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Why Pakistani Patriots Need To Support DPC March Against Reopening US/NATO War Supply Routes

Posted by yourpakistan on July 10, 2012












Pakistani women, in hijab and jeans, joined last year’s landmark protest against CIA drone attacks. We can unite for our homeland regardless of political, religious, social differences.

Patriotic Pakistanis need to support DPC’s long march and not be influenced by disinformation against DPC. Some critics describe DPC as a creation of the military. Others say it’s a group of extremists. Both accusations are lies. More importantly, they are an attempt to weaken Pakistani opposition to our role in wrong American policies. The disinformation also seeks to play on the manufactured division pitching religious and nonreligious Pakistanis against each other. 

Pakistanis can choose to be religious or not. They can respect these small differences and remain united when it comes to larger causes affecting the homeland.

The Defense of Pakistan Council has launched its ‘long march’ against the reopening of US military and NATO war supply routes. Up to 8,000 Pakistanis by police estimates and slightly more by DPC estimates are taking part. By rough estimates, an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis is opposed to Pakistani role in America’s failed war next door. Pakistanis want good relations with all nations, including the United States. But they won’t accept unfair deals where Pakistan is the loser.  Islamabad’s cooperation with Washington on Afghanistan is one such situation.

Sadly, none of the opposition parties, particularly PMLN and PTI, are supporting the DPC march.

PMLN is an integral part of the corrupt and failed Pakistani political system. It is a waste of space to discuss why PMLN won’t support DPC. PMLN is out of touch on many issues close to the hearts of Pakistanis.

Imran Khan’s PTI supports an end to Pakistan’s role in America’s failed war next door. The PTI will launch a protest in Peshawar on July 14 against government’s decision to restore the facility to US military to transport its war supplies via Pakistani land routes to Afghanistan. [Note: it is more correct to describe them as US war supplies. Most NATO member countries have small deployments in Afghanistan. Most of the war supplies passing through Pakistan belong to US Army.

When PTI launched its landmark protest against US supplies last year, Pakistani men and women, religious or nonreligious, belonging to middle and lower economic classes, vigorously participated. You could see Pakistani ladies in hijab and jeans, Pakistani men who came in luxurious cars and on bicycles, getting together for one cause: to stand by Pakistan against an unfair deal that destroyed Pakistan economy, stability and regional interests.

In short, PTI’s 2011 protest against US/NATO war supply routes proved Pakistanis are united on this issue across political, religious, and social divides. Of course, there exist in Pakistan a few pockets of support for wrong US policies and CIA drone attacks, but their presence and support are limited, and largely the result of Washington cultivating support inside Pakistan through various means, including illegitimate ones over the past decade.

We at PakNationalists Forum believe patriotic Pakistanis should support DPC’s long march, which is supposed to end in front of federal parliament in Islamabad.  Pakistanis should not be swayed by disinformation on DPC. You don’t have to agree with the positions of each party behind DPC. And this is not a creation of Pakistani military or intelligence. Pakistanis are concerned about the latest shameful capitulation of our government in front of United States and its failure to protect our interests. DPC is just one more citizen group trying to create public awareness.

This is a platform, and a cause, worthy of us Pakistanis. Let’s lend support, by speaking in its favor, by calling on our politicians to support it, by urging the media to provide coverage, and by writing about it positively in newspapers, text messages and blogs. Most importantly, we need to see more Pakistanis setting aside minor differences and joining the cause.

Source: Pak Nationalists


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