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Sister of ‘Salala’ Martyr Asks, as Pakistanis await another deceit of resuming ‘Nato Supply’

Posted by yourpakistan on May 15, 2012

Our foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said, we cannot risk relations with 48 countries, I ask her, How will you answer the 24 martyrs of Salala?

PKKH Exclusive || By – Ambreen Aijaz (Sister of Capt.Usman Shaheed)

It was a common Saturday morning and I had taken off from college because I was ill. I turned on the tv and saw the breaking news, NATO Forces’ helicopters attacked a border post at Pak-Afghan border martyring 24 Pakistani soldiers. Having seen the photos in Usman Bhai’s computer of many Army personnels who are posted at Mohmand Agency, I painfully thought which friends Usman Bhai lost today. At 1:05 PM, I received a call from my cousin Saad (Mrs. Usman’s younger brother) and he told me Usman Bhai has embraced Shahadat; I hadn’t thought for a second about such an outcome.


Now let’s revisit some events of this unforgettable and unforgivable incident. On 1st July, 2011, Usman bhai was waiting for his convoy destined for Mohmand Agency in Peshawar, I was discussing Pakistan-US ties with him on messages when he said, “mujhay ab america ki sar e aam ankhain phirti hui nazar aa rahi hain jo pehlay chup chupa k hota tha pakistan k against wo ab khul k ho ga” (I can sense US openly shifting focus, things that were done quietly before, will now be done in open) and after four months and twenty five days brazen American aggression proved him right.

Usman Bhai was the ‘chosen’ one, unlike other children of his age who when asked about their futures would answer like, doctors, engineers and pilots, Capt.Usman Ali Shaheed always used to say, “main bara ho ke Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed banon ga”. He was passionate to embrace Shahadat (Martyrdom) since his childhood. When the operation against militants was on it’s peak in Mohmand Agency, Usman bhai had an ‘appendix pain’ and went through a surgery, having a leave of one month he returned home for rest. Everyone was relieved that he is out of the battle field but he himself was sad that he is in privileges of his home while his unit is fighting in rugged mountains sacrificing for the homeland. As his leave was ending, I asked him “leaving after two days?” he enthusiastically responded, “yeah finally”, he was thankful to almighty to be back on feets to defend ‘Pak Sar Zameen.

Army personnel hardly speak of their patriotism because they believe in actions not words. But when asked about Army personnel’s feelings towards Islam and Pakistan Usman Bhai said, “we are first Muslims, then Pakistani and then Army personnels, we are in Army because of Pakistan.”

But apart from his bravery, he was an extraordinary human being, one I never thought existed before I met him. All someone had to do was to mention in front of him that they are in trouble, he would offer his help straight away to anyone ensuring that the person in need gets his work done completely. His behavior was extraordinarily kind to everyone, Usman bhai was a true depiction of this verse,

“Ho Halqa-e-Yaran tou Resham Ki Tarah Narm, Rizm-e-Haq-o-Batil Ho Tou Faulad Hai Momin”

(If in the circles of friends, they be as soft as silk, when in the battle of Truth and Falsehood momin is hard as metal )

Let me very briefly tell you about another lucky sould, who was among the martyrs of ‘Salala’, Major ‘Mujahid Shaheed’ who once said to Captain Usman Shaheed’s mother “ anti ap fikar na karien (Usman) yeh mere sath hai” (Aunty, You need not worry, since Usman is with me) so when NATO forces continously attacked Salala check-post on the night of 26th November, Major Mujahid left his safe position at his post just only to support ‘Usman bhai’s post that was under heavy shelling. He was cautioned by his juniors that going there will be futile, but his special love for Usman bhai couldn’t help him stay safe, in fact not only Usman, but his brothers, his soldiers mercilessly dying at the hands of enemy in disguise was something that ‘Mujahid’ was not able to stand, “I have to go” he said decisively running like lion with his Rifle to the attacked post to protect the honor of Usman and his team , and Indeed the sovereignty of Pakistan.

These priceless sons of Pakistan fulfilled their promise of defending till the last breath, but the question looming today is, will these sacrifices go in vain ? my faith tells me, No they will never, but let’s analyse; Today when I heard the news about NATO supply line’s possible reopening, it filled me with rage, Our foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar said, we cannot risk relations with 48 countries, I ask her, How will you answer the 24 martyrs of Salala ? And I put all my anger in #BlockNATOSupply tweets and was happy to see the message resonated as a top-trend in Pakistan, but I don’t know if ‘trending’ on twitter only will effect our politicians and will they eventually refuse the re-opening of NATO supplies that took my brother and 24 precious sons from me, that took millions of innocents lives during the decade of this bloody war ?

I trust the people of Pakistan only, who have enormous power and can change our future and re-shape our destiny. It’s about time that we stand up against this slavery of foreign powers, it’s about time we decide not to provide them with commodities who attacked our soldiers and any innocent for that matter.

Once I send Usman Bhai a verse of poetry in text message,

“Hamien Yakeen Hai Hum Hain Chiragh-e-Akhir-e-Shab, Hamare Bad Andhera Nahi Ujala Hai”

(We are determined that we are the lanterns of the pre-dawn, enlightenment will take away the darkness,once we are off)

He Quickly responded, “hamare bad nahi, hum hi ujala laien ge.”

(Not after us, We Will bring the light back)

He proved true to his words by bringing a new light in the lives of Pakistanis by giving them a hope to fight their enemies in the disguise, to stand against those who have pushed our politicians to their feet, he along with 24 martyrs of ‘Salala’ have shown the glittering path of Dignity and Sacrifice, lest we learn – we may survive. You’r blood will not go in vain Usman bhai, may you see the rise of Pakistan from the heavens. Ameen


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