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PakNationalists – POLICY BRIEF: NATO, Afghanistan And The Pakistan Supply Line, A Question Of Legitimacy

Posted by yourpakistan on May 17, 2012

Defense and security analyst Dr. Shireen M. Mazari provides a unique perspective on three questions facing Pakistani policymakers in May 2012: 

Policy Brief | Released By Project For Pakistan In 21st Century

1. Are NATO pressures on Pakistan to reopen the overland supply routes legitimate under international law? Will Pakistan violate any laws if does not grant NATO this permission?

2. Does it serve Pakistani interests to allow NATO to transport war supplies and weapons through Pakistan to Afghanistan?

3. Will Pakistan benefit from participation in NATO’S 25th summit meeting in Chicago?

Referring to UN Charter and NATO’s own laws, Mazari concludes NATO is not mandated by UN resolutions to be in Afghanistan.

She reveals how some NATO member diplomats ‘sneaked’ the organization into ISAF, which was originally assigned by UNSC to establish security and peace in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent use of force against Afghanistan.

Mazari explains that, by blocking or ending the NATO supply lines, Pakistan does not violate international conventions governing transit access to landlocked states.

According to the same rules, it is the government of Afghanistan that should request Pakistan to allow third-country supplies to pass through Pakistan and this has not happened yet. Moreover, any supplies passing through Pakistani land or air corridors cannot include weapons.

Then there is the question of NATO violations of Pakistani border and the deliberate murder of Pakistani soldiers on several occasions. 

Recent world history does not offer any example of a state allowing weapons to pass through its territory to be used against it later, says Dr. Mazari.

Read the Policy Brief here: NATO, Afghanistan And The Pakistan Supply Line: A Question Of Legitimacy 

To download the brief in PDF format, click here.


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