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Democracy The Best Revenge

Posted by yourpakistan on June 21, 2012


PKKH Exclusive | By Aneela Shahzad

They have been saying: ‘democracy is the best revenge!’, I say that democracy is the best revenge so far that the Almighty has ever taken from a people who have turned away from His sovereignty.

Based on Lincoln’s famous quote of a ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’, having no necessity of being a government of God, securing the rights of the people under God, by men of God. According to Friedman, when you allow the people to choose, you are allowing the irrational voter who is highly uninformed about many political issues, especially relating to economics, and may have a strong bias about the few issues on which he is fairly knowledgeable. So when democracy is thrown on untrained masses, Pakistan is a perfect example of what they will get.

They also say that democracy will give its fruit only when/if you allow it to follow its course freely through dozens and dozens of elections. What they do not say is that, will the stagnancy of the status-co not multiply its effect in this due course of time, will the status-co let the masses become aware and empowered as to what their rights are OR while it is in power, would the status-co not devise evermore cunning methods to keep the public comfortable in deception and mental slavery; is not ‘democracy’ the new ‘opium of the masses’. 

No, I am not against democracy, it is a viable practice, what I say is it is not a complete system; it has loop-holes, that allow all sorts of corruption to creep in. How is a system of governance ‘for the people’ if it allows back-door diplomacy, is that not an open breach to the rights of the people, does that not signal that a certain elite considers prime matters above the intellect of the masses and reserve the right of decision, owned by the people, to themselves. How is a system of governance ‘by the people’, if it allows disqualified, convicted, under-trial persons to be elected as representatives; is that what the people are? How is a system complete if it has no mechanism to keep itself defended from the parasitic evil that will be ever striving to penetrate the system?

And does that not make a mockery of the judicial system itself; people like Rehman Malik, Baber Awan, Gillanni, Zardari and Nawaz Shareef, who have been convicted several times by the courts, have been jailed, exiled and are needed in several suspended trials, when they regain power through back-door diplomacy and manipulation of the political interests of opposing power hubs of the status-co, simply shun off all their previous sin-records by announcing that they were victims of political assassination; are they saying that the judicial system is blind to judge truth from conspiracy or are they saying that the corruption of the judiciary is always directly proportional to the corruption of the state machine. So how does democracy go with the Justinian law system, which again has no concern with the law given by the Creator of the machine of man and his society, how will this two-pronged system yield, if not in rendering society with a multiple sclerosis.

Democracy, in its outlook, seems to be a promising approach that would safeguard the interest of all by giving the right to vote to each individual, but at insight, one can easily recognize the fool-heartiness; of equaling the unequal. Equaling: the wise with the unwise; the trained with the untrained; the evil with the innocent; and the unaware with the cunning. Does the unaware man, striving to make the ends meet, churning day and night between the cycles of circumstances and meager human desires, have the ability to secure itself from the exploitative designs of a super imposed, over powered state machine; a state machine that has enshrined itself of being the rightly beholder of all power as it is the rightly representative of its people and at the same time immune to all accountability as it is answerable to no one, for the only one above it was God, and the Justinian law does not bound it to Him.

So what is this pompous blind support of a blind democracy, is it not a man-made system, does it have no room for further considerations, is it sacred? Why can we not ask it to comply with the supreme authority of Allah, why can it not blend into the law given by the supreme, why does it call itself ‘of the people’ yet stands aloof of the aspirations and belief of the people. Why does it tend to secularize the thought and when all has been equal to all, strip it off all its sanity and security, leaving it unarmed at the mercy of merciless power centers, with no fear of God; who is ultimately the only one having the ability to comprehend their situation and defend them.

Democracy is the best revenge, as it is laced with the armour of deception: ‘the law makes the parliament and the parliament makes the law’; ‘nothing is above the parliament and the judiciary is above the parliament’ OR they can both comply with each other for the higher sacred cause of ‘democracy’. Of course only the interest of the common man will be lost but the idol of democracy will be saved.

So be my guest, keep feeding the idol of democracy, no matter it delivers or not, don’t ask any questions, keep sticking to the status-co, give it a couple of centuries and see how society annihilates itself; guessing all the way whether the Media took the Judiciary, the state took the Media or the Judiciary took the State.

Aneela Shahzad is an editor at and can be contacted via,  and you can also find her at Aneela Shahzad’s Blog.


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