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Blackout Plan by Cable Operators and Media Owners against SC’s Action against ‘Obscenity’ and ‘Illegal Indian Channels’ ???

Posted by yourpakistan on August 9, 2012







PKKH Special Report

An ‘Iftaar’ meeting of cable operators association held in karachi on August 7,2012, it was decided to counter Supreme courts recent actions against obscenity and illegal Indian channels being showed on Cable networks around the country. A three-judge bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Tariq Parvez had taken up a petition of former Jamaat-i-Islami Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed and a letter by Justice (retd) Wajhiuddin Ahmed to the chief justice on which a notice had been issued to the Pemra chairman. After the meeting, Cable association members talked to Media owners who were also invited in this meeting, to completely Black out the verdict of supreme court which is expected to be against un-checked obscenity and banning of illegal channels. 

PEMRA is also in picture here since very strong reactions were noted in the court proceedings on Monday, when the supreme court was surprised to note that Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) stated that the government had neither a policy to monitor TV programmes, especially of foreign channels, nor it had a clear definition of obscenity.

Pemra’s acting chairman Abdul Jabbar was of the opinion that obscenity or vulgarity was a relative term because a programme might appear to be vulgar to some people but not offensive to others. But the court corrected him by citing Section 20c of the Pemra Ordinance and Code of Conduct for Media Broadcasters and Cable Operators which prohibits airing of obscene, pornographic or any programme injurious to public morality and against basic cultural norms and values

Abdul Jabbar again failed to satisfy the court when asked to provide a list of cases where Pemra action had been stayed by courts. He only said that an appeal was pending in a court against a private channel.

The court asked him to categorise programmes with proper ratings as were done in the West so that people should know what they were watching.

Jabbar  sought a month’s time to research the matter. Rejecting the request for more time, the bench ruled that it is not yet forming a commission, but only granting a week’s time to the regulatory authority.

However, a plan was devised in today’s meeting by Cable network association to Black out the coverage of this case on the electronic media on August 13,2012 when one week deadline expires, as a strategy no talk shows will be allowed, no news coverage will be given to this verdict and 14th August packages will be used as an excuse for missing out the major development expected in this case. This will be done in order to protect their vested and monitory interests that are asymmetrically weakening the moral and social coherence of society.

It is imperative that honest media personnel, News Anchors, Columnists and Writers should stand  against this conspiracy against Pakistan’s society that has already suffered and devastated due to immorality that is plagued by obscenity that has even forced west to take pre-emptive measures; though it is already too late for them to control the amount of immorality, molestation, rapes and other ills that result due to obscenity. We in Pakistan, have only started to bear the consequences on many fronts due to these vulgar productions in the name of entertainment.

It is for the people of Pakistan to see if these anchor persons, and Journalists do ? Will they succumb to the pressure of their owner and prove disloyal to their profession ? Or will the stand up and expose the nexus of evil that is hell bent to destroy the core foundations of our society and faith.


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