who, and what is what, in this complex of a relationship between Pakistan and India; here are some tweets that show her hand–in-hand relations with prominent Pak-haters of India:


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