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Editorial: Thank You Javed Chaudhery, For Giving a Wake Up Call

Posted by yourpakistan on August 7, 2012


PKKH Editorial

Javed Chaudhery recent comments on Kashif Abbasi’s program ‘off-the–record’ have plainly opened the emptiness of character of this man, who appears every day on our screens with high grade moral excerpts from all over the history, challenging the politicians over their corruption, double-game and ethics.

Mr. Chaudhery has shown that moral had nothing to do with his person, but were only the possession of this side of the table, the moment Mr. Chaudhery was place on the other side of the table he exhibited the same kind of degeneracy his guests exhibit every day.

The same Mr. Chaudhery, who challenges the government representatives every day for not delivering in more than 4 years, explained to the people that the electronic media is only 10 years old and that you adjust the working, temperature and standards of a microwave oven after it has come in the public use not before. 

On the issue of obscenity and indecency in the news channels, Mr. Chaudhery tried to shun his responsibility by saying that he is only responsible for his own talk show; when in his own talk-shows he presents himself as the petitioner of the whole nation. He showed an extreme sense of immorality when he tried to persuade the audience that covering Rajesh Khanna for the whole day was very correct as we also covered Mehdi Hasan, Noor Jehan and that the west covered M. Jackson for weeks and that they are more ethical and responsible than we are. When Ansaar Abbassi constantly tried to press that Islamic values and the constitution should be upheld by all channels and vulgarity should be fought against by all, especially the journalists and warned us that according to survey, the majority of the people is watching indecency; Mr. Chaudhery resorted on the lame logic that the channels show what the people want to see. We must congratulate the media and its personals like Mr. Chaudhery that they are using people’s-power just like the politicians are; as in a democracy people are entitled what they want and law is made according to that. So whatever the elite make to happen, they can put it all on the people, because they are always either the people or the power.

The most extra-ordinary senseless attack that Javed Chaudhery made on Ansaar Abbassi was his insistence, in defence of Rajesh Khanna was that Pakistan does not have any heroes of its own, not even 3 to count on fingers. It’s a pity that Javed Chaudhery is blind to see the young heroes who are giving their lives every day on our borders and their martyrdom goes unreported, and Mr. Chaudhery recognizes R Khanna above them; perhaps he is too thickheaded to see the thousands in the millions, who work with honesty and perform extra-ordinary in their lawful ways of living, in many departments and fields, but we are not to make them our heroes, rather we choose to make the likes of Veena Malik and R Khanna and all other Indian film-ies our heroes and heroines.

Thank you Javed Chaudhery for telling us that all things are relative and the media has to sell what sells and what rates higher. Thanks for telling us that religious responsibility is 1400 years old and that you can’t be concerned about it. Thanks for proving to us that it is the agenda of the mainstream media to sell indecency to the people and that you totally defend that stance.

In response to the ignoble message that has been conveyed to the people PKKH has decided to launch a series of article on the heroes of Pakistan and InshaAllah this will be a long series.


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