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Pakistani Students Win International Debating Competition

Posted by yourpakistan on August 5, 2012

by Rafi Imran Amjad | PKKH Correspondent

The Nation is Proud. We Congratulate the Winners and Their Parents

Three 15-year old Pakistani students have won one of the largest high school debating competitions in the world. The Karl Popper Debating Competition (KPDC) was held in Mexico. The Pakistani team won from South Korea in the final round. The team members also won additional prizes on an individual level for being listed in the top 10 speakers of the tournament. The team won after going through six preliminary rounds, 3 elimination rounds and the grand final. 

The three bright Pakistani students were Zainab Hameed from Karachi Grammar School, Azeem Liaquatfrom Salamat International Campus for Advanced Studies in Lahore and Ahmed Shujaan from the Aitchison College. Teams from 45 countries came together to debate on a mix of prepared and impromptu motions. The topic for the finals was “Guantanamo Bay prison should be closed down immediately”. The Pakistani finalists were defending the motion. This is an ultimate win not only for the students but also for Pakistan as a nation. Pakistani brilliance and intelligence has once again proven that they can win an international jury in a worldwide debate forum.


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