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Wisconsin Killings, Grorwing Trend of Extremism in US General Public

Posted by yourpakistan on August 6, 2012

Photo Courtesy: Huffington Post

PKKH Editorial 

A mass shooting took place in the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday morning in Oak Creek. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, witnesses say that as many as 30 people may have been shot. CNN reports that a gunman was killed by a police officer. 6 other people have also been confirmed dead, by the AP report. The Police Chief B. Wentlandt said he doesn’t know the total number of victims involved.  Police said they do not believe there was a second shooter. WISN reports that there are still people inside the temple in what may be a hostage situation. A witness told the Journal-Sentinel some of the reported hostages may be children. Initial reports said a witness to the shooting told law enforcement agents that the shooter was a heavy build, bald white male wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, last seen with two handguns. 

Though shootings like this are not uncommon in the US but unlike Pakistan there are not labeled with tags like TERRORISM or EXTREMISM, the CNN has been clarifying that the killing and hostage taking was probably because the shooter took the Guradwara for a Mosque; but it did not make clear that this statement is meant to sympathize with the Sikhs or to cry out loud that CNN hates the Muslims and they are not ashamed in admitting it. 

We sympathize with the Sikh and hope for the safe recovery of all those who are stranded inside the Guradwara and we call upon the world community to take notice on the growing trend of extremist behavior in the common people of America.

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