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Osama Bin Laden Operation : May 2nd Raid; Some Unanswered Questions

Posted by yourpakistan on May 3, 2012















By Salman Javed || Exclusive

 ‘I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist.’ 

That was the first thought that came to my mind when I decided to write something about the May-2 Raid. But like 9-11 and the case of WMDs in Iraq, where some facts are undeniable; some questions need very specific answers with supporting facts, and the claimer has to provide some solid Proofs, before he/she claims of anything exceptional. 

A complete year passed away and we are still in dark about the events that actually happened. Or perhaps this is what we are led to believe; that we cannot find facts on any of the issues played by the big players in their dirty game.

The operation was named as “Neptune Star”. It was spread through different reports that, well before the operation SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU) practiced the mission in a segregated section of Camp Alpha at Bigram Air Base, Afghanistan, throughout April, 2011, later on they carried out the raid and the “details” were shared by officials and reporters on the media, by CIA Chief and by Obama himself. 

Some questions:

Keeping in view statements and their perspectives that surfaced on the news and in different analysis and on the official grounds time and again. There are some questions that need to be answered.

The time factor

The distance from Jalalabad, Afghanistan to Abbottabad, Pakistan is 160 miles.

The distance from Jalalabad, Afghanistan to Kabul, Afghanistan (location of Bagram AFB) is 75 miles.

The distance from Kabul, Afghanistan to the USS Carl Vinson was at least 725 miles.

Now let’s see what is the capacity and speed of the choppers, Black Hawks, that were used in the operation and the aircraft AV-22 Osprey that took the body from Afghanistan to Arabian Sea.

Blackhawk helicopter key performance capabilities A V-22 Osprey’s key performance capabilities

Maximum speed: 159 knots (183 mph, 295 km/h)

Cruise speed: 150 knots (173 mph, 278 km/h) Maximum speed: 250 knots (463 km/h, 288 mph) at sea level / 305 knots (565 km/h; 351 mph) at 15,000 ft (4,600 m)[141]

Cruise speed: 241 knots (277 mph, 446 km/h) at sea level

Now keeping in mind the above information and the information received through official statements from the US and reports that later on surfaced quoting “Officials” many times, like the report of Nick Schmidle published in New Yorker about the complete operation and the details of DNA sampling and reports till the burial. The following findings can be extracted:

According to ABC news the Flight from Jalalabad took place in “early morning hours of May-2” whereas it actually took place on the night of May-1, on 23:30 hours PKT as per reports of Nick and others.

The flight took 90 minutes to Abbottabad, Seals raided the compound, engaged gunmen in battle, found Osama, shot him down, collected evidence, and left the Compound after 40 minutes, on their way back, they re-fueled the survived chopper “just inside’” the Pakistani territory for at least 25 minutes. They arrived back at Jalalabad airport after a flight of 2 hours & 20 minutes and during this whole operation they were never hit down by any Pakistani air craft which was scrambled (as per reports of officials) shortly after the completion of Operation. They reached back at Jalalabad on PKT 0335 hrs. McRaven and other CIA officials looked at the body, took samples for DNA and after 2 hours 15 minutes it was loaded in A V-22 Osprey, which took a flight of 3 hours minimum keeping in view its max speed and the distance from Jalalabad to the carrier. It US air carrier craft on PKT 0835 hrs.

At least they can tell us that how Mr. Obama confirmed the death and Burial Process of Osama on the same time when the body arrived on the aircraft carrier, as per their declared timings??? Why was an aircraft escorted by Jets, supposedly using the air space of a country on “High Alert” not spotted during a flight of 3 hours??

Physical Evidence

The raid was described in “detail” by the officials and the reporters who projected Obama and his special Seal team as heroes. But neither anything was offered to any media house or reporter or to public as “The proof of death”, nor to any independent third party. Some orgs and Media houses even requested under the FOIA (Freedom of information Act) to at least provide them partial release of photographs, videos, and/or DNA test results.

At the time of filing their FOIA request, The Associated Press said:

This information is important for the historical record. That’s our view. (Michael Oreskes, Senior Managing Editor, The Associated Press)

On April 26, 2012, a US federal judge decided in the case of the Judicial Watch v. the U.S. Department of Defense, et al that the DoD did not need to release any evidence to the public. The Judicial Watch’s president responded to the ruling by saying:

The court got it terribly wrong. There is no provision under the Freedom of Information Act that allows documents to be kept secret because their release might offend our terrorist enemies. We will appeal. (Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch)

NO Pictures, because they were “Gruesome”

It was also said by Obama that they are not releasing the Photos of Osama because they are gruesome. It’s quite interesting to note that they only shot two fires on Osama, one in the chest and other in the head and declared Osama’s pictures taken as “gruesome”.

Question is how gruesome they can be? Were they gruesome more to Abu-Musab’s Pictures who was shot dead in Iraq? Or they were more gruesome to the pictures that US or its soldiers release time to time with dead bodies, while dancing and peeing over them or chopping them into pieces?

It is also to be noted that when Udday and Qussay were shot dead in 2003 in Iraq, photos they released were graphical; bodieswere mutilated due to shots. Upon criticism, the US did some cosmetic surgery so they could be looked at again, before funeral. During this course of time, for 11 complete days, bodies were kept with the American forces.

 Why couldn’t they do the same with Osama’s body?? 

Any Ideas out there?

The change of Story, and the Version of the Seals

The white house later on admitted that Bin laden was not killed in a gun battle, and that he didn’t use his wife as a ‘Human Shield’. Also about the luxurious life style, the price of the compound, the name change of Osama’s fallen son from Khalid to Hamza, and a black-out of 20-25 minutes which wasn’t shown on the Screens of the Situation Room, about which they claimed that they saw “all what was happening there minute by minute”.

It also indicates that it wasn’t a “Kill Mission” (if it actually occurred). But if we see in the details released by the officials on this operation, it is evident that they projected it as a “Kill mission”. The code name of operation, the targets code name and also the code they used after the fall of Osama, the infamous terminology of “Geronimo”, the engagement of the gunmen, killing/capturing of 22 people altogether is yet another blooper which finally came on surface with the latest statements of Seals’ former commander, Chuck Pfarrer. In which he specifically elaborated that:

They weren’t on a “kill mission”

They fired only 12 bullets in entire operation

Angry with Obama for announcing Bin Laden’s death

In white house’s version, they not only engaged gunmen and shot them down and killed 22 people there. They also fired 2 shots at Osama. How on earth with 12 bullets could they kill 22 people? Does it make any sense? What about the shots fired from the gunmen from Osama’s side?

They were a yard away from their guns. Why didn’t they prepare themselves when they could observe some movement outside the compound, which actually involved choppers??

The Observation of Pakistani Commission

And last but not the least, Contradictions found in the details of American version of story by the Pakistani Abbottabad commission.

The seals Claimed that they fired 12 bullets, the American higher officials claimed that there were 22 who were shot down during operation by Seals and the Commission interestingly only found a single bullet-casing and bullet-mark was found from the room which was allegedly filled with more than half a dozen armed companions of Osama.

The bullet mark was found on a wall in bin Laden’s bedroom, the same room where he was killed. The mark is so high on the wall that it appears as if the man firing bullet was on his knees. The seals never mentioned anything like this in their latest statements. Where does all this fit then? The commission also told to a press conference that when they will publish the report (which is on the discretion of PM of Pakistan), then people will find “Very interesting and shocking” facts in it.


I already stated in the beginning, that I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist. But when it comes to the table of facts and findings, and claims that has to be supported with solid supporting evidence and calculations, America fails miserably there. The Flight timings, the raid timings, the announcement timing of Osama’s death and burial, the findings of Commission and changing of stories from White house time and again.

Also not to mention the flight routes, timings and then flight to US Aircraft Carrier through a ‘High Alert’ country, is a fiction which no sane mind will buy.

America!! you lost the game like the War you started…Once again!!!


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