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Consensus Security Strategy

Posted by yourpakistan on May 14, 2012

If Pakistan Army operates drones and assert its sovereign right to make the final call if and when it requires to hit any target, must be a non-Pakistani hiding on our soil, without any permission to American CIA to conduct any operation on its territory, then such actions may have some justification. Pakistan army should use its intelligence to pick up the target with some sort of joint control over how drones operate.

Nadeem Malik – Aaj Tv

The presence of CIA network on Pakistani soil must be eliminated if we want some sort of stability in the country. Pakistan would have to crack down against CIA spy network, contractors and some of the private security agencies set up in the country after 9/11 to end their dubious roles. Similarly, we need to wipe out armed private groups carrying out terrorists attacks, killing innocent civilians.

Pakistan’s legitimate interests in the Afghan end-game need to be fully safe guarded without budging an inch, plus assurances that no hostile action against Iran would be carried out through our soil. Lastly, it seems that the government and military are on the same page on the issue of NATO supplies. Before they take any decision, perhaps it would be logical to discuss how Pak-US bilateral relations would prosper when American law makers have shown almost half dozen bills relating to sanctions, administration have fixed a bounty of $10 mln against a Pakistani national Hafiz Saeed who is yet to be proven in a court of law and Washington has threatened sanctions if we proceed with Iranian gas pipeline, which we desperately need to run our economy. If this is the way forward, then the resumption of NATO supplies would have no benefit for us. On the other hand, if Washington shows balanced approach in the region, accommodates Islamabad’s security interests, addrsses apprehensions, concerns and justifiable demands of Islamabad, then the story maybe different.

Chicago Summit should be an important even for us and participation, if invited, should be hehelpful in thrashingout final details. However, if our strategic interests are not fully covered, we may not be able to get a meaningful result. So, all options should be on the table and decisions should be based on what is the best for the country in years to come, not one-off payment of coalition support fund etc. 

ايوان صدر اسلام آباد ميں ملک کي اعلي ترين سياسي اور فوجي قيادت کا اجلاس ، جاري ہے ، اس ميں پاک امريکا تعلقات اور نيٹو کے بند سپلائي روٹ سے متعلق امور پر غور کيا جارہا ہے صدرمملکت آصف علي زرداري، وزيراعظم يوسف رضا گيلاني کي مشترکا صدارت ميں ہونے والي اس اجلاس ميں آرمي چيف جنرل اشفاق پرويز کياني، دفاع، خارجہ، داخلہ اور خزانہ امور کے وفاقي وزراء اور متعلقہ وفاقي سيکريٹريز بھي شريک ہوئے ہيں ، نيٹو کي …بند سپلائي روٹ سے متعلق غور کيلئے وفاقي کابينہ کي دفاعي کميٹي کا اجلاس کل ہورہا ہے ، اس سے پہلے ہونے والے آج کے اجلاس ميں پاک امريکا تعلقات کيلئے ملک کي خارجہ پاليسي پر پارليماني گائيڈ لائنز کي سفارشات کو مدنظر رکھ کر غور کيا جارہا ہے، امريکا اور نيٹو کي جانب سے افغانستان کيلئے معطل سپلائي روٹ کو بحال کرانے کيلئے پاکستان پر شديد دباو ڈالا جارہا ہے


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