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POLICY BRIEF | Was Pakistan Wrong In Reviewing US Ties? | Released in Islamabad today | Project For Pakistan In 21st Century

Posted by yourpakistan on July 5, 2012

POLICY BRIEF: Was Pakistan Wrong In Reviewing U.S. Ties? 

Most NATO member countries were untouched by Pakistan’s blockade of US military supplies. The theories about Pakistan’s isolation are also inaccurate. So why did Pakistan go back on its decision to withdraw the container transport facility without an agreement on new terms & conditions for Pak-US ties?

This Policy Brief is critical read for members of the Pakistani media, students of Pakistan policy, Pakistani lawmakers, diplomats, members of the federal government and armed forces of Pakistan.

This document is tailored for policy makers and analysts. Author and researcher Mehmood Maajid tackles five important questions that Pakistani decision makers confronted when Pakistan temporarily withdrew the facility to United States government to transport US military and NATO war supplies through Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Critics of the Pakistani decision argued that Islamabad needs Washington to secure a role in the Afghan end game. They said Pakistan cannot afford to confront forty-nine member countries of NATO. And that the decision to withdraw the facility has rendered Pakistan diplomatically isolated. 

The first stunning revelation in the Brief deals with the question of ‘confronting 49 nations.’  Research shows that 33 NATO countries in Afghanistan have less than 1,000 soldiers, meaning the Pakistani blockade did not affect them. More surprisingly, of the 33, 16 European countries have less than 100 soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.

The Brief proves that NATO member countries were almost unmoved by Pakistan’s blockade of US military supplies. None of the NATO countries was desperate to engage Pakistan to restore the container transport facility.  The only country that was desperate to engage Pakistan to restore the supply routes was the United States because the blockade affected its own military.

This and other insightful and direct points raised by this Policy Brief show that Pakistan had a solid opportunity to restructure Pakistan-US relations on terms fairer to Pakistan. It also shows that the reasons given to prematurely end the Pakistani blockade are inaccurate, raising the question: What are the real reasons for the embarrassing Pakistani retreat on restructuring Pakistan-US ties?

To read the Policy Brief, click here.

To download the Brief in either text or PDF formats, click here.

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