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Pakistan’s Top Military Commander Hits Back at Hillary Clinton

Posted by yourpakistan on May 9, 2012

An hour after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advised Pakistan to eliminate terrorists’ sanctuaries from its soil and take measures to bring the culprits of Mumbai attacks behind bars, Peshawar Corps Commander Lt. Gen Khalid Durrani criticized the US and Nato for what he said their dual standards.

Speaking to media Tuesday, the military commander in country’s conflict zone, taunted the US and Nato saying, negotiations with Taliban across the border (Afghanistan) are justified while it is wrong when Pakistan does so with militants. He said that Pakistan is forbidden from engaging the militants in talks by the allies in Afghanistan. The commander said that the US and Nato wanted to make Pakistan a scape goat. Gen Khalid Durrani said that Washington and the Nato was passing the buck to Pakistan while they had also been in contact with the Taliban for holding talks.

Source: The News Tribe

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