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Top Bureaucrat Plays into the Hands of Foreign Lobbies

Posted by yourpakistan on July 15, 2012

Special Investigative Report 

Although news about corrupt high-ranking officers in Pakistan’s bureaucracy is a routine matter but this time a nefarious federal secretary has been caught red-handed double dealing this nation. 

In Pakistan’s political and bureaucratic circles the Ministry of IT & Telecom owing to its highest funds allocation is often termed a gold mine. The recent commotion about 3G licensing, frequency allocation etc. are all matters pertaining to this very ministry.

The talk of huge sums, as discussed above, tempted Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani, into appointing a low ranking Prime Minister house fixit guy as the acting Federal Secretary for the Ministry of I.T & Telecom.

This person, namely Farooq Ahmed Awan, is not even a grade 22 officer, which stands a prerequisite for posting to a federal secretary slot and the appointment of Mr. Raja Pervez Ashraf (before his Prime Ministerial run) as the minister for this same ministry provides further evidence of maligned intentions of the appointing authorities.

These maligned intentions surfaced in haste. Mr. Farooq Ahmed Awan soon after assuming charge as acting federal secretary started attending these ICT related conference at the US Embassy in Islamabad. At first this seemed as routine business but the increasing invites and side meetings made suspicions arise.

Turns out that the Federal Secretary was leaking sensitive cellular and landline customer base information to the said embassy officials through his official control over cellular companies and PTCL. Sources reveal that Mr. Sikander Naqi of PTCL was an accomplice in this heinous crime against national security.

Furthermore Mr. Farooq Awan is also hindering the recovery of more than 3 Billion PKR from India. India owes this money to PTCL in terms of telephony traffic utilization. Mr. Awan’s unwarranted claim on this money is favoring the Indian authorities in stopping the payment of this amount to Pakistan. Obviously the secretary has forgotten that the government of Pakistan owns more than 73 percent shares of PTCL and the money once credited to PTCL’s account would automatically make it’s way to Government of Pakistan and even if it doesn’t, imagine the amount of foreign exchange Pakistan would earn just through this amount making its way to any Pakistani account! 

Moreover Mr. Farooq Awan is making distorted claims about this payment in newspapers and also in front Senates committee on IT & Telecom. His untruthful statements have resulted in getting the name of the chairman of a firm whom PTCL hired for the recovery of this payment on ECL. The firm who recovered this payment in national interest had succeeded in completing a task which no other government official could accomplish since 1947 (the payment is outstanding since 1947).

We tried to contact Mr. Farooq Ahmed Awan for his comments but despite repeated attempts, he refused to reply to our requests.


One Response to “Top Bureaucrat Plays into the Hands of Foreign Lobbies”

  1. waq said

    Posting of Fawad ahmad Fawad as additional secretary cabinet has unfolded corrupt agenda of loot and plunder of PML-N government. Fawad ahmad Fawad as secretary health of Punjab government with “ chothi mian sahib” had played havoc with Punjab health department by plundering its resources in making purchases of costly useless machinery still lying unutilized and Punjab health department still licking wounds inflicted by this corrupt man. His brothers are contractors of FWO and now like RBT of Lahore another era of loot and plunder will be unleashed by “mian brothers” through these dummy contractors.

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